01 June 2010




June was supposed to be a nice easy issue... ha!

Well, they're never truly difficult, but finding enough hours in the day, that's the trick of it. (laughs)

Still, here I am... just about ready to slam the gate on the departing (and sexy) ass of another edition of Hot Girls Magazine.

I want to thank everyone who completed the survey - your feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and I do appreciate the constructive criticisms also. As Notaris pointed out to me, we need to know the bad stuff too. (laughs)

Last month we said farewell to a member of our community, as Corset Designer, Amy Crowder of Wasp Creations - went on ahead of us. Safe travels girl... I didn't know you, but many here did, and we will envy you your new journey.

I am aware that there have been some other people moving out of your lives also, and I hope that you will celebrate the good times that you had with them, and that you will not linger long in sorrow.

...and hey, lots of folks are still here too, and I'm especially happy about that.

Don't forget, this month we remember the dawning of the Gay Rights movement, which began at the Stonewall Inn, and along Christopher Street in New York City, on June 28th 1969. Wear something purple, preferably in latex or rubber!

...and the biggest news of all this month, is that we've got a bon a fide 'Hot Girl' on the cover, Ms. Jean Bardot. I hope that you will enjoy learning more about her. She's the real deal folks, and an incredibly gracious person.

Steffy the Rubber Doll is back with this month's Fashion Update, Jennifer's BondageBubble gets a plug from Mistress Jean, and Jenna Latex is this month's Centerfold, so it's like a Rubberdoll World Rendezvous... Reunion!

Natoris is here with us too, and wait until you see the truly magnificent doll. I'm not talkin' Real Doll, Rubberdoll or Living Doll... I'm just saying 'doll'. Absolutely stunning!

My work is done.

Be well everyone,


Director, Gary Beeber is directing a new film about the life and times of cult movie star Tura Satana.

If you'd like to be a part of supporting the film, then visit Varla Films to learn more.







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Jean Bardot, Mistress Jean
United States
Interviewer: T-Vyrus

JB: Hello there!

TV: Hi Jean, how were things down under?

JB: Amazing! How are you?

TV: Pretty good, thanks. I joined your website, and it's absolutely incredible... such a great body of work, and certainly a lot to be proud of. I hope you don't mind that I downloaded a few hi-res' pics for the article.

JB: No, not at all, and I love the cover shot!

TV: I love that look on you... just awesome!

JB: Thank you very much.

TV: I think that you know Jenna Latex and she is our Centerfold this month, so with you at the top, the June issue is going to Rock!

JB: That's great, and yes I know Jenna.

TV: Exciting! Do you have time right now to chat a bit, or do you want to schedule a block of time?

JB: I have time now; however, jet lag has hit me hard.

TV: (laughs) Yes, I know that feeling, but it only seems to hit on the return trip. OK, I'm officially fumbling for a good first question...

JB: Ready!

TV: OK, How cool is it to be Jean Bardot?

JB: It rocks! I have been to some amazing places and have done some totally fun and crazy things. I am very spoiled and I wouldn't want to be anyone else!

TV: (laughs) Well, now that I've been privileged to meet you, I am convinced that beyond being a statuesque bombshell who energizes a room with her mere presence, you are also a very caring person who serves the BDSM community with great fervor.

JB: Thank you very much.

TV: My tendency during this interview will be to paint you as a Princess among Fetish artists, but that may not line up with your own notions, or with your public persona. So, which persona should I gravitate to - the evil bitch with a whip, or the sweetheart who just happens to be a damn fine Mistress and performer?

JB: (laughs) Yes!

TV: (laughs) OK, I'm going with Princess.

JB: (laughs) I believe I am a quite complex person. I am many different people all in one, and I can certainly be a massive bitch when necessary, and a very sensitive person when needed.

TV: I believe that, and it shows. I think you take your shows very seriously and that you work very hard to deliver a great performance. Does this come naturally for you, or is it something that you must work hard at?

JB: I really care about my shows, and they are very important to me. I get them from my own fantasies, so it is a deep expression of myself... and I tend to obsess about them at times. I really like to perform for people, and I sincerely want them to understand my shows and to enjoy them. I love it when they turn an audience on!

TV: Thanks Jean, that's a heartfelt response, and it's just the sort of thing that I would have expected from you. My first impression of you was of someone who is passionate about what they do, but also caring and fun loving... someone who plays hard and works even harder. It is the mark of a great entertainer.

JB: Thanks!

So... as the reining Princess of BDSM, what do you have in store for the masses who worship you - what shows are coming up, what new routines, etc...?

JB: Well, I will be in New York City for the Fetish Marathon from June 2nd thru 6th, and I will be performing at the Smack party Saturday, June 5th... I'll be the naughty, shiny, hot girl with the large ejaculating...

TV: (laughs) Yes, I've seen those pictures...

JB: ...after that I will be performing at the Caribbean Fetish Fest, from June 19th thru 26th, which is produced by the creators of Kink in the Caribbean. in September I am scheduled to be in Montreal for the Fetish Weekend; however, my travel plans are not yet confirmed.

TV: That's pretty impressive Jean, especially in consideration of everything else that you've got going on... videos, your Ground Zero schedule, sessioning, fetish photo-shoots and more. Were you a conventional model before meeting Producer, Bob Zak of Gwen Media?

JB: No I wasn't. It was something that he talked me into doing.

