01 February 2010




Well, comes February and I am one weary editor (laughs).

The response to the magazine has been great, and I am thankful to everyone for their contributions, ideas, photos, articles and simply for their heartfelt support.

This month I have come to appreciate the artists and artisans of our community - folks like Chuck from FemSkin and Nikki of Nikki's Monster Shop. These amazingly gifted people run small (often family run) operations, which design and manufacture the wonderful products that we use to complete our own artistic expressions. Corresponding with them this month has given me a deep appreciation for the passion, caring, artistry, skill, innovation and the attention to detail that goes into everything that they do.

...and speaking of artistic expressions, have you been paying attention to the DollsPride Gallery? Antonia, Celia, Sabine, Rubber Sisters, Amelie, Ms.C., Maid Florence, Druska, Wicked L., Chris[113] and many others have all been checking in with some truly accomplished and beautiful images. Simply fabulous Ladies, and a great mix of Genuine Girls, Living Dolls, Maids, Trannys and more - just the sort of thing that we love to see at Hot Girls magazine.

Finally, concerning the navigation of this magazine; this site strives to be simple to use - just go down (laughs) - and if you're in a hurry, then use the occasional shortcuts between articles to skip about from section to section. Also, many of the images may be enlarged by clicking on them, and these and other links will open in a new window for you. Trust me, you will want to enlarge nearly everything because there is a lot of great imagery and detail contained here.

OK, well let's get this party started; play nice everyone, and stay beautiful,

T-Vyrus, Editor




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Do you have a song in your heart? Contest Hosts; Christiane, Sabine and Danielle would like to hear it, and you could win a brand new FemSkin Padded Girdle. The contest begins today, February 1st, 2010 and runs through March 15th. The winner will be announced in the April issue of Hot Girls Magazine -- contest is open to all DollsPride members (not just Dolls), and if you're not already a member; well, join - it's free!

Today starts the first Singing Dolls music-video contest on the number one community for Dolls. Members of DollsPride are encouraged to create a music-video and then to post it on DollsPride or YouTube. Everything is welcome; original compositions, cover songs, live vocals, lip-synching and amateur to professional productions. Dancing is optional - lol.

Creating a fun and engaging music-video is the only requirement, and here are a few examples of acceptable entries.

Once you've posted your video, contact Christiane and let her know that you're ready - and together with Sabine and Danielle, she will pre-select 'four' videos based upon popularity - as determined by the number of "views" and the highest "star" rankings thru March 15th at midnight (24:00 uhr) CET. To ensure fairness, only those music-videos posted on-or-after February 1st, 2010 will be considered; however, older videos may be 're-posted' for the contest.

The four most popular and highly ranked videos will be posted as a Poll on DollsPride, and members will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite video thru March 26th at midnight (24:00 uhr) CET.

The winner will be announced in the April 1st issue of Hot Girls Magazine, and they will win a brand new FemSkin Paddled Girdle, courtesy of FemSkin.

Watch for Sabine's Singing Girls Contest blog on DollsPride, and good luck to everyone,




Jeanette, Leigh Kigurumi
United Kingdom
Interviewer: T-Vyrus

HG: Hi Leigh - how are you?

LK: Hi Hi! Good, you?

HG: Good thank you; when would you like to do your interview - is their a time of day that is best for you?

LK: Anytime I'm on is good.

HG: How about now?

LK: Sure!

HG: Well, to start thanks for doing this, you're an exciting personality, and I am really looking forward to learning more about you.

LK: Thanks for inviting me along to do so.

HG: No problem! I am intrigued by you because you have been a Furry, and Kig' and now a Doll. How did you get started?

LK: In Female masking? Well, I had first seen it via the other costuming arts that I knew of at the time - with some doing both - and from there I began talking with Jean Francoise, who I became good friends with. She sent me my first female mask as a Christmas present - one of her old Sonya masks, and thus I became her little sister Jeanette.

HG: Yes, I actually remember that. Jean and I were camming more back then, and she is an incredibly nice and supportive friend. Including Furries and Kigs, I think that you must have about 10 or more personalities, which of them do you enjoy most?

LK: It's hard to choose really (which I prefer) as they all have their different personalities and quirks. Recently though, I have to say that my latest Kigurumi girl Candy has been used most, she's just fun.

