“Behind the Iron Curtain”
Hot Girls Magazine, Fall 2013.

In this issue we celebrate a few girls from those countries that were once a part of the U.S.S.R.; including our cover girls, Violet Spider and Anna ‘Zz’ from Moscow, Cathy Lynn from Moscow and Natalia from Poland (technically a sovereign nation).  It was a real pleasure to work with all of these very beautiful and creative people.

Additionally, and at long last, we visit with Lotus from the United States, and on the eve of November 20th, and the Transgender Day of Remembrance, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Ms. Sabrine Renate Johnston, also from the U.S.

{right: T-Vyrus @ Exotica 5, Detroit - photo by Kamal Hannah}  

In our Entertainment section we visit with a wonderful new artist, Dialuna and a dear friend, Sheila Wolf, who have collaborated on a wonderful new video, which I think that you will enjoy very much. 

Back in fashion is our new friend Christina Saint-Marché, and this time around she offers us some great advice on choosing furs. I love this woman, and I am truly grateful for her continued support.

Out of Africa, Spirit catches us up on SexPo 2013, Johannesburg, and my heart goes out to her. Spirit is possibly the only Rubberdoll in South Africa, and I know that she longs to be among others who share her interests in latex fashion and masking. Keep the faith Spirit!

Something that I am personally looking forward to is the new Bettie Page documentary, “Bettie Page Reveals All,” which is being released in New York this month. Checkout the website for showings in your area.

It has been a very busy few months for me, and I have had the great pleasure of traveling with FemSkin Designer, Mr. Adam Ramos to several events. We began our journey in May at the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous, Minneapolis, which Annelise so expertly reported on in our summer issue, thanks sister! Then in August, Adam and I rendezvoused again at the Montreal Fetish Weekend and a short time later at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I also went on alone to Exotica 5 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, where I finally got to meet Vena, and a brand new ‘real-girl’ turned Doll, Hannah Noel (photo right) (see full editorial for details).

Sincerely, all of the traveling and excitement has made it very difficult to reenter my vanilla life, and everything seems so painfully ordinary now. (sigh)

Anyway, if you are interested in learning more about some of these events, then just click on the link below for the full editorial.

Love to all,


Click here to read the full editorial
Montreal, Atlanta, Detroit and more...

DECEMBER DOLL: FemSkin is hosting a new contest, and up for grabs is a FemSkin III HD with D-Cup implants. The contest is open to everyone; Dolls, female maskers, TG, TS, TV, CD, GG, and others. To enter just send your best December themed photo (with you in it) to sales@femskin.com. It doesn't need to be a Christmas or winter theme, just whatever 'December' means to you. You may also send along a few words to explain the photo; however, the contest will be judged on the merits of the photo alone. To be eligible to win, you must consent to allow the royalty free usage of your photo entry, so only original photos that are your intellectual property will be considered. All entries must be received by December 30th, 2013, and the winner will be announced on January 7th, 2014. Prior winners and staff are not eligible to participate.

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Violet Spider
Interviewer, T-Vyrus

TV:  Hi Violet, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. To start, I will say that you seem very whimsical and fun loving, and your work as a rubber model is very accomplished - simply beautiful.  I think at first it was the allure of your persona coupled with some amazing architectural backdrops that truly grabbed my attention. Are there any difficulties when photographing in such seemingly public places... technically or with the public?

VS: Thank you for kind words. No problem with photos on the streets, many people admire what they see. (smiles) It's very nice, and I often hear compliments from strangers on the streets.  In the near future I plan to make a video in the public.

TV: That's wonderful, and it is especially nice to hear that you can be comfortable in public. Were you born and raised in Moscow, or do you call another place home?

VS: I was born in Moscow, but I travel a lot.

TV: Have you had opportunities to go to rubber events in other countries?

VS: In May of this year I visited Berlin…really love this city! Of course in Berlin, I was walking in latex with my love. We were at the German Fetish Ball…people in creative costumes - it is really cool! I'm impressed, because in Russia mostly people wearing only black catsuits.

TV: You are still very young, and some may wonder how you came to explore such fetishes so early in your life. Were there particular influences or events that nurtured your interest in latex, rubber, hoods, etc.?

{right: Violet Spider, Moscow City Center}

VS: When I was a little child I wanted to be a lovely woman with the figure of an hourglass. I wanted to become a work of art... When I was a teenager I felt myself as freak…disgusting feeling. I totally hated my figure and face. …but at fourteen years old I got my first corset, and I was so happy (smiles) I love tight lacing, and now my waist in a corset is 48 centimeters. Six or seven years ago is the first time that I wore latex, I fell in love with this material! I love it when clothes are tight against the body, and for this reason, I love latex and masks. Perfect body, several layers of latex, tight lacing corset, high heels and a mask!

TV: It is a shame that you did not feel better about yourself growing up. I am finding this to be true for many beautiful people that I meet. Do you think there were people who made you feel this way, or was it something that only you saw in yourself? 

VS: When I was little, the other kids teased me, children can be very aggressive creatures (smiles).

TV: Well, but you win, because now all of the other kids can be jealous of you – you are fantastic!  Tight lacing and latex are always exciting to wear, and you make your outfits look so good.  Do you have any favorite designers for such things - or stores…do you ever design or make your own latex clothing?

VS: All my latex clothes come from RuBear; it is my favorite store. I am satisfied with the quality. I am interested in fashion design, but at the moment I'm not ready to launch a clothing line. Maybe after 10 years…who knows? ...but for now I am just learning to gum up latex, nothing serious.

TV: The RuBear website has many nice things.  It would seem as though they might ask you to model for them – is this something that you would consider doing?  Other than for your own photos, have you done any modeling?

VS: I was a model for RuBear - I like it! We made photos for the catalog and video (smiles).  I will always be happy and interested in photo shooting, but at the moment I am photographed only in Russia.