TV: So from innocence to dominance?

JB: Actually no, I started as a Domme, and that is how I met Bob; he was a client.

TV: Well, that really speaks to how accomplished and diverse you are; however, if being a Domme and sessioning came first, then how were you introduced to it?

JB: I met Amanda Wildefyre in college and I fell in love with what she was doing. I was fascinated, and so I started learning a lot from her. I was like a sponge around her... taking it all in.

TV: What were you studying in college?

JB: I was in art school studying costume design.

TV: Wow, that is so cool - so an excellent combination of practical costume design experience, coupled with fetish - that's really incredible Jean, and it all worked out into a pretty incredible, career.

JB: Yes, very much so.

TV: Have you and Amanda worked much together since college?

JB: Yes, and we still do.

TV: I gathered as much. There is a lot to you, and you are an incredibly deep and interesting person. I doubt that this interview will even scratch the surface, so if you would, please tell me the things that you most want people to know about you.

JB: I would like my fans to know how much I appreciate them. When I first started, the fetish community was dark and perhaps a bit seedy. I feel that I have helped it to evolve into something that is not so scary - and something that is really fun... maybe even prettier! My fetish community is so much of my family now.

TV: Certainly prettier, and it does seem that you've influenced those around you and have facilitated change. I can't speak from experience, but clearly you took something a little dirty, and turned it into a beautiful form of art... something fun and respectable - you should be really proud of your accomplishments.

JB: Thank you very much. I appreciate what you see in me. However, I found it hard to be accepted locally (as a freak of nature), so I went global.

TV: ...and how do they feel about you back home in Minneapolis now?

JB: I really don't get much attention here. I throw a great Rubber Ball here once a year, but I don't think that the majority of the community is really aware of what I have done internationally. For me that is OK.

TV: Too bad for the home crowd, but sincerely you were the best part of the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous - you made it something to remember.

JB: Thank you very much. The RWR was a lot of fun for me.

TV: It was fun watching you get funky in Jennifer's BondageBubbles on opening night (photo right) - what was that like?

JB: I loved being in the bubbles. It was so much fun, and it was the release that I needed that night. It was intoxicating and challenging at times. I love the feel of latex and then being in the bubble with it being so warm... and the air supply depleting - it was a fun challenge and a turn on.

TV: I've never tried breath control - what are some precautions or considerations that you might offer to people who are going to experiment for the first time?

JB: I really need to say to not do it, but if you do - then don't be alone - EVER!

TV: That's a really responsible answer, and I thank you sincerely for that. It's strikes me as being very risky.

JB: It is an edge play. It is something to be very careful with.

TV: ...or simply to avoid if you have any reservations at all.

JB: Yes.

TV: Aside from breath play, what are some other, perhaps safer ways, to push the euphoria envelope?

JB: There are lots of different edge plays. Knives, needles, fire... it just all depends on the kink that a person is looking for.

TV: Writing for a magazine that is largely about men creating female illusions, I will say that visual stimulus can be very important - and a bombshell dressed to kill can push all of the right buttons. What are some of your favorite wardrobes?

JB: I love to dress up, but it all depends on my mood. I usually go for over the top glamour!!! Always in a pair of heels!!!

TV: The cover shot for the magazine is totally glamorous, but still suggests lethal. (laughs)

JB: Thank you. Very descriptive of my own thoughts at that time.

TV: Your dark shinny look, with dark eyes and dark short hair... that's a look that has lingered with me a long time. I've been writing a screen play about just such a person, and I confess that you have been an inspiration for one of the main characters. If I ever get it finished I will share it with you. -- Speaking of screenplays... How many videos have you done, and which ones have been your favorites?

JB: I would love to read it. -- I am not sure what my total is these days... well over a hundred, and all of them are my favorites. They each represent a special time for me.

TV: Do you sing?

JB: No that is something I can't do, will it be a musical?

TV: Yes, it will be, and I'm doing a few solo shows to try out some of the songs.

JB: Very cool, and really my singing sucks.

TV: I bet you could design the costumes for all of the girls!!!

JB: Of course I can.

TV: OK, you're on!!!

JB: Cool.

TV: So, you've got a birthday coming up... got any plans for a big ass bash of any kind?

JB: No plans yet... just some rumors.

TV: You need to get some girl!!! (laughs) Of course getting "away from the things of man" can also be a good option. You seem to enjoy traveling, and you just got back from Australia... what are some of your favorite places in the world?

JB: I really enjoy Europe. They are so open minded there and the country is beautiful. Aussie was pretty kick ass, and the countryside is gorgeous.

TV: Why were you there? in Australia I mean...

JB: A client flew me in, so it was sessioning and sightseeing.

TV: Ain't that too bad (laughs) yeah it must be nice to be you.

JB: Yea, it really is pretty cool!!!

TV: I assume that you have done shows in the UK also... what are some of your favorite events or clubs?

JB: I love working with Torture Garden. They are a London based entertainment group, and they put artists and entertainers together, to do shows all over the world.

TV: So they would schedule an entire tour for you?

JB: Yes, they have in the past and hopefully again in the future. I loved performing with them at the Erotica show in London.

TV: Awesome! It occurs to me that you must work with various Dungeons also... are there any in particular that you are fond of?

JB: I really love mine!!!

TV: (laughs) Well, I'll have to visit sometime.

JB: Anytime!