HG: She looks like a lot of fun, yes. Do you find her to be more acceptable in public?

LK: I've only really used her twice outside with people, once at a convention and once [with friends] at a park in Nottingham. We did have someone come up and ask for our picture, so she is quite acceptable in public - mainly as she has the anime cute look, so people know its being done for fun.

HG: How would you contrast Candy to Leigh - is Leigh more private, and if so, why do you think there is a difference?

LK: Do you mean my Kigurumi character Leigh?

HG: Yes, well... but perhaps I am wrong. Is your Doll's name Leigh?

LK: The female mask persona is Jeanette. A lot get confused with that because Leigh is the name of my first Kig' and also my performance name in general - given that I have several characters.

HG: I am sorry, and yes it does get confusing. Well then, please contrast Jeanette with Candy?

LK: Jeanette is a lot more mature of a character, both looks and personality wise. Also, unlike Candy or any of my Kigs, she tends to be closer to a real female [in appearance], although not on the same level as a Natori. As such, she couldn't really be used in public, or at least not in a busy area, because it might be unclear to [spectators] why I'm doing it - and she isn't realistic enough for people to think that it's an actual female face.

HG: Why did you create Jeanette?

LK: The same reason as my other characters really. It's fun to dress up and to be someone else. I'm always curious about new costuming ways, and Female Masking is another one to me. I know that some see female masking as a fetish thing or such, but I do it purely as a hobby, and for fun. ...and at the end of the day, isn't that why any of us do these kind of things?

HG: I think that there are many different motivations, and for some there is a true wish to be a female, and masking helps to satisfy that need - if only for a moment. Regardless, I think that all of your characters represent some part of who you are, and many of them look like great fun. Bubblegum, Saharah, Alize... they all seem like good fun.

LK: Yeah, they are all fun, and having such a wide range helps appeal to a lot more people too.

HG: I bet! I've seen some of your Kig' videos, and it's a lot like watching little children playing; how often are you able to get out and to have fun in that way?

LK: Kigurumi wise, I can't get out in public too much in costume, mainly only for conventions or when friends visit me. Fursuits are easier, as there's usually a Furmeet once every month that I can go to, and usually there's a good bunch of us there. Zentai, I've only been out in public once in the past. Me and some friends did a charity car wash in costume, so I took my zentais along (Anna and Bubblegum, minus Bubblegum's hairstyle), and a friend of mine wore Bubblegum while I used Anna, and we spent most of the day advertising for the charity. Female Mask wise, I've yet to be out in public in one.

HG: The car wash sounds exciting, especially since it was for charity, and yes, I know that it is more difficult to go out in Female Mask mode, which is too bad. I know that the Sonya mask was a gift from Jean (and your first female mask), but what other female masks have you tried since then?

LK: The only other one that I've tried is my current one, which is a Rose from Nikki. I'd like to try other ones but it's a case of too little money. The only other way would be trying someone else's, but I'd have to meet them for that, and not many live nearby for me to do so.

HG: Hmm, yes, I recall that we have spoken about Emeraald in the past, but sincerely, you look incredible in the Rose mask. I especially like the mannequin-like pose that you published awhile back - very nice!

LK: Yeah, that one was an unusual one for me because as you can tell by the hands, I went without my bodysuit for it. It's not exactly a look that I like, as I prefer having a bodysuit for full coverage and a more doll like look, but I do seem to have gotten a lot of praise for it

HG: ...and rightly so, you look wonderful. Do you imagine Jeanette displacing some of your other characters, or do you try to give them all equal time?

LK: I do try and give them all equal time, and if I see a difference in the number of pictures that each of them have, then I'll do some pics of those who don't have as many. Of course, there are exceptions to that, like when a new character comes along, as I'm bound to do a lot of new pics of them - or when I borrow someone else's character when they visit.

HG: Cool, I suppose that by degree, I do that also, though I don't have nearly as many personalities to choose from (laughs). What are some things that you are looking forward to in the New Year, either related to our discussion, or wholly unrelated?

LK: This year's gonna be a busy one for me. Suit wise, I've got a couple of new zentai characters coming - a new Furry, a new Kig, and maybe one or two new female masks coming. I've got two conventions as well this year, Confuzzled in May (a Furcon), and Expo in London in October (Anime Con). I've also got a meetup with four other Kigurumi performers in March, and a meeting with a long time friend and Female Masker/Kigurumi performer, in July.