TV: Excellent, and good for you. (smiles) Do you enjoy going out to clubs?

VS: I do not like clubs, I prefer to spend the evening with my love. (big smile)

TV: (smiles) Do you have any other interests…sports, reading a good book...?

VS: I love classic literature, now I reread The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo. Also, I'm a collector of dolls. I love weird and scary dolls, cute ones such as Barbie I totally hate. (laughs)

TV: I just returned from the Montreal Fetish Weekend and I had an amazingly wonderful time at all of the clubs.

VS: I saw the photos from MFW - looks great! I think you look very good.

TV: Thanks for the kind words - I had a great time in Montreal, and perhaps one day we might meet at the Fetish Ball in Berlin. Your early photos are very pretty, and even without a corset and latex you look incredible. Can you say what your occupation is, or do you wish to keep this private?

VS: I don’t work now; I’m a student (smiles).

TV: What are some of the things that you like about your home city of Moscow, and what might you tell others who would like to visit?

VS: If you are a first time in Moscow, be sure to visit the main attractions… the Kremlin, Red Square, Arbat Street… My favorite place is Patriarch Ponds, they are very beautiful! Perhaps you've read Bulgakov’s novel, The Master and Margarita[1] it begins with a tram accident by the pond.

[1] The Master and Margarita is a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, written between 1928 and 1940 and published in 1967. It is woven around a visit by the Devil to the fervently atheistic Soviet Union. Many critics consider it to be one of the best novels of the 20th century, and the foremost of Soviet satires. In part, it is angled against a suffocatingly bureaucratic social order. (Wiki)

TV: I confess that I am not much of a reader; however, the Patriarch Ponds look very nice.  Have you done any photo shoots there?  I have seen you near other waterways, but perhaps not this one.

VS: I have not done a photo shoot in Patriarch Ponds, but in the future I want to do it. It is interesting, but I'm afraid of water – very-very afraid!

TV: That is interesting because you seem to enjoy breath-play, but I am only guessing based upon your hooded and gas mask photos. Is this something that you practice also?

VS: No, I’m not into breath-play, I am opposed to games with asphyxia, but I love gas masks and rubber masks (hoods). My favorite one is a closed mask without holes.

{right: Violet Spider, photo by Tibor}

TV: Where can people learn more about you on the Internet?

VS: I am on FetLife, facebook and DeviantArt (see links below).

TV: Thanks Violet, I think that our readers will enjoy getting to know you very much.

VS: Thank you and have a good day.

Links for Violet Spider

below: Violet Spider at the Moscow International Business Center
Photo by Neal Humphris, London UK - all photos this article © Violet Spider




Fur, looking ahead to winter
By Christina Saint-Marché

“OMG…I want to own a fur…but I don’t want to mortgage my house…HELP!” These are words that my ears often hear….

As fall leaves turn blazing gold and red and temperatures start to drop, many of us fancy the idea of wrapping ourselves in the pure luxury of a fur for the upcoming winter months.  Fur coats have always had a place in society, but they have returned with a vengeance to the fashion scene.  Owning a fur remains a 'wish list' item for some, but there are other options to “going the long dollar” to stay warm and look simply fabulous.

Pre-owned furs are one of the largest growing segments of the fur industry.  Vintage fur is very much back and the demand for second-hand furs from the 60s forward has increased over the last few years.  Knowing “where and how” to get started in the search for a fur may seem a bit daunting, but it need not be.  To assist you in your “fur learning curve,” the following are some concepts to consider before you step out the door on your fur buying quest.

First, animal skins are considered biodegradable, so most furs will have an average life of 20 to 25 years.   How well they were cared for and stored during their lifetime are critical to determining the quality of the fur.   Dry skins or pelts indicate that the natural oils have dried out and, as a result, the hair may be brittle.  To properly evaluate the purchasing potential of a pre-owned fur, you need to plan a road trip to see a reputable furrier in order to physically examine the stock that is available.  Because furriers are constantly buying and selling these fur coats, the inventory changes regularly within the calendar year.   Most furs come in to a furrier via repurchases from previous customers, who have grown tired of the style or simply want to liquidate the fashion asset in their closet.  Summer is often the best time to purchase a fur coat that is 'gently' used.

Secondly, do some fur fashion research before you start.  Become familiar with fur styles.   There are fur stoles, capes, jackets, 3/4 length coats, 7/8 length coats and, of course, full length and floor length styles.   Fashions have changed over the years, but if you look up fur styles on the Internet, you can see the changes within the sleeve styles, collars, hemlines, etc.  Keep a file of pictures that you find, so that you can compare what you like to what you don’t like.  You may even want to print some of these pictures to take with you to the furrier.  A better solution would be to send over your chosen photos, prior to your appointment, to give the furrier some time to come up with a collection for your review.

Next, learn to recognize the most commonly used furs for coats.   Know which furs are considered short hair furs, medium hair furs and long hair furs.  For example, fox fur, which is a medium hair fur, is considered one of the most versatile, as it is soft and can be used for most coat styles as well as accessories, i.e. trims, gloves, collars etc.  Fox fur is also available in many color choices that include red, silver, blue, black, grey, brown and white.  Rabbit is another medium hair fur with multiple uses.

Popular long hair furs include beaver, raccoon and coyote.  These are among the thickest furs and provide the best warmth against the cold weather.  The hair is coarse and tends to be a more durable choice.  These furs are usually found in most shades of brown, black and silver colors.

Lighter weight fur choices include minks and sable. They are both shiny and soft in texture and have a silky feel that makes them ideal for use in stoles, collars, headbands and hats.  While they are considered the more expensive selections, their beauty cannot be disputed.