TV: Is it on the tourist map of Minneapolis?

JB: No but it really should be.

TV: I agree. You keep a pretty full schedule in your roles as Domme and live performer... do you consider yourself a BDSM Artist... is that most appropriate?

JB: Yes that is exactly what I call myself.

TV: Well, but a BDSM Artist with a huge and fun loving heart, born of royalty, and who rules her masses benevolently.

JB: I like how you put that. Thank you.

TV: It suits you very well!!!! So, is your dungeon and your service as Domme available to potential clients?

JB: Yes, if interested, people may contact me at jeanbardot@jeanbardot.com with a proper letter of introduction.

TV: I will make sure to direct readers to your websites.

JB: Thanks, I very much appreciate this.

TV: I appreciate your time and consideration also. Have a good night Jean, and thanks.

JB: Thank you very much. Good night and smooches.

Contact Information for Jean Bardot:

Mistress Jean
PO Box 6571
Minneapolis, MN 55406








By Steffy the Rubber Doll

A lot of the things we do as our alter egos are solitary. But some things are very difficult to do on our own as ideally it requires another person's assistance to get the desired results.

Things that fall into this category are getting body measurements, foot measurements for accurate shoe size, head sizing for wigs, selecting the right size breast forms that work with our body proportions (assuming that you want to look natural), assistance in choosing make up, items for depilation etc., the list goes on.

Well the secret to all of this is knowing HOW to ask for help. Many people and businesses will give their help gladly if you ask them in a manner that lets them know that you are genuine and not a time waster.

Maybe you are looking for information on how someone did something for their unique look.....

If you are contacting the person via e-mail, generally it is accepted that you should introduce yourself, and tell them a little about yourself so that they have a good idea of who you are, what you do, what you are trying to do and why you are asking for their help. Make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct as this can affect whether you get a response or if they understand exactly what you mean. You can explain what you have done up to that point about the question you are asking so that they can assess what might be the best answer for your question. Most of all be polite and not perverse or familiar with them. Remember they don't know you.

If buying on line and are unsure of something, send e-mails to the vendors or those selling things you want to buy BEFORE you purchase the item and ask the questions that you want answered. There is no shame to be had in asking questions just because the items you are asking about are feminine in nature. Maybe the sizes are European and you want to know what size fits you in North American sizes or the sizing used in the country you live in. The vendors usually know and will reply. Most of the vendors in Europe speak English so you shouldn't have any problems. This applies to anything that you are doing on the 'net.

{photo right: Tura Satana helps her friend RuPaul}

How about in real time... in person?

Almost everything we buy for our look requires measurements of some sort, and doing it yourself can be frustrating, difficult and usually inaccurate! In this case ask a good friend, girl friend or spouse to assist you if you know the specific requirements needed, otherwise the best advice would be to seek out a TG friendly seamstress and ask them to help you compile all the measurements you would need for getting an item of clothing. Ask them to recommend the sizes that will best fit you. They have the eye for that. Once you have an ACCURATE measurement chart of your measurements you can order with confidence off of the web knowing what will or should fit. Keep these records for your reference.

Want to know your REAL foot size in womens shoes for example? Go to a Walmart or a similar stores shoe department and you will find a measuring tool called a RACK. They have these for male and female sizing. Either measure your foot yourself or ask the friendly clerk to do it for you. Get both your male and female size, You might be surprised that you have been using the wrong foot size for a long while... I know I was. This tool gives size and width and other relevant information you need to properly buy the right size shoes.....its bad enough when your feet ache in the correct size let alone ones too small.

Shopping for stuff also falls into the category of real time in person. For many of us it can be a very stressful and scary activity. Even the thought of doing this can strike fear into the heart of the most
confident person. I have to admit that I do feel very insecure when in a drug store (chemists) looking at makeup or hosiery etc. Having someone with you can be all that is required to allow you to select something without hurrying and not want to just grab something and flee.

If you are lucky enough to have an understanding friend then you are set. If not, who and how do you ask for help? First of all if you are in a major city or region there are usually TG organizations that are close enough to go to meetings or gatherings to make friends. These organizations usually know and can recommend places and people you can go to that will put you at ease when shopping for girlie stuff. Just having a store that you know you can spend time in browsing without feeling uncomfortable will make the experience much more pleasurable, and really kids this is what it is all about...the enjoyment of what we do. Right?

{photo left: RuPaul measures Tura's foot!}

Through the these organizations you can meet others who share your interests and make friends that you can chum about with, and have the moral support in the activities you want to do.

Once you have found people who are willing to give you moral support and the stores that will not make you feel uncomfortable, then it is a case of ASKING for the help you need.

The best way is to just be direct and ask for EXACTLY what you want. In most cases the clerk or store owner has seen and heard it all before so you are not an embarrassment to them. If you try to say what you want without being direct you may find that you don't get the service or help you are looking for. You don't really need or want the frustration that goes with not getting the assistance that you want.

If you do summon the nerve and courage to walk into a ladies store and want to look and buy things, remember the sales clerk doesn't know you from Adam, so all you represent to her is a possible sale. I have been told by sales clerks that men buy a lot in womens clothing stores and most shops actually welcome them as customers because of this. One particular sales clerk liked helping guys pick out stuff to fit their alter egos. She found it fun and interesting as well as a challenge in some cases (plus she liked all the commissions from the sales she made). If you are unsure about the store check it out beforehand along with a lady friend if you have one that will accompany you.