HG: Are there websites for the cons that our readers can visit?

LK: www.confuzzled.org.uk for Confuzzled, this will be it's third year, and it is quite a good Furcon. www.londonexpo.com for the Expo in London - it is probably the best known UK Cosplay Convention, although Furs go to it too.

HG: Cool and thanks. Among Trannies, Dolls, Female Maskers, Drag Queens, etc., there are differences, but ones that only they might appreciate and be able to articulate. How would you articulate the differences between Cosplay, Kigurumi, Zentai, Furries, etc.? Please don't feel the need to speak about all of them, but perhaps just explain the most common misconceptions.

LK: Cosplay is usually just the outfit of the character, whereas Kigurumi is more of an art form to some - plus it gets closer to the look. One thing that I have noticed is that some don't realize that the bodysuit is a part of what makes Kigurumi what it is. As compared to Kigurumi, Female Masking is usually a more mature looking and performed piece, and I have noticed that they aren't as shy as to show their kink side. Zentaists usually show the look of their form without showing it completely; thus, they usually do not wear costumes over the zentai or even wigs. Furries usually tend to become almost cartoon-like characters in their performances, and though there are differences, they are usually closer to Kigurumi than the others.

HG: When you say that Kigurumi "gets closer to the look," what do you mean?

LK: Well if you look at Anime, they tend to have a unique look to their skin and such, which is hard to replicate with normal Cosplay; whereas, the bodysuit gets the cartoon look down for the body. Not to mention that the head gives the perfect Anime look.

HG: So, closer to the look of an actual Anime character that has been brought into the real world, made possible by a zentai, which covers otherwise distinctive human skin?

LK: Yeah.

HG: Whew, hey I'm learning - lol - thanks for explaining it all. Can you do this for me, name each of your characters, and assign them to their genre? Example, Jeanette, Female Masker, etc.

LK: Just the current ones that I have suits of?

HG: Yes, that would probably be best (laughs).

LK: Leigh, Rei, Emiko, Erika and Candy: Kigurumi

LK: Jeanette: Female Mask

LK: Anna, Liara, Bubblegum : Zentai

LK: Saharah, Alize, Bekka, Cream: Fursuit

HG: So, you can be a different character every day for nearly two weeks (laughs). I can only imagine what your closet looks like!

LK: Stuffed to the brim, and that's just outfits!

HG: (laughs) It must take a lot to get the doors to close.

LK: (laughs) Yeah!

HG: I know that Jean Francoise was an early friend to you, have there been other Female Maskers that you have gotten to know and to meet, beyond those that you knew thru Cosplay, etc.?

LK: Aside from you? (laughs)

HG: (laughs) Yes, aside from me, but sincerely I do enjoy our chats also.

LK: Lean (lean2501) I've known for ages, and she also does Kigurumi. Jovina in America is another that I talk to quite a bit - she's nice to talk with, and I'd love to get to her Spring Fling sometime. Recently, I've also been chatting quite a bit with NatalieG, she's also friendly and good to talk with.

HG: I haven't spoken to Jovina in some time, but I know that you would enjoy meeting her if you ever crossed the pond. I met her in 2006, and she was very gracious and hospitable to me. Online chats are a really nice way to get to know people.

LK: Yes, and if anyone ever wants to chat with me they can feel free to add me on Yahoo. I'm friendly enough to chat with as long as it's kept clean. I would love to meet other UK maskers sometime also.

HG: There is a girl who lives on the Isle of Wight, Bobbie, and she is really sweet to chat with. I envy her because I think it must be so nice to wake up each day and to look out over the water. Like a fairytale I think... If anyone, who have been some of your female mask influences?

LK: Jean Francoise of course, Lean as well, and Jovina. Marti also, mainly due to Maskon.com, which is a really good resource for ideas. Also, oddly enough for me given that I usually don't go for adult taste stuff, RubberSisters are a good influence too just because of how good their suits are.

HG: Marti does a lot to support this community, and I have enjoyed reconnecting with her. The Rubber Sisters have actually been wearing re-branded FemSkins, but of course few wear them quite so well. It's amazing to me that even the most hardcore fetish can be so absolutely stunning and artistic when it is presented capably and professionally - would you agree?