Once you have assembled your picture collection, ask yourself a few questions, such as, “What do I find most appealing about being seen in any of the furs that I have chosen for my collection? How do I envision myself in front of the mirror, 'striking the pose’ just moments before embarking on an evening out?”  Always keep this vision in your mind as you narrow down your selections.   Consider what it is you are trying to represent to others.  Trust me, fashion is as much about sexuality as it is sensuality and, in my own life, my furs speak volumes about who I am.

When it is finally time to find a furrier that can help you make your vision come true, follow thesee steps. 

  • Begin by Googling “furriers” in your area.  Review the list by checking each website to see what furs they specialize in selling.  Look for pre-owned information and availability.  Do not use blogs to decide on a furrier, as most anti-fur people will have posted negative feedback.  Use your own judgment.

  • Introduce yourself to the furrier by telephone or email before you set the appointment.  Tell them what you are looking for and send your picture collection, which, by now, has been narrowed down by you.  Discuss a suitable time to meet with them.  Allow yourself ample time to sit and review each option with the furrier.

  • When you meet with the furrier, have a good look at anything that they may suggest, as they may have a fur that you had not previously considered.  Ask questions and, if you are comfortable, you may wish to indicate your lifestyle choices since this can assist in the selection of appropriate styles.  I have employed furriers and I can assure you that they have heard it all, and they are very respectful of your privacy.

  • Check the fur selections for pliability and consistency throughout.  Make certain there is no molting or shedding.  The lining should be in good shape…no holes/tears or loose stitching.  Female pelts would be favorable, as they are considered softer.

  • And remember…a good quality pre-owned fur will look just as good as a new one for a fraction of the cost!  

Let me leave you with a success story from a good friend of mine:

“I struck gold when a friend (Christina Saint-Marché) with knowledge of the fur trade gave me an introduction to a reputable furrier, and she arranged things on my behalf.  The visit was a success and I became the owner of a used crystal fox.  I had no idea about prices for fur, and only vague ideas about buying something bespoke.  My friend encouraged me to look at used furs, having said that I might get a bargain.  I paid GBP 1,100 for a crystal fox, which 'was' a bargain.  I later found out that a bespoke coat would have cost GBP 15,000 or more, which was beyond my budget.  I was happy with the purchase, and I was made to feel at ease when I visited the furrier - the whole experience was very professional.  I’m thinking about a further purchase, and the furrier has promised to get in touch with me if anything turns up.”

I love stories like this and I hope that one day you might be the next person to write to me.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at saintmarche@gmail.com as I am still a member in good standing at the Fur Institute of Canada.


{below: Christina Saint-Marché at Port Colborne, Canada}




PUPPEN-BLUTEN: (Dolls Bleeding)

Do you paint, sculpt, draw cartoons, sing, dance, write verse, poetry...? In this space we will feature your creativity in words, pictures, videos and more.


LikeAbillion, provided this wonderful rendering of Violet Spider. It brings to mind the story of Frodo Baggins when he confronts the giant spider, Shelob in Cirith Ungol - though this appears to be a much friendlier greeting, and there is no need of swords.[1]

Anton is a very accomplished Russian artist, who works in vaious mediums. You can see his other works, which include still life, portrait, fantasy and more on DeviantArt. I think that you will enjoy his minds' eye.


[1] Lord of the Rings, "The Two Towers," J.R.R. Tolkien



Dark Wing Zero

In the fall of 2011, Spirit sent me this wonderful illustration that was created for her by Dark Wing Zero. Regretfully, it is one of a few things that got overlooked while I was dealing with my own health issues, but here it is at last.

Dark Wing is an amazing fetish performer, Mistress, model, artist and illustrator, whose work has appeared in Marquis and Heavy Rubber magazines.

Artwork commisions are always possible.and you can see more of her incredible work, and contact her, at her profile on DeviantArt.





1 Anna & Cathy city?
6 I am from Poland.
7 "I'm a musician."
11 "Softer to the touch."
12 On my leg, Le Petit Prince
13 Fetish Performer/Illustrator
14 Don't get caught in her web.


2 Equality Parade city?
3 "Zieh mich aus" star.
4 "Zieh mich aus" singer.
5 Exotica 5 city?
8 Johannesburg event
9 "Reveals All!"
10 Beaver, raccoon and coyote




April 19th & 20th 2014
Essen, Germany

THE ULTIMATE FETISH EXPERIENCE: The Fetish Evolution Expo is not just a perfect addition to the infamous Fetish Evolution weekend but a wonderful fairground for fetish shopping, seeing and being seen apart from the evening events. Fetish fair & art exhibition.

June 7th & 8th 2014
Berlin, Germany

The German Fetish Fair has been presenting the best of extravagant fetish fashion and qualitatively high-quality BDSM toys for ten times. Here, you can find everything from kinky accessories to the complete furnishing of a private playroom. Here you can marvel at the huge variety of special, out of the ordinary products that you would otherwise search for in vain in the shops, or that you didn’t even know existed. The manufacturers themselves are happy to show you their new creations.


September 4th thru 7th, 2014
London, UK

London Fetish Weekend brings you a whole weekend dedicated to kink. Shopping, workshops, fashion, dancing and playing in the kinkiest capital in the world.






SexPo Johannesburg, South Africa
Sept. 26th thru 29th, 2013
Nasrec Expo Centre
by Spirit

After two years away, I returned to SexPo, South Africa, and I was invited to exhibit my latex designs at the Different Stokes booth run by our countries top Dominatrix, Mistress Paige. She is a true rubberist and friend, and she had the biggest stand at the show, which helped me to promote my image, and my latex designs. Nearly 60,000 people attended the event over its four days, and it is held at our countries biggest exhibition center, the Nasrec Expo Centre.

I made over 80 items for the expo, and myself and over forty other helpers assisted Mistress Paige during the event. It was a big effort on every ones part.