Once you have established the way to ask for help, you can pretty much get anything you want reducing and or eliminating the fear that goes with this. Sometimes it doesn't entirely go away but it certainly helps.

I hope I have been able to offer some ideas for making your experiences en Femme easier as it should be fun, not something that keeps us confined to our homes with the drapes drawn.

Once the obstacles to getting what you require have been removed the rest is just refining a look that you like to make you a "Hot Girl!"





PUPPEN-BLUTEN: (Dolls Bleeding)

Do you paint, sculpt, draw cartoons, sing, dance, write verse, poetry...? In this space we will feature your creativity in words, pictures, videos and more.

Rubberdoll Fan Art:
by Christos Martinis

A young man with a dark mind, and a sometimes troubled heart, Christos is from Greece, and his influences include Simon Bisley, Martin Emond, Richard Corben and other fantasy artists. (T-Vyrus)

"I'm confused. I think that it is finally broken, my brain I mean. There's no other explanation. I dread the moment when the brain truly realizes the situation..." (Christos)

Excerpts from Experiment and Lynn Masquerade:
by Elena Evil

No doubt you've seen Elena's work on the Internet, and she was kind to share a few masking fantasies with us for our Rubberdoll themed issue. Thanks Elena. (T-Vyrus)





1. Author, Asking for Help
3. Spanking good time in NYC
7. My Manager's name is Siouxzan
8. Two layers of zentai to start
10. My cellar has one
11. June 28th 1969
13. Don't try this at home
14. Minneapolis Mistress


2. Experiment and Masquerade
4. Artist, Rubberdoll Fan Art
5. A1, A2, E2...
6. Shout at the Devil
9. Miss Rubber World 2010
12. I live in Edinburgh






June 19th thru 26th, 2010

Caribbean FetishFest

featuring Jean Bardot


August 13th, 2010


iRock, Detroit, Michigan

This will be the 4th X-Ball in Detroit, and it was originally created in response to demands for a smaller event - in between the bigger Skin Two Exotica weekends.

Hosted by Vena and Noir Halo and featuring Living Dead Girls, Chaos Productions reunion show, Vena and Noir Halo show, Matthew of the band London After Midnight, Fashion Show.



August 21st, 2010


Hamburg, Germany



September 3rd thru 5th, 2010


Themes: Kabaret Kink, Latextacy, Night of Masks & Vampires
Activities: Workshops, Fetish Art & Photo Exhibit, After-parties, more...

Eric Paradis, Producer



September 6th thru 12th, 2010

Southern Comfort Conference

At the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia





Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque
(Ten-In-One Productions)

In February we featured Mask Maker, Nikki Dyer, and during that interview Nikki talked about Actress Tura Satana, star of the cult film classic, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! - a film that I reviewed in March.

Discussions with Tura's manager Siouxzan Perry (Girlwerks Media), gave me knowledge of a film about the life and times of Ms. Satana, which is being directed by Gary Beeber. This led to discussions with Gary, who turned me onto his latest film Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque.

I have agreed to help bring the film and the live Burlesque show to Nashville, but for now I'd like you to know that this fabulous work will be coming to Abrons Arts Center in New York City on June 13th. You can enlarge the flyer for specific details.

This feature-length film explores the outrageous world of the performers who created the “new burlesque” scene in New York City - Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Bambi, Scotty the Blue Bunny and other cult stars - and the film's sexy performances are positioned against dark private struggles - exploring relationships, burlesque and feminism.

Like Bette Midler, classically trained dancer, Dirty Martini began her career as part of the downtown Drag scene - later developing her act in the East Village, where her glamour and kitsch appealed to the gay community. She also redefined female beauty, and her example liberated other women and helped them to express their raw sexuality.

Dirty's brilliant performances, costumes and winning persona, earned her International acclaim, and she was later crowned “Miss Exotic World, 2004” - the highest honor that a burlesque performer can achieve.

Today, Ms. Martini is still touring, and she is still taking the art of the tease to energized audiences the world over. An International Burlesque Star, Dirty Martini remains an ambassador for fun, freedom and sensuality.

To learn more visit Ten-In-One Productions






MediMorphe: (Bardot Productions)

Featuring: Jean Bardot, Anastasia Pierce and Mistress Nicolette

Mistress Jean's latest release is an excellent collection of BDSM Cinema, which explores a range of subjects thru a series of five sessions.

Kinksters will like these sessions for a variety of reasons, including vacuum pumps, rubber, clothespins, rubber, vibrators, rubber, clamps, rubber, plastic wrap... and did I mention rubber?

Several of the sessions feature Mistress Jean, Mistress Nicolette and two subs, so you can expect to see a lot of girl-on-girl play. The session titled "Electro Slave" features a rather unfortunate male sub, and in the final session, Jean herself is subdued and immobilized by Anastasia Pierce and Mistress Nicolette.

Sincerely, the best part of the sessions is getting an eyefull of Ms. Bardot, and her yellow rubber catsuit, and Houdini-like moves, are reason enough to buy the video.

There's nothing sloppy here; no fluids exchanged, nothing errupting... just good clean BDSM fun, and all of the subs walk away unharmed. In fact, if you've ever considered doing a session with Mistress Jean, then this is a great way to see what it's all about - and I think that it will put your mind at ease knowing that you can live out your fantasies in a safe environment - and without worry of any permanent damage.