LK: Definitely! One man's fetish is another man's art so to speak.

HG: Absolutely! What do you usually cite as your first... hmm experience? I can't say masking, but of the things that you do, how old were you when you began?

LK: I've always loved dressing up, even when I was little. My first proper experience of a full costume, I'd say was in Primary school when I was around 6 or 8. A bunch of costumes had been donated to the school by one of the student's parents, and they were well done. A play was coming up for the parents, and the teachers planned to do a raffle and so needed costumed students to hand out tickets. I volunteered to help, and they let me into the music room at breaktime to try on costumes, and to pick one to wear. I went right for a full Minnie Mouse outfit, and it was just fantastic; however, before I knew it most of the breaktime had passed, and I had to change back before they realized. Unfortunately, I was too young and shy to do it on the night of the play.

HG: (laughs) OK, OK, so you're showing another side now - Minnie Mouse?

LK: Of course, everyone knows she has a better look. Besides, how could you say no to that dress and heels? Plus, the panties were cute.

HG: Have you seen Julie as Jessica Rabbit?

LK: Indeed, and she did her quite well. Jessica Rabbit has also been made recently as a Kigurumi character used by Rabbitinthem00n.

HG: Yes, I am connected to them on YouTube - they do such incredible looks, and yes, Jessica Rabbit is one of them.

LK: Yeah, she's a big influence on me, and a great friend.

HG: Very cool. Well... whatever more shall we discuss for our readers? (laughs) I'll tell you what, how about if you pick your own question this time?

LK: Now that's the hardest question (laughs then muses) Hmm.. I guess a question that most wonder is "what would be your dream mask?" To which I'd reply a Natori mask, either Euro or Asian. I just love the realistic look.

HG: They do such amazing work, and Julia, our new Fashion Columnist looks so wonderful in her Euro 3 from Natori. FemSkin is working on a new mask that I think that you will appreciate also.

LK: FemSkins are nice looking as well, but way out of my price range.

HG: Well, I'm sure you'd look good in one though. Anything more you'd like to say to our readers in closing?

LK: Is "follow your dreams, you can reach your goals, I'm living proof" too cheesy a line?

HG: No, no.. it is a very heartfelt and beautiful line, and one that I know everyone can appreciate. Thank you Leigh, Jeanette, Candy, all...

LK: (laughs) ...and thanks to you too for choosing to interview me.

HG: It really has been a pleasure. (Leigh and T-Vyrus exchange hugs)

To visit Leigh "Jeanette" Kigurumi on DollsPride,com click here.




This season, all of the ladies of the world are focused on boots!

Boots are a must have fashion item for the office, or for the most trendy parties and events of any city. Whether wearing comfortable flats or high heels; ankle, knee or thigh highs; for all Hot Girls, wearing boots is a real sign of femininity.

Can you remember the first time that you saw Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? For its day, it was scandalous, and only a year earlier Roberts starred opposite Sally Field in Steel Magnolias (1989). That year she received her first Academy Award nomination for her role as Shelby; a dressed down, young, Louisiana bride and mother who died from complications brought on by diabetes.

From tear-jerker to tease, a year later Roberts burst onto the screen wearing a short blonde wig, mini skirt and thigh high stiletto boots - receiving her second Academy Award nomination for her role as Vivian Ward, a down-on-her-luck prostitute.

OK, so Julia had to match the role of a hooker, but today famous designers like Gucci, Prada, Christian Louboutin and others, are sending us all downtown in thigh high boots - making these the most glorious days that we are living in.

However girls, if you are new to wearing heels, don't start too fast. Attempting to wear 6 inch (14cm) heels and walk like a runway model, may fail painfully or simply look funny - and the most outstanding outfit; such as a shiny latex catsuit or sexy mini skirt, may look ridiculous if you cannot strut properly in your high heeled boots.

My suggestion is to start with flats or low heels, and to practice easy steps. Then, increase the heel height gradually and practice walking as often as possible. Work step-by-step to reach your desired heel height - and learn how to walk like a Goddess.

Follows are my suggestions ranging from practical and comfortable to sporty and sexy. Each image may be enlarged by clicking on it.