{left: Spirit is interviewed on Radio Jacaranda}

Overall, I did well financially, but as for being able to dress up, it was a bummer. It was far too hot in the venue, and even the vanillas were complaining about the heat. The most time that I had for dressing up was an hour late in the evenings, and I had to choose simple outfits to dress in, as the facilities (and even lighting) were almost non existent. In that hour, I lost so much liquid that I became dangerously dehydrated, and I was disappointed that there wasn’t anyone on hand with an eye for latex to take good photos.

The patrons who walked by the booth did not always behave very well, and some would walk past and feel and tug on the latex clothing, sometimes pulling it off of the hangers, and then walk on leaving it lying on the floor.

I have to live here in this country, and it is very beautiful, but some times the people are so raw and coarse.  Still, although it was a bad event for dressing, I made many new contacts who expressed an interest in custom made clothing, so we will see how many contact me now that the expo is ended.

One thing that did sell very well was my Stainless Steel toys, and these went like hot cakes, and that is where I made some money. From my travels, I have learned that the scene here is not like overseas, and here they are into quite serious pain play, blood sports, flogging, hook suspensions and more.

{right: stainless steel toys}

The expo lasted for four days, and it was open from 10am until 12pm each day, so the long drive home at night was a killer, and I didn’t get much sleep. It took its toll on all of us. Overall, the booth did very well, and we had many helpers. Mistress Paige did exceptionally well, and she doubled her revenue over last year. Hers’ was definitely the busiest stand of the show, and her BDSM play area was of great interest to the spectators

The scene here caters to the BDSM Fetish crowd, but people still know me and my affinity for latex, and they respect what I do. Next month, I have been invited to do a workshop on latex, so it is another opportunity to promote this material.

Sadly, when I dressed as a rubberdoll there wasn’t much interest, but on the third night I dressed as an alien, and this brought the most attention. On the last night I wore the design that I made for Gaelle and I when we went to the Kit Kat club in Berlin.

{left: Mistress Paige and Spirit}

So to round off, it was a disappointing event for being a Doll, but it was good financially. This was the first time in four SexPo’s that I actually made money - not a lot, but I am satisfied.

I am still the only rubber doll here in South Africa, and though I am well known and respected in the fetish scene, I must still do this alone and for my own enjoyment. My friends overseas sustain my enthusiasm, and they are the ones I get love and appreciation from.  It is a great compliment to be recognized and to be a part of the doll circle. In that I find what I desire.

Dressing as a doll is set in stone, and it will never leave me now - the addiction has truly taken hold, and for a good reason. Psychologically and spiritually, I know that I am a better person for it.

In a bitter hard viscous world, to have gentle kind people to associate with, brings out the best in you, and I love that.

Love Spirit




Dialuna, "Zieh mich aus" featuring Sheila Wolf
Berlin, Germany
by Shawn English

Shawn: Hello Dialuna, I have seen your new music video featuring Sheila Wolf aus Berlin, and it is absolutely wonderful. I love the simple instrumentation and the Gypsy-like, folk dance melody. Just wonderful!

Dialuna: Thank you Shawn'. I love the video as well; it was produced by Sheila and Denise. You'll find the lyrics on my blog: kallidia.blogspot.com. Kallidia Is my alter ego for writing, and she is the muse of literature. (smiles)

{right: Dialuna, photo by Julia Elisa Klausch}

Shawn: Yes, thank you, I will check it out. (...and with wide eyed wonder, Shawn follows with a line from Der Himmel über Berlin) "I want to know more."

Dialuna: (smiles) I started singing, when I went to the girl scouts at the age of eleven. It didn't mean that much to me, until I found out about the story of my grandmother. She is originally from Romania, but she went to Argentina with her mother when she was five years old. Her mother didn't care too much for her and sent her to an orphanage. There she was treated really badly and there was only one incident within all those years, when she was happy. That was when she had the opportunity to sing the main role in a children's play called "Die Sterntaler [1]". The audience was thrilled and everybody gave her compliments. My grandmother had a very hard life, but she never gave up fighting. So when she told me that story, I had this strong wish to find my own voice inside of me.

Years passed, and our sisterhood of girl scouts grew stronger and we founded our singing group called Tschaika (seagull). The formation of these five women has existed for over twenty years now, and we sing Eastern European, Oriental as well as German songs. The songs from the foreign countries are mainly traditional, and the German songs we write ourselves these days. When two of the members started their own families, I wondered if I could keep up with the music. The thought of not singing on a regular basis made me sad, and I questioned myself and if I could do it on my own. That's how I started Dialuna.

At first, I had only a few songs, which I wanted to record at a friend's place. It wasn't suppose to become anything big, but when I accidentally spoke to Sheila/Wolf about what we do in our second lives, we were simply amazed by each other. She told me a lot about her Queerlesque existence, and we both thought that the song "Zieh mich aus" (English: Undress me) matched what she often experienced.

"Zieh mich aus" deals with the feelings that one might have while at a party -- where you don't know anybody and you are trying to find that other person to be close to. It's the aim of not being alone, but then there is all of the small talk and the people who are only looking for attention. Sometimes it's hard to find the soul underneath all of the makeup, flashing lights and shallowness. This is not meant to sound harsh, and it certainly is not a criticism - it's simply me observing life, because that is what I do in all of my songs. I observe situations and people, and I see things behind the scenes that catch my attention.

When Sheila dresses up, people see her and they want to be close to her. When she goes out as Wolf, nobody pays attention. That is what we wanted to tell with this video and song -- be open and try to be yourself. There is always somebody who cares... somebody who wants to be close to you and stays, at least for the night.

I totally understand that the song is hard to translate with all the personifications, but I think that "Undress me" is a beautiful title.