MediMorphe: (Bardot Productions)


Mechanical Sex: (Anastasia Pierce Productions)

Featuring: Anastasia Pierce, Sinn Sage, Jean Bardot, Emily Addison, Kendra James and Christina Carter.

As the title suggests, this HiDef DVD features a lot of mechanically aided sex play, using locomotive style motion, spinning motion, vibrators and more... and all with variable speed control.

All of the action is girl-on-girl or girl-on-machine, and in addition to steel and rubber probing devices... riding crops, flogging paddles and wooden kitchen spoons are also employed.

A Black Stallion, Bondage Horse is used in a few scenes, and there is a lot of spit and polish - plus great female bodies covered in semi-translucent rubber. No opening or crack is spared from exploration, and these girls are so good with tools that they should really start their own construction company.

Wearing matching outfits and leather opera gloves, Anastasia and Jean appear opposite each other, in the most artistic of the scenes, and together they force feed a benched blonde from both ends. Jean is genuinely cold in this scene, and Anastasia is a rather sinister slut - definitely not a pair to mess with!

The bonus (and final) scene features a deep probing drill, but folks, remember... this DVD was made by professionals, and you should not try this stuff at home.


Mechanical Sex: (Anastasia Pierce Productions)


New York Rubber Ball, Miss Rubber World 2010
(Goddess World Productions)

Featuring: The Baroness, Dawnamatrix, Latex Nemesis, Goddess Cassandria, Goddess Shea, Goddess Soma, Domina Carmen, Jade Vixen, Priestess Anness, Contessa Alura and Sienna Aldridge.

Judges: Miss Rubber World 2009 Jean Bardot, Makeup Artist Lady J, Latex Designer Klawdya Rothschild, SMack producer Xris SMack, and Rubbertime Magazine Publisher Rubbertime Andrew

With The Baroness serving as MC, the show follows a traditional pageant format, with categories for Posing (requiring outfits made of 50% rubber), Question & Answer (interviews related to rubber fetish) and Performance (creative fantasy skits).

This is a great DVD for people curious about live fetish events, for anyone considering competing in such an event, and definitely a must have for anyone who attended the event. The video production is first rate, and you will not be disappointed.

Second Runner Up, Goddess Soma
First Runner Up, Jade Vixen
Miss Rubber World 2010, Dawnamatrix


New York Rubber Ball, Miss Rubber World 2010





This is the place for you to show your support of the Hot Girls Magazine, and we will feature a few girls each month. For consideration, send your picture and a maximum of 100 words to the editor.

The Lady Eve Cherry Chen NylonDoll

Hello: My name is The Lady Eve, and I have been a cross dresser since the age of thirteen.

Until I found support on the Internet from other T-Girls, I kept my wishes to myself.

I love to dress and to make new friends, and I love to transform myself into a gorgeous woman.

With the help of friends, one day I would love to be transformed into a beautiful doll.

The Lady Eve

The Lady Eve is a truly sweet person, and she seeks friends who might help her to transform.



Hello to all of the sexy girls out there.

My name is Cherry, and first, I would like to thank T-Vyrus for letting me have this opportunity to get to know all of you.

Maybe it was just for fun, but when I first started dressing up to become the girl of my dreams, I was truly ecstatic.

I kept my body slim for that goal, because I think that outfits just look better on a slim body.

I now devote my life to what I do, and I take many pictures to preserve the wonderful memories.

I hope that all of you will continue to take pictures, and to preserve your own exciting memories.

Thank you,


Click here for Cherry's blog.

My name is Nylon Doll, and I am a total encasement Sex Doll.

I do not expose my skin, and multi-layer encasement is my favorite. Usually, I wear two layers of zentai as my base, and then I cover myself with three to five layers of pantyhose.

Winter is the best season for me, because I can be a Doll all day – and I can even take a walk outside of my house.

Recently, I had a very interesting experience with latex, and one day I hope to wear a latex catsuit over my pantyhose. To become a completely encased rubber sex doll is my dream.

I hope that everyone will enjoy these pictures from my winter photo album.

Nylon Doll





photo above: PhotogenicDoll by Natoris © 2004

PhotogenicMask; interview with Natori Satio
Interviewer: T-Vyrus

TV: So, where have you been Natoris?

NS: Japan… Tokyo.

TV: (laughs) Oh yes, of course, but why not online?

NS: My shop is online anytime.

TV: Hmm, then I am mistaken. I visited your website, and there was a note that said "Thank you for your long patience. On-Line Shop Reopen!" It just read like you’d been away.

NS: I just moved my workshop, but it was only offline for a few days.

TV: That explains it (laughs) So what’s new in your world?

NS: You know, there are many DVDs about my masks at MIRAIDO

TV: …about your masks, or performers using your masks in videos?

NS: Yes, sometimes girls using my mask and doing many fetish acts. Sorry for my poor English sometimes.

TV: Your doing fine, and the website looks pretty cool. Of course I can’t read Japanese, so I can only base my opinion on the images. I swear that this issue of the magazine should really be titled “the sex issue” (laughs) Are you involved in the productions?

NS: Involved?

TV: Do you produce the videos, or are they just using your masks?

NS: Only the YouTube trailers are edited by me. The other videos are not my work. I am a trailer-animal. (laughs)

TV: Trailer animal?

NS: I meant I’m a video trailer-addict, and I love to make trailers.