For everyday use, flat heels are suitable for all boot lovers. Here I am wearing flat Belstaff Trialmaster boots, presented in black. And for the guys reading this column, these boots are also for you. They are very stylish and trendy in the winter time, and they look great, even over your jeans.
With a little bit of exercise you can try a boot with approx. 2 inch (6cm) heel. Here you can see brown Prada boot with a comfortable 3-4 inch (8-10cm) heel. Ideal for a little window shopping or a day at the office.
Also, 3-4 inch (8-10cm) heel can be worn pleasantly in the everyday life. Here is a Gucci boot with 4 inch (10cm) heel.
The fashion highlight of the season is the overknee boot. Wearing them over the trousers creates a sporty look with jeans, and for a real eye-catcher try them with a short skirt. Here is a Gianmarco Lorenzi boot with 4 inch (10cm) heel.
With some additional exercise you will be ready to try a breathtaking 5 inch (12cm) stiletto heel. Here is a stiletto heeled boot from Buffalo with .7 inch (2cm) plateau. The look is sexy and stylishly hot.
For advanced boot lovers, try a 5 inch (12cm) stiletto heel for a sporty, sexy look. However, for long parties, use this style boot only with much practice and exercise.

The dream of every Hot Girl is a pair of tight fitting high heeled boots with exciting 5 ½ inch (13cm) heels. Such boots require significant effort to walk with grace and sex appeal, and my sister Sabine, The Dutch Boot Girl, wears such boots to perfection.


Finally, do I have to mention that it is never too late to start wearing boots? You will love the tight feeling around your legs and the feminine grace that comes from wearing high heels.

Hope to see you all soon, well booted and proud,






4) Haydn, Strauss, Mozart - waren hier geboren.
6) "Get busy living, or get busy dying."
7) I rise above the cherry blossoms...Kawaguchi
9) Points on the pavement.
10) NORTH America
15) La Ciudad de los Palacios
16) Niedersachsen kapitol
17) I am a furry... bamboo nourishes me
18) I gave birth to relativity
19) A beautiful mind.
20) Queen of France and Navarre


1) Sagrada Família whereabouts.
2) I gave you ABBA and dynamite
3) England's national poet
5) You say heresy, but God will decide - I leave you now in flames.
8) I am a thigh high boot in Sicily's ass
11) CCCP, Vostok 1 and me!
12) For my feet; willow, poplar, birch and beech.
13) My song draws you to watery peril.
14) I cook, I clean, I wash your clothes




April 23-25th, 2010 ~ Minneapolis, USA

The 3rd annual Rubber Doll, World Rendezvous, a rubber/latex weekend just for TV/TG/GG Rubber Dolls, Rubber Mistresses, Female Maskers and their partners/admirers. The Rendezvous will be held at the Comfort Inn Hotel in Bloomington, Minneapolis, USA. Classes, demos, vendor room, dungeon, play rooms, after parties, Doll Parade with Miss Rubber World 2009 Jean Bardot and more. Dolls from around the world will be there and the hotel block is filling up fast.

Jennifer talks about the RWR

Hello Hot Girls!

I feel compelled to talk about the quality of the people that I have met at Rubber Doll, World Rendezvous -- passionate, caring, respectful, friendly, and beautiful inside and out are just a few things that come to mind. The last two events have been wonderful, and with the support of manufacturers such as FemSkin, and forums like RubberPal, FetLife, DollsPride and now Hot Girls magazine, I feel that this year's event will be the best yet.

Sometimes our lives as Dolls can be sporadic because we find ourselves in non-supportive relationships, and we fear to share our desires. However, the rendezvous is a truly supportive event, and a place where we can be ourselves - and be among others who genuinely share our interests.

I value my dreams and desires very much, but my first wife did not accept them, and it forced me to limit my activity as a Doll. Thankfully, this is now changed, and the rendezvous provided me with the genuine support that was missing from my life - and it helped me to cut the chains, commit to my dreams, and start living. Though these are decisions that each of us must make on our own, I have found that it is a lot easier to be happy and free, when we have the support of our friends.