Shawn: Yes, I agree. Also, I love your story, and that of your grandmother, which is simply beautiful. "Die Sterntaler" could not be any more appropriate. Also, I have seen you on YouTube performing with Tschaika, and that is equally as wonderful. Is your music available on CD or as a download?

Dialuna: I made a limited edition of the EP; however, because all of my art is available for free, you can decide for yourself if, and how, you would like to support my projects. There are 7 EPs remaining of the first edition, but you can also download any song on soundcloud.

Shawn: Fantastische!

Dialuna: Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support! It's always so amazing, and special, to meet people who like what you do. Writing was always my passion - singing came later when I found my voice. (smiles)

Shawn: My pleasure. Sheila and I have been friends for a few years, and I love it when I am introduced to other artists through association. It's just one big passionate family. She has also appeared in Hot Girls Magazine, September 2010 ...and speaking of Sheila... Hi Sheila, I am talking to Dialuna about the video, and she mentioned that you and Denise had produced it for her. Is there anything more that you might say about it... what drew you to the project?

Sheila: Hi Shawn. For the video, the main idea was that it's strange to communicate in the two roles. As Wolf, I can visit all of the events and nobody will try to talk with me.

{right: Sheila Wolf photo by Krizzi-K}

Shawn: So it is very much as Dialuna has described... "where you don't know anybody" or rather [perhaps] that no one recognizes you, and you feel largely invisible.

Sheila: Yes, it leaves me feeling separated and a little bit alone... not really alone, but I am not the focus of it all. ...and yes, I am incognito and invisible. However, when I go to a club or a red carpet event as Sheila, then everybody wants to talk with me, and they want photos and small talk. I am never alone, and I am a part of the event. That's what we wanted to say with this video because the song tells a similar story. The different kind of communication is a part of the lyrics, and when I first heard the song, I really imagined that it's like my life... the two sides of 'Wolf'. (smiles)

Shawn: Yes, I remember, you are well respected and adored in Berlin, and on those few occasions that we could go out together, everyone always wanted to be near to you. Spaß!

Sheila: (smiles)

Shawn: Dialuna, recently I saw that you had a new initiative... the "museketeers for unchained art...? I like the play on words using "muse."

Dialuna: (smiles) I'm happy you like it. I am all three museketeers: Dialuna, Kallidia and Zoradi. They are connected to the art that they provide and to the elements that they represent.

Kallidia is the writer; she writes short novels, plays and songs. She is the muse of literature, and her element is water. She is the source.

Dialuna is the singer, and she composes songs and sings. She is the muse of two elements: earth and air, because her mother is the mother of the wolves, and her father is the man in the moon. She has two souls. (smiles)

Zoradi is the painter and photographer. She is the muse of visual art, and her element is fire and that is also her temper. She has a lot of Power, and she has to be careful with it.

Together they stand for the freedom of art. "Unchained" simply means that there is no business behind it, and everything that they produce is accessible to everyone. You can look for the museketeers for unchained art online. (smiles) 'It is so much fun, and I love it!' (big smile)

Shawn: Of course we all have many sides to us, so I love this concept. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to talk to me about the video and about your other creative pursuits - you are both absolutely splendid!

Sheila: xoxo

Dialuna: Thank you and all the best...!

Diana Thüroff: Gesang, Gitarre, Texte und Melodien | Artcoustic: Produktion © Diana Thüroff

To learn more about Dialuna go to www.dialuna.de

[1] "Die Sterntaler" (English: The Star Money) is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm in Grimm's Fairy Tales. It tells the story of a poor, homeless orphaned girl - left with only her clothing and a loaf of bread given to her by a kindhearted soul. The girl travels thru the countryside where she meets a hungry man, and she gives him her bread. Following this, she meets three cold children, and she gives them her cap, her jacket, and her dress. Later, in the forest, she meets a naked child who begs her for her only remaining clothing, a shift (or slip). Under the cover of the dark night, she gives the child her shift, and she is left with nothing for herself. Standing there naked, the stars begin falling to earth, and they are transformed into talers (coins). She collects the talers in a new (more beautiful) shift that has magically come to grace her body, and a great wealth is bestowed upon her.

{right: Illustration by Heinrich Vogeler}




Sabrine Renate Johnston
United States, Florida
Interviewer, Shawn English

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur...L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." [1]

SE: It was wonderful to meet you in Atlanta… just a gorgeous woman regardless of the road taken to get there – stunning.

SJ: Hello, I was so glad to hear from you. It was a delight to meet you and Adam. I had such a wonderful time attending my fourth Southern Comfort Conference (SCC).  I always get so very much out of each seminar, as I feel it is sort of a benchmark in my journey.

I think that Adam, you and I felt an affinity for each other because of the laws of attraction.  The universe brings those into your life who you are meant to meet - it is this delicious serendipitous thing that happens. (smiles)

SE: I agree. (smiles) I sometimes worry about the best words to use, and whether or not something that I say will be deemed correct or improper. Still, what impressed me the most about you is your confidence, comfort of self... the way that you exude femininity, girly, delicate but strong... I accepted you immediately as a woman because it comes thru you effortlessly, naturally and without false pretense.

I am in awe of you and all that you have accomplished – just amazing!

{right: Sabrine at the Southern Comfort Conference, Atlanta}

SJ: First of all, thank you for your kind words regarding my presence.  Trust me when I say that it took me a long time to get to the self assured person I am today.  I think that is what many of us share at SCC and that is one of the common bonds that unite us.  I have great pride in who I am - not only as an individual, but pride in that I am part of an amazing group of individuals.  I consider those that embark on a "journey of gender" to be soldiers of sorts.  