TV: (laughs) Ha, OK, and they are free to watch.

NS: Yup!

TV: Do you get to dress up very much yourself?

NS: No. I’m just an artisan; I decided to be a supporter of mask-play.

TV: Really? So you've never dressed up or shown off your wonderful work?

NS: First of all, I was making dolls, and one day, some guy said to me, “I want to be a cute doll like the ones that you make.” At first, I did not understand what he meant, so I visited his transvestite website - and I learned of a whole new world. You know, there are some bad opinions about these people.

TV: Yes, always there is intolerance. The Dolls that you were making, were they life size?

NS: I had been a doll maker... just innocent girl dolls, which were not [in my opinion] so real, but other people say they are.

TV: Well, all of your work is very lifelike, and the doll that we are talking about (photo above) is quite beautiful - were you doing this kind of work for yourself or for others?

NS: This doll was a product of mine. She is less than four feet, so life size as a young girl.

TV: My nieces collect very nice dolls, but they don't have anything near to this quality.

NS: Thank you.

{photo left: Asian 3, with Chest 1}

TV: Please finish the story about the boy who wanted to look like a doll – I didn’t mean to sidetrack you.

NS: Well, because of him I quit making dolls and now I concentrate on masks. After I visited his website and saw the many pictures, and I understood what he asked me to do. He really wanted to be a doll like mine. …but you know, the person who wants to dress is not always a good mask maker, and the masks that he made for himself were only so, so... Later, I researched about mask-players on the Internet, and I found one thing (sighs). You know, the Internet is messy soup and sometimes somebody will make fun of somebody else. I found that others were making fun of people like him, and I could not forgive their act. I was totally impressed that in his mind he really must be a cute girl. So, I decided to be a supporter of mask-players like him for the rest of my life. It took over eight weeks to finish one mask, and it is very complicated work. My mask making is not good business about money, but I have to do it, I’ve got to do it. This is my way. So, right now I stop making dolls and switch to masks.

TV: That’s an incredible story Natoris, and I am humbled by it. I think that you are an amazing person to do that for him, and now for so many others. We don’t often discuss the psychology of masking, but clearly it satisfies very real needs and desires… the kind that make a person ache.

NS: humbled? why? …someday I will restart making dolls.

TV: Perhaps the Dolls satisfy one desire, where boys in masks and at play satisfy another... Humbled because that was an incredibly generous thing to do - to make a person's desires real - that's wonderful, and you did it.

NS: I just found I had a gift. It’s not my effort… just a gift from God, so I have to use my hands for other people. It’s my pleasure.

TV: Well, when other people are teasing them about their desires, you are instead reaching out and helping them - that's a big deal to me.

NS: My goal is that the laughing guys will love him dressing and with my mask. I mean the guys who made fun of him. My goal is that I make the bad guys fall in love with him because they do not know it is him - dressing and with my mask, so I have to keep my mask quality as real as possible.

TV: Revenge, and a very sinister one - you are a Devil also. (laughs)

{photo right: Asian 3}

NS: Yup! Angel left hand, Devil right hand.

TV: (laughs) …and you are really sweet too! Of course every boy’s dream is to know (or maybe to be) a beautiful girl - who is also a bit naughty. Your masks are incredibly lifelike, and Doll or Mask, your artwork is certainly appreciated among this community. Are you working on any new designs?

NS: Yes, all the time I have new projects because I am a sculpting-animal (laughs). However, it must be understood that I do not finish the works by myself. You know, Mask is not only my work, but also the Mask-player’s work. This impresses me because Doll making is my own work, but Mask making and adding wigs and dresses is different.

TV: That is very true, and those who personify what you create are very creative and artistic also.

NS: Yup! You know, the movie is not only the Director’s work... fifty percent is made by the audience. I think for mask too.

TV: I agree, but I still think that you're pretty awesome!

NS: Thanks.

TV: I met a few people at the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous with your masks, and they completed the illusion and were absolutely stunning… Marie Annette, Anna Metronic and Meg Kannakel.

NS: My pleasure.

TV: When you are not making masks, what else do you enjoy doing? Horseback riding, swimming...?

NS: Bicycling, reading (140 books last year), movies... but I have no television in my home.

TV: Wow, that's a lot of books - I read maybe one (laughs). I don't have a real television, only a small monitor that I use to edit video.

NS: Cool. I think people watch too much TV.

TV: Me too - I much prefer being a doer, than a watcher, but that's also why I don't read very much.

NS: Doer?

TV: Doer... you know, someone who does things - like you making dolls. I want to make sure that I spell your name correctly. Do you prefer Natori or Natoris?

{photo left: Asian 2}

NS: NatoriS is short for Natori Satio. Natoris sounds like a girl, so I use it.

TV: Is that what you prefer?

NS: Well, you know “Natori” means “nobody, no name” in Japanese, and I want to be just an artisan - no name.

TV: OK, but I will revolt and think that such as you should have a beautiful name. What does Satio mean?

NS: “chasing happiness”

TV: PERFECT!!! That I love!

NS: Thanks - more accurately, “chasing the tail of happiness.”

TV: …but we must catch that tail also.

NS: I’m happy any time. Happiness is not for chasing, but for feeling.

TV: I am glad to hear that, so many people struggle to find happiness, but it can come when we are true to our heart and desires.