At the rendezvous everyone is willing to share stories about their own struggles and accomplishments, and it has been a huge part of helping me to gain the insights that I've needed to find happiness in my life; plus, the informative discussion panels on everything from latex to social issues, underscore and bring validity to those things that are truly important to me. At the last rendezvous Sunnie and I hosted a panel that spoke about the social challenges of Dolls supporting nuclear families, and with six daughters it was an especially helpful discussion for me. Needless to say, there is always plenty to be learned at the rendezvous.

Also, there is comfort in numbers, and at the rendezvous it is fun to live out those public Doll fantasies - such as going for a walk in the sun or through a shopping mall, eating at a restaurant or visiting a museum. In a group with other Dolls, the fascination and acceptance of the general public is great fun, and during previous rendezvous we've gone to the Outback, had continental breakfast with other hotel guests, walked without care through the hallways, went swimming in the pool, visited the Mall of America and took photos at the Walker Sculpture Garden -- and even more is planned for this year!

It is not required to wear a female mask, or even rubber, and if you are in doubt about the dress code I invite you to visit the web site, or to join the Rubber Doll, World Rendezvous, Yahoo group.

The Rubber Doll, World Rendezvous is attended by many beautiful people, who enjoy creative forms of expression, and it is a special place where dreams can come true. I will be there again this year with my new wife, Mistress Sunnie, and we will look forward to seeing you there.





Lost Horizon (Columbia Pictures, 1937)

In entertainment this month, I wanted to talk about dreams, about ideals, about beauty, about... Shangri-La.

Among the movies that helped to shape my own ideals, there was Frank Capra's, Lost Horizon - the story of Shangri-La, and I made it a goal this month to revisit it - and to see if it might still impact me as profoundly as it had in my youth.

I am glad to say that it did; perhaps, even more so.

As I looked around this month at all of the beautiful girls who have joined our Doll's Pride forum, it occurred to me that 'we' are an international community - and as I set about to collect the flags of every nation represented here, it filled my heart with gladness.

I grew up during the Cold War, and as a young school boy I was taught how to react in the event of nuclear attack - learning how to stay low, face the wall and to "duck and cover." I lived in fear, and it showed in the stories that I wrote and in the crude crayon sketches that I created.

...and I dreamed of a better world - a place where everyone lived in harmony - I dreamed of Utopia, Eldorado... I dreamed of Shangri-La.

To paraphrase the film's introduction; in these days of discord, dearth and distress - "haven't you ever dreamed of a place where there was peace and security, where living was not a struggle, but a lasting delight?"

"...a lasting delight;" indeed, how wonderful that would be.

In this community, which is represented by so many nations of the world, and by bisexuals, transsexuals, cross-dressers, cos-players, female-maskers, living dolls, kigs, rubberists, gas mask fan boys, the straight, the gay, mistresses, maids, dungeonistas and more - I see people striving for "delight" all of the time - and creating those wondrous moments that we might all wish could last longer.

We are a creative bunch - and a community that believes in clichés such as "live and let live," "what goes on in the privacy of our own home, is our business," "if it feels good, do it" - and while I would adamantly take exception to non-consensual role playing, I feel that the rest (no matter if it is to my personal liking or not) is still a viable means of release - and very mild when compared to the sadists-in-suits who foul our world in the name of the greater good.

I once wrote, "make dresses, not war!" ...and John Lennon wrote "Imagine."

Yes, I know that Utopia is not entirely possible; after-all, how good would good be, without the contrast of bad? Still, as an ideal it is a nice thought.

So, if you have a chance I recommend that you visit, or revisit Shangri-La. The restored version of Lost Horizon can be viewed in its entirety at Classic Cinema Online, and I will welcome your thoughts about the world that we live in - and about your own hopes and dreams.

Be well everyone - look out for one another...

...and play nice.






Care to share your first picture and to show other girls how you started?
This is the place for it, and we'd like to feature three girls each month.

Jean Francoise
Finland; born Autumn 2004

Jean writes; I bought a camera during post Christmas sales, and my first mask from Sonya (aka girlofmask) in the summer. In autumn a netfriend came to visit and we went to party. I got dressed in her hotel room because it was nearer to the city centre, and my first photos were taken in her room.

Austria, born September 2006

Christiane writes: In September and October of 2006, I discovered the thrill of becoming a Rubber Doll - wearing female latex clothing and female mask.


FemSkin: This month we take an exclusive first look at a new female 'silicone' mask being developed by our friends at FemSkin.