You spoke of my disposition as being "effortless and natural without any pretense." That really hit a chord for me, as it is how I try to live my life.  You see, in the early more naive part of my journey of transitioning, I worked very hard at what our community calls being "stealth."  Some few years into my journey I began to feel that this existence did not feel right.  I express it as though I was trying to trade one mask for another.  For me it is important to be authentic and genuine.  It is living life in this way that allows one to have the most beautiful "human exchanges" with people.  Thank you again for your praise, but I am only doing what we all are... trying to be the best person I can be.

SE: I like the use of the word “soldier” as related to the gender journey – actually, I like to use that word as much as “champion,” “warrior” and similar. “Laws of attraction,” I like that too, and these go well together because I am often attracted to passionate and forthright people who fight the good fight… whatever fight that may be, and who can live more sincerely, such as you.

There are people who cross our paths and cause us awe, and certainly you are one of them. So, that is what I will ask first as I stand dumbfounded; who ‘are’ you, and where did you come from?”

SJ: I know what you mean regarding people that are forthright.  I think so many people shy away from expressing the truth or being honest for fear of hurting someone's feelings. I was having this conversation with one of my friends just the other night during dinner out.  She and I have the same belief that you can be completely honest with someone if you express your thoughts with love in your heart and the person's best interest in mind. All one has to be is kind and gentle.

{left: Sabrine, Red Hot Chili Peppers}

I know what you mean about living ones’ life more sincerely.  For me I use the two words authenticity and genuine.  We are very much on the same page, but many of us use a different vernacular. For me personally, I have the luxury of working within the beauty industry, in a salon, and I think that allows a great deal of creativity and freedom of expression.  I think it is also important to respect others lifestyle choices as we are all on our own independent journeys.  I do not feel comfortable trying to live stealth.
Yes, we all are on a quest to be the best person that we can be.  I think it is important to set personal goals in our evolution to keep us moving in a forward motion. For me, when I first embarked on my journey of transitioning it all seemed so daunting.  I found it much more manageable if I took one smaller goal at a time.  As I did that, my journey progressed in a much more visceral organic fashion.

When it comes to the increasing incidents of suicides especially in our youth I am quite distressed.  I was teased and bullied when I was younger, but taking my life never entered my mind.  I think there is a missing piece in our culture today that is making the youngsters feel such angst.  I think the bullying is being taken to another level via all the different medias; meaning, facebook, texting, email, etc.

I can relate to your shift in thinking as a result of having gone through cancer. Over twelve years ago I was diagnosed with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). There have only been a few minor health complications through the years, and I have never been hospitalized, but it is in these moments when ones’ health and mortality are threatened that we realize how fragile our mortality is - and then on the other side how strong our fight to live.  It is quite the dichotomy!  The silver lining in our journeys is that it shifts ones perspective and makes us even more grateful for the smaller things in life.

I too am drawn to those who step out of the "status quo" to be who they feel they are.

{right: Sabrine - photo, Elise Hanna}

Who am I…? My name is Sabrine, and I happen to be transgender, but that is not the totality of who I am.  It is simply a facet of what makes me who I am.  Although, it has greatly shaped the person I am today.  Even though our culture defines a person via the "gender binary" I think that limits me personally.  Although all of my identification says female, I feel I am much more than that.  It was not until I truly began to embrace both sides of myself, male and female, that I felt whole.  I love that I am a mixture of both genders.  I had my GRS (gender reassignment surgery) around four years ago with Dr. Marci Bowers.  I have been employed as a hairdresser for the past twenty-four years.  I love my work, as I am a very creative person, and it is a great medium to express this part of me.  I also love the ‘human’ exchanges that I have with people on a day-to-day basis.  This interaction in and out of the salon is a very important part of my life.  I have learned that being very present as a person is imperative as it allows one to have beautiful ‘heart’ connections with people.  I try (wherever I go) to enjoy people, even if it is a cashier at the supermarket.  We live in such a fast paced, hustle bustle world, and slowing down, making direct eye contact and connecting with people is how I truly enjoy life.  I live my life with honesty, integrity, a strong moral code and best of all with lots of humor.

Where am I from…? I am originally from New Jersey, but we moved to Florida when I was nine. I currently live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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[1] Le Petit Prince (1943) is a novel by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, translated into English as The Little Prince.
"Voici mon secret. Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." Translation; "Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

{All photos this article © Sabrine Renate Johnston}






LOTUS: Hey-hey, I’ll be back in twenty minutes... hope we’re still on…?

TV: (smiles) Yes, we’re still on.

LOTUS: OK… just finishing up a paper.

TV: Ping me when you're ready. (smiles)

*20 minutes later*

LOTUS: Ready!

TV: Okees!  (smiles) So... how long have you been masking as a female?

LOTUS: I’d say only about two, to two and a half years.

TV: Were you aware of your need to express yourself as a female before that?

LOTUS: Well, Im not sure I’d say it like that. I have had the TV ‘fetish’ since I was very young. Perhaps since six or seven years… I thought I wanted to wear girl clothes every now and then.

TV: This is true for many T-girls, so you are not alone.

TV: So, you were six or seven years old or it was six or seven years ago?

LOTUS: Six or seven years old when girls’ clothes attracted me. I guess it started with wanting to wear leotards and the shiny tights that were popular in the early 1980’s, but I loved being a boy also – and I loved girls. I’ve always been girl crazy, so it was quite confusing. It still is in a way. (laughs)

TV: Cool. Where there television shows that featured girls in leotards and shiny tights?

LOTUS: Oh geez… well yes, I’m a musician, so Olivia Newton John's "Physical" video was a big one, and the movies at the time like Flashdance and Staying Alive. There were a lot of Nu-Wave videos that had girls wearing shiny tights… and spandex type stuff. Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons was the Original Lady Gaga! (smiles) I also enjoyed the figure skating girls in their shiny outfits, and the shiny tights drove me crazy!