NS: Yup! “Blue Bird” tale... Grimm… Andersen? I forget… I appreciate everything everyday, so happiness is with me anytime.

TV: The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, yes appropriate for this discussion… “The Ugly Duckling.”

NS: I think so. …sorry for my English spelling - I’m not good.

TV: It's OK, but imagine if I were to try your language - I only know “satio.” (laughs)

NS: It’s hard to spell correctly sometimes because I seldom speak English - that makes me forget spelling and good pronunciation.

TV: I know only a little German to write and to speak – very little because I do not practice enough.

NS: So you can use two languages?

TV: …one and a quarter (laughs). Have you ever visited other countries?

{photo right: Anime 1}

NS: Canada, USA… California, Las Vegas, New York.

TV: I was born and raised in New York, but I have never been to Japan – perhaps someday... did you go to college in California?

NS: I was in California for my job - and I was in college shortly (for English). So you are a New Yorker?

TV: Well, not NYC - I lived in the mountains further north, but close enough to the city to enjoy it anytime that I wished.

NS: I think it’s good for you.

TV: Yes, I miss it sometimes - now I live in Nashville, Tennessee, but it is lacking in the many things of NYC.

NS: Cool.

TV: We do get many Japanese tourists here who love the Country Music (laughs)

NS: I know I know.

TV: Yee Haa!!!

NS: hee-hoo.

TV: I like to sit at the Ice Cream Parlor on Broadway and watch the tourists go by, so many people from all over the world…

NS: Wow… good place... kinda sightseeing town?

TV: Yes, we have the Parthenon here, the Bluebird Cafe, Grand Ole Opry… though damaged very badly in the recent flooding

NS: Oh...?

TV: Yes, the Cumberland River runs through Nashville, and we had very bad rains that caused it to displace many families and businesses. The Opry house was under 50 feet of water, and many people were killed. I put some pictures in the last issue of the magazine.

NS: I’m sorry for that.

TV: Well, you cannot fix everything.

NS: I watch the movie Déjà vu with Denzel Washington many, many times, to learn English.

TV: (laughs) Yes, I try to watch German films for that reason also. My favorite is Der Himmel über Berlin.

NS: Why do you learn German?

TV: I visit Germany when I can - I have a few friends there, but also I love the country and the architecture - I know that I would love Japan for similar reasons, so someday I will have to go.

NS: You are welcome. I met Kerry Johnson a few years ago.

TV: Cool - I have never met her, but she has been good to me, and she made me a wonderful Emeraald mask - regretfully, I do not yet have one of your masks, and I am sorry for that.

NS: It’s OK, Japan is very expensive.

TV: Well, but one day I should go.

NS: Good for you, but if you buy my masks, you can’t go (laughs)

TV: Why not?

NS: My mask is not cheap, so you will not have enough money to travel – just kidding.

{photo left: Euro 1}

TV: (laughs) nothing worthwhile is ever cheap. So, is there anything that you would want our readers to know that you haven't already spoken of?

NS: My problem is that very few people complain about my masks. Everybody says good words, but I think some complaint could be hidden. They are silent customers, and I need negative-opinion also. "I hate this color…” “I hate this shape” etc. I think that negative opinion is worthwhile for me because I can’t improve with only good words.

TV: Yes, I can appreciate the need for constructive criticism, and certainly it can help.

NS: Thank you for understanding; I don’t like to get satisfied with my work, and I must improve to keep being a supporter.

TV: May I included the Doll picture when I publish this interview?

NS: Sure.

TV: What is her name?

NS: You know, I never name my dolls. Their fate is separate of me, and naming is not my job… it’s the customer’s job (pleasure). So I don’t name them, but call them by number instead.

TV: Oh yes, that makes sense... and now I know why your masks do not have names – very cool!

NS: I’m just the artisan.

TV: (laughs) Yes, so you keep telling me, but this conversation also suggests that you are a decent person with a good heart. What more would you like to add?

NS: BUY MY MASKS!!! (laughs)

TV: (laughs) I LOVE IT!!! Natoris, thanks so much for your consideration - it's been really nice to talk with you.

NS: Yes, goodnight.





Emma TV
United Kingdom

A big hello to all you Hot Girls!

I’m honored to have been invited to donate a picture or two and to write a few words for this great new resource - it really seems as though masking is going through a purple patch at the moment. There are so many wonderful Dolls out there, plus some fantastic mask makers and masking resources on the web. I only hope that it continues to go from strength to strength.

My story is very similar to others, and from an early age I was fascinated by wearing underwear - particularly tights. Obviously, I had no idea what I was doing, but telling my parents off, when I was caught dressing like a girl, made me realize that it was forbidden - and so my passion lay hidden for many years.

However, once I hit my teenage years, and my parents started going out and leaving me in the house alone... I used those opportunities to dress in my Mum’s clothes - rushing to dress up, and then rushing to undress before they returned. There were some very close calls, but my activities were never discovered.

As I got older, I experimented more seriously - transforming myself into an attractive girl - leggy and slim, though alas, I am no longer slim. In time, I was brave enough to buy my own clothes and shoes, and I would go for long walks - I even told a couple of friends. Later, while at university, I developed enormously - though I still kept my identity as Emma under wraps from the outside world.