Over the past few weeks FemSkin Developer, Chuck has been feeding me a wealth of detailed information about the company's new female 'silicone' mask - so much information that I feel truly overwhelmed by it all, and I have been at a loss to decide on a way to convey everything successfully to you.

So, where to begin?

Hmm, "it was a dark and stormy night..."

Actually, it is a dark and stormy night as I write this, and we have four inches of new snow, which is uncharacteristic for Tennessee.

Anyway, not too long ago many of us first met on Yahoo 360, and during that time there was a buzz going around about a new thing called FemSkin. I didn't give it too much thought myself, and it just struck me as a really cool idea, and something that would appeal to those with better figures than my own. Still, there was a lot of talk about FemSkin and I remember the initial skepticism - and the feeling among some that it just couldn't be for real.

Well by now, hopefully you've all come to realize that FemSkin is for real, and one look at Irene, Sherry, Celia, the Rubber Sisters and others, is enough to convince anyone that the company takes "transgendered prosthetics" seriously.

It should come as no surprise then, that the company is working on what promises to be a very innovative female mask - and one that you are sure to be talking about, and adding to your wish list.

So let's get the buzz started!

Indeed, FemSkin is working on a new silicone, female prosthetic mask and I describe in that way because it truly is a departure from the latex female masks that we have grown accustomed to.

To start, traditional female masks (based upon female facial features) often stretch too much when they are worn by males, and this can give unnatural looking results. In consideration of this, and in order to ensure that the mask would have an underlying form suitable for most wearers, FemSkin began by sculpting a head with exaggerated male facial features. The objective was to minimize stretching and thereby provide a more natural female appearance.

Next, they began looking at ways to improve the areas around the eyes, and as some of you can appreciate, this can be a source of some frustration because what fits well and looks good on one person, may not line up or seat as well on another. FemSkin has addressed this by using thin vacuum formed plastic glued to strategic points inside the mask - and when used with FemMix adhesive, it will be possible to seat the eye openings closer to the wearer's own cheeks and brows - eliminating the gaps that can occur with traditional eye openings.

...and then there are the ears, which I've never given much thought to until now, and mine often fill with sweat, which is very uncomfortable - not to mention that they don't actually fit into the ears of any of my masks, so the masks are held away from my head instead of conforming to it. On the FemSkin mask the wearer's ears will be exposed; hence the mask will conform to the wearer's head, and the wearer's ears will serve as additional anchor points for the mask, which will draw the mask snug to the users face and eyes.

The last thing to discuss is something that I have less appreciation for, and that is silicone makeup. I think that some of you know that I have a tranny persona also, and I love big hair, conventional makeup, and going out on the town with my Drag and Tranny Sisters. However, applying silicone makeup is not quite the same thing, and every FemSkin mask will come with its own special makeup kit and mixing palette.

If you are already familiar with FemMix then you are familiar with silicone makeup, and it goes on (and comes off) very easily - and it covers the silicone evenly. Additionally, the makeup is very safe for skin, so wearers can use it to blend their eye lids with the eye openings of the mask; plus, they can even use it to secure breast forms and blend them to the body.

Needless to say, there isn't much that Chuck and his team hasn't considered, and as I learn of further developments to this and other FemSkin products I will certainly share them with you. Also, I must say, that Chuck is a truly generous person, and it has been my great pleasure to get to know him.


But wait, there's more! If you'd like a full appreciation for this new mask, then click here for pictures and explanations of the mask's development. I hope that you will appreciate them as much as I have.

A selection of FemSkin products are now available online at Special Trade, and we invite you to visit their showroom at Hans-Bunte-Strasse 41, Nuremberg, Germany.

Nikki, Nikki's Monster Shop

United States
Interviewer: Sabine, The Dutch Boot Girl

SABINE: Sorry to learn of your car accident, are you OK?

NIKKI: Yes, and I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have been trying to take it easy for a couple of weeks, but it’s so hard for me not to work, or to check my emails.

SABINE: You are very dedicated, and it shows in the magnificent work of your masks. When did you start making masks and did you first start with Halloween masks?

NIKKI: Lets see... I first started making Halloween mask in 2003. I liked it, but the market was very big, and I just wasn't inspired enough to keep coming up with new ideas. When you're a mask maker you 'need' to always be coming up with new masks, otherwise people will forget about you - and then you're done.