TV: (laughs) Yes, I remember - those were wonderful times. (smiles) You know, you really don't need to feel confused. That only stems from societal norms, but there ain’t nothing wrong with the way that you choose to express yourself, and you do it so well! …absolutely beautiful, wonderful figure and those legs…? To die for! (laughs)

{left: Dale Bozzio}

LOTUS: Well that’s the thing, I realized at a young age as well, that I was kind of shaped like a female model, so I knew that I could pull it off… tall and thin with long legs! Some small part of me felt like [perhaps] I was given some of these female like attributes.

TV: Indeed! My friend Jenna Latex (HGM June 2010) told me once that girls get to wear all of the really cool clothes, and you seem to appreciate this also, and yes you are a great model.

LOTUS: When I first started dressing, I was thinking that I had a body just as good (or better) as a lot of the girls that I knew… not being conceited at all... I just noticed it, and it made me want to do it more because my body fit into female clothes very well. I didn’t need to look very hard to find things that fit. Many times my girl friends would leave their clothes behind at my place, and then I just started a collection if you will. (laughs)

TV: Well, you look awesome girl! Do you only mask, or do you also go out on the town in makeup?

LOTUS: Thanks once again. (smiles) I don’t know if it’s good or bad, I guess it just is!  For me, at this point in time, I am "in the closet," and I have not felt the want or need to go out. When I was real young, in my teens, I had a very androgynous look, and it was popular for boys to look like girls in the bands of the day.

TV: For sure... David Bowie, Billy Idol… not uncommon at all. What kind of band were you in?

LOTUS:  I loved both of them, but I liked the Hair Metal stuff that was called Glam for the time, and I would let girls make me up, and I looked very feminine. I don’t really do Drag makeup. The mask is a character for me - it’s another side of me, and if I can see my real face, then I feel like I don’t get the ‘other side’ or the character. [Anyway], the boys looked just like girls, and the more that you looked like a girl, the more that the girls liked you. Once again, kind of confusing.

TV: Understood, and yes, those were fun times. Still, it's nice to lose yourself in another persona. Like you, I find that women do seem to like me in that mode, but they also tend to like gay males and Drag Queens, at least the adventurous and fun loving girls do!  I think they feel as though gay men are more sensitive – hmmm...

LOTUS: I’ve thought about maybe going out on Halloween dressed up, or to the Expo in Minneapolis, but I have not felt the need to do it... not yet!

TV: The Rubberdoll World Rendezvous?

LOTUS: Right! I’m not gay, but I am very sensitive. (smiles)

TV: I was in Minneapolis in May for the RWR – it was a lot of fun.

LOTUS: The pictures of amazing dolls, like Monica (Rubbersisters), Amelie Kefa, Donna Karen (HGM April 2011) and others get me aroused, so what does that mean? (laughs)

TV: You don't have to be gay to enjoy this - in fact, it probably helps if you adore women. Well, men often portray the female form, and some notions of the ideal female form, best.

LOTUS: I do see sexuality as very grey. I know that in the end I want to be with a biological woman, but I have dated Transsexual women who looked one hundred percent female. That’s the hard part for me, because the ‘image’ of a sexy woman gets me every time.

TV: Yes, well… a sexy female. no matter who is portraying it, is still a sexy female. Don’t worry, you’re normal! (smiles)

LOTUS: (laughs) Well, the people who know that I have found TS girls attractive think I’m mad!

TV: You just find sexy girls attractive - that's all.

LOTUS: I’ve actually lost new girlfriends because I have been open about admitting that some TS woman can be very beautiful. They seem to run for the hills when I even imply they can be attractive. It’s unfortunate really.

TV: Sorry. You’ve mentioned a few Dolls already, but who have been some of your influences?

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{photos © Lotus}




T-Vyrus: In general, I would say that there is a humbleness about you that is very endearing, and you strike me as being very modest and sincere.

Natalia: Thank You for your kind words.

T-Vyrus: What do you regard as the "usual" kinds of fetishes, and why do you think that people in your country are embarrassed by them?

{right: Natalia}

Natalia: By the “usual” I mean those regarding sex, cuffs, latex clothing, gags etc. From what I can observe the young people have nothing against it, but the older ones find it really weird. I don't know why it is like this; however, my best guess is that young people are indeed more open than the old. The wars, which occurred in the early nineties, and the years of occupation and living very poorly, left a mark on people. In many aspects, I sometimes think that we are thirty years behind the countries to our west. That which I am most familiar with is one of them.

There are some organized parades in Warsaw called "Equality Parades," and its idea was to actually allow homosexual people to somehow manifest their presence in the community – and to fight for their rights as regular citizens. However, the weird reactions from other people come in, and they simply do not accept homosexuals as part of their community. There were even a couple of riots during the parades, and a lot of homophobic behavior.

One can only imagine the problems that might occur if suddenly people were to walk around the city wearing female masks and dollsuits.

This is the reason why we don't have any major fetish parties, such as those in the United States or even Germany. There are no Comic Cons and no fetish parties, such as Montreal Fetish Weekend - just because people will not react to them nicely, and it will bring more trouble to the event planners and participants than it's worth.

Maybe the situation will change in a couple of years; I don't know, but for the time being there's no place here to express yourself openly and in public - without facing embarrassment and humiliation, which will await you on every corner.

{left: Natalia's girl friend}

T-Vyrus: Regretfully, I think that such things are [perhaps] universally taboo. These are things to do in private, but not generally acceptable in public. Of course female masking fits into this category also - though perhaps it is even less accepted.  Certainly, at organized events they can have their moment in the sun, but what we do is not generally acceptable in any culture.

Understanding that your country has been through a lot, it seems natural that it is only just now beginning its awakening, but I think that you will develop much more quickly in this regard than other countries such as the United States. Many people once fled to America for religious freedoms, and now they impose their morality upon everyone; for this reason, we are a very conservative nation, and very slow to change.