SABINE: Maybe like the Music Artist, who will say, “you’re only as good as your last record,” but in this case “last mask.”

NIKKI: (laughs) Yes, exactly.

SABINE: What inspired you to start making female masks?

NIKKI: Occasionally, I would get emails from people who wanted me to make realistic female masks. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know anything about the whole wonderful world of female masking until I looked it up, and then when I did, I saw a whole new world that had both of my loves intertwined... latex masks and makeup!   It became a great way for me to continue making and sculpting masks, and to create sexy and strong faces with beautiful makeup as well.

SABINE: In your MySpace blogs you mentioned that you started with half-masks - was there a special market for them?

NIKKI: I thought that the half-masks would be great for those who just wanted to throw on a new face and to play around. Without the latex neck, they offer more mobility, and it is possible to move your head more freely. It really makes for a whole new look, and you can have a little more attitude that way too.

SABINE: All of your masks are custom made, is that right?

NIKKI: Yes, and you can have your mask with any type of makeup, eye color, mouth open or closed, zipper, laces… sized down if you need. Really, almost anything that you want, I can do for you.

SABINE: How long does it take to make a mask?

NIKKI: If I already have the mold, it takes about five days from start to finish. I first pour the latex into the mold, and then it has to dry over night. However, because latex has so much air in it, I might have to do a few pours to create a mask that doesn't have any air bubbles. Air bubbles slow everything down, but once that is done, I wait another day for it to totally cure.

SABINE: It sounds time consuming.

NIKKI: (laughs) Yes, there is a lot of waiting in mask making, but once the mask cures, I drill the holes for the eyes and trim away the extra latex - then I paint and do the laces. The eyelashes need to be on for a full day in order to dry completely, and then when I’m done, I put a blindfold on her so that the lashes don't get damaged when she is shipped.

SABINE: That helps me to appreciate all the hard work of my mask. I have also read about the new Tura Satana mask. Can you tell us more about this, and when it will be available?

NIKKI: The Tura mask... I really loved the way she came out. “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” is a very big movie for me, and I was so happy to do the mask. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the contract, so until we have that we are on hold. However, I will start sculpting a new mask once I'm feeling better, and one way or another there will be something new for everyone soon.

SABINE: That will be great, and thank you for sharing this with our readers. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

NIKKI: Thank you Sab'.





Marti Richards, Web Mistress of Maskon.com and co-proprietor of Janet's Closet.

Marti was our January mystery Doll, and Suzi Nails was the first to identify her in our forum on DollsPride.com.

Marti began Maskon.com in 1996, and it quickly became a wonderful place for Dolls from all over the world to express themselves - Dolls like Julie, Skyelark, Dee, Connie, Krystal, Jade, Jo and others, who no doubt inspired many of us.

Today, Janet's Closet occupies much of Marti's time, and the "Cross Dresser's Paradise" offers fashions, makeup and resources that cater specifically to the beautiful people of our community. Especially helpful are the instructional videos for selecting breast forms - and for the selection and application of makeup. I have also found them to be a great source for otherwise hard to find flesh tone tights.

Beyond that, I'm sure that we would all agree that Marti is a great friend and advocate to our community, and she holds a special place among Female Maskers.

Thanks for all that you do Marti,


...and speaking of beautiful people, here are two new mystery Dolls for February. Yes TWO! I didn't want to turn anyone away ;) Answers in March!




This month our friends in Mexico City will celebrate "la Día del Amor y la Amistad" (the day of love and friendship); known elsewhere around the world as Valentine's Day, and I can think of no more wonderful way to close this issue, than with "la Ciudad de los Palacios" hottest masking GG, Antonia.

Antonia and I had previously agreed upon an older picture of her for the centerfold, so when this one showed up in my email the night before I went to press, I was absolutely blown away.

I always go to great lengths to hide the edges of my own masks, but Antonia simply flaunts them - and as evidenced by this picture, Antonia never disguises the fact that she enjoys masking, and it is a part of her unique and wonderful style.

...and then there's that body... You simply cannot deny her as one of maskings HOTTEST GIRLS.

Look for her on DollsPride and YouTube, you'll be glad that you did.

Thank you Antonia, and may you always be well and keep a joyous heart.




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