All that said; somehow the curtain opened far enough to let in some light, and perhaps it was the Internet that first allowed you to explore these things. This cannot be a bad thing. 

What were your earliest introductions to alternative lifestyles, and did it start with female masking or were there other influences also?

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{photos © Natalia}



The NEW FemSkin tear drop D-Cups
reviewed by T-Vyrus

I don't generally get too excited about new boobs, because plenty of companies make them, and when I first started cross dressing... socks, Nerf ® balls, and water balloons stuffed into a bra were more than enough. However, as I began to mature I did start using breast forms.

My first were purchased from the now disappeared Australian company, My Go Go Shop - they were gel filled latex with a tacky back, and as they were my first, I thought that they were pretty incredible. They were trianglular shaped, and they fit nicely into my bras - and their weight, feel and bounce made me feel more natural. Eventually the edges began to wrinkle and tear, but I did get a lot of good use out of them.

Often, when I was out and about at dance clubs, it was common enough to brush up against other people as I was traversing a crowed room, and the sensation was quite fun - especially if it was met with a lecherous look or groping hands.

Crossdressers are fake, and I guess people assume that they will feel fake too. (laughs)

All of that changed for me in a big way when I began wearing the FemSkin full body prosthetic, and there's been no going back to anything else since then.

That said, I have had the great pleasure of traveling with FemSkin Designer, Adam Ramos, and this year we did several events together including the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous in Minneapolis, Montreal Fetish Weekend, and the Southern Comfort Conference (SCC) in Atlanta.

I think that Adam learned the most from the event in Atlanta, and in addition to exhibiting the FemSkin line of products in the marketplace (photo above), he also did a seminar on transgender prosthetics.

Adam was absolutely wonderful to watch, and his passion was very evident. He took every opportunity to explore and to learn at SCC, and he was especially intrigued by the TransMale booth that was right beside FemSkin in the marketplace.

Additionally, he gained an appreciation for the need of better breast forms - forms that have good weight, shape, perimeter edges and color - and which can be worn comfortably and naturally inside of a conventional bra.

We wrapped up Atlanta in September, and within a few weeks Adam had already begun developing the new forms, which I received by the end of October. Like I said, I don't generally get too excited about new boobs, but these are the best that I have ever used, and the feathered edge lays nicely against my own skin. The quality is what you have come to expect from FemSkin, and they are made using medical grade silicone, which (with proper handling) will last longer than you. For now they are only available in D-cups, but FemSkin will begin introducing other cup sizes as demand dictates.

{right: sculpted back of the new tear drop FemForm}

It is also worth explaining the difference between FemSkin "Implants" and "FemForms." FemForms, such as the new D-cups reviewed here, are slightly firmer because they are meant to be used inside of a bra or glued directly to your own skin using the company's FemMix adhesive. "Implants" are specifically designed to be used inside of the FemSkin full body prosthetic, and because of this they are softer to the touch in order to compensate for the additional layer of silicone that they rest behind. Also, unlike the company's FemForms, which have contoured backs, the implants have flat backs.

For myself, I usually wear E-cup FemForms inside of the full body prosthetic; however, there are still times when all that I need are a great pair of breast forms, and the new D-cup tear drops from FemSkin will work very well for those occasions.

Keep 'em perky,




Anna 'Zz'

Interviewer, T-Vyrus


Anna 'Zz', Cathy Lynn & Anna-Free
The Doll Shoot of the Century!

TV: Hi Anna, I remember seeing you on DollsPride earlier; however, without as much activity. Then this year, you really blossomed, and it has been wonderful to see what you are doing.  I thought that you did especially well in the FemSkin contest.  What things have happened for you that have helped you to increase your level of activity?

ZZ: After almost a year of talking, I was able to meet with Cathy Lynn, and I was very lucky to find a photographer who was also interested in a meeting with us (smiles).

TV: Do you live near to each other?

{right: Cathy Lynn}

ZZ: We live in the same city, but the city is very big, so it is difficult to say that we live close by. Soon we can say that we do not live far from each other.

TV: That almost implies that you might be sharing a place together soon.

ZZ: No, we are just good friends, and we just tried some photo sessions together. We are planning to go out clubbing some day.

TV: Will Cathy also participate in the feature for the magazine, and can we use photos of the two of you together?  Also, does your photographer wish to be acknowledged, and do they have a website for us to promote?

ZZ: Yes, Cathy says that she can participate (smile). The Photographer is present on DollsPride, but they asked to remain anonymous. She is in photos with me, where I am in latex and she's a blonde in a black dress. She asked that we call her "Anna Free," and she is wearing a FemSkin.

{left: Anna 'Zz' and Anna-Free, right: Anna 'Zz' and Cathy Lyn}

TV: For both of you, did you have fun working together?

ZZ: We did! We had a great time during our sessions; it was creative, exciting and simply cool. We also invited our good friend, who is a newcomer in masking, to join us. This allowed us to do some tutoring.

TV: What did you enjoy the most about the photo shoots and interacting with each other?

ZZ: We had a lot of fun, it was a pleasure to take photos of each other, to direct posing and to realize that two beautiful girls were simply playing together – we even felt the desire because of each other's charm.

TV: How did you first learn about female masking and rubberdolls?

ZZ: Initially, I was very attracted to latex, and in 2002 I was looking for a manufacturer who could deliver latex in Russia. It was then that I stumbled upon maskon.com (smiles).

TV: Maskon is a very popular influence for many of us. Were there other girls that you met thru maskon.com, and have you or Cathy ever been featured on the site?

ZZ: I am considering sending my photos to maskon.com.

TV: Yes, you really should - you should email Marti Richards. I think she is trying to update the site more often now.  Is this a transgender activity for you, or are you simply a male having creative fun?

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{below: Anna 'Zz', photo by Anna-Free}



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