Eventually, I met a girl who understood me, and she would help me to dress - she is now my wife, and we have been together for nearly eighteen years. While she was still doing her Ph.D., we went to the Gay Village in Manchester where she fought off my admirers - and helped me to further develop my appearance. I decided then that I would not hide so much anymore, and when I started my own Ph.D. in Edinburgh, I dressed to my heart's content in our flat - I also told most of my friends, and I expand my wardrobe. It was during this time that latex became a burning obsession for me.

The feeling of tight, black, shiny latex, and the transformation that it rendered, was utterly exquisite - and when I was dressed in a full latex corset, gloves and stockings, I felt like a complete Goddess. That said, the amount of corsetry required to maintain a good look, detracted from the perfect feminine form that I was trying to achieve; still, I started experimenting with digital photography, and I have never looked back.

As I got older, and as my masculine features became more pronounced (even through my makeup), I searched for solutions that would afford me the complete transformation that I so desperately craved.

I found the Rubbersisters and Maskon websites completely by accident, but they were a total revelation to me. I never realized that such masks were available, and I immediately set out to buy one. My first mask was a wonderful Emeraald made by Kerry, and I still remember the first time that I tried it on... the constriction around my head, the restriction of my breathing, and that first view of myself in the mirror... I was a Doll, and I felt perfectly transformed - finally!

Since then, I wear my Emeraald mask as often as possible, and I also have a secondhand Euro 3 mask that I bought from Natoris. I am fortunate that my work takes me away from home for weeks at a time, and it makes it possible to be masked and dressed for twenty-four hours or more, albeit that I should really be working. The Highlands of Scotland are a beautiful and wonderful playground for me, and I enjoy walking along its lonely roads while dressed, masked and in heels.

These days, there is less time for masking and dressing because my wife and I have a lovely little girl, so dressing up around the house is a little difficult. However, I still travel for work, and I try to enjoy my feminine side to the fullest when I do. I would dearly love a FemSkin, though there is no way that I could afford one, and I couldn't justify it to my wife even if I did have the money - she’s understanding, but I think that home improvements and holidays probably rank higher than a silicone suit to transform me into a sexy Doll.

My main photo site is on Flickr, and I hope that you will look for me there and drop me a line.

I would love to hear from you,





(am Deutsche) Als ich anfang 20 war, fing ich an neue Grenzen auszutesten und kaufte mir meine erste Maske.

Von dem Moment an war ich angesteckt und erst meine Maskensammlung und dann meine Latex-Sammlung wuchsen und wuchsen.

Vor wenigen Jahren dann entdeckte ich, dass es auch Doll-Masken gibt. Das kam mir sehr zugute. Meine Oberweite ist eher ungewoehnlich weiblich (ich trage BHs auch auf der Arbeit) und ich kleide mich eher "praktisch" und "bequem" und das sind oft genug eher weibliche Kleider.

Je langer ich in der Maske eingeschlossen bin (moeglichst fest) desto wohler fuehl ich mich darin. schade, dass die Welt so intolerant ist dass man nicht so einfach damit auf die Strasse gehen kann.

(in English) Since I was in my early twenties, I began to explore "new frontiers" and I bought my first mask.

From this moment on I was addicted to masks, and my mask collection began to grow. Also, soon my common latex collection grows as well.

A few years ago I discovered that there are also Doll masks, and this I found very useful, as my breast are more female-like than male-like (I usually wear bras at work also), and I prefer "practical" and "tight" clothes, which are often designed for females.

The longer that I am locked into a mask (the tighter the better), the more comfortable that I feel in it. It is too bad that the world is so intolerant, and that we cannot simply walk along the streets, dressed and masked.


Hi T.:

Oh, by the way, you wondered where I took that photo with the "fire-door" (feuerschutztür)

The door is located in my cellar. It's the entrance door to the cellar-rooms. You must know that Switzerland is tunneled like a swiss cheese ;-) and almost every house has a special "bunker" where you can hide in case of war or other unpleasant things. The whole of Switzerland is still like a "private army" ...almost in every household you can find a minimum of one gas mask... no kidding!



The above stories from Emma and Diti are quite interesting to me. On the one hand we have Emma speaking of her long walks along beautiful country roads, and then Diti writes that the intolerance in her country makes such freedoms impossible. As we remember the Stonewall Riots this month, let us hope that someday we might all know a more tolerant world. T-Vyrus

...and here are our two... I mean three Mystery Dolls for July!




Jenna Latex: Marilyn Manson meets Angelina Jolie
Interviewer: T-Vyrus

TV: Hi Jenna, thanks for being our centerfold this month.

JL: Thank you for having me; it's really an honor to be in the same issue as Steffy and Jean because they are both fantastic people - and both very caring and understanding of all fetishes.

TV: I couldn't agree more, and Steffy and Jean are both very gracious and super supportive. Of course, you're pretty cool yourself - like a Tranny Rock Star, but without the bad attitude.

JL: Rock Star? (laughs) I'm not so good really - I like to get dressed up like one and play guitar, bass and drums in my living room, but I have a hard time getting up in front of people. When I was a kid, I thought that Motley Crue's, Shout at the Devil album was super hot, and I just loved the outfits. ...and of course the band Kiss... I use to love watching the television show Solid Gold just to see what the dancers would be wearing, and they would always dance in high heeled boots and super tight spandex outfits.

TV: (laughs) Yes, I remember. You know when we first connected on DollsPride, you just struck me as a cold ass bitch, but girl you ain't nothing of the sort, and you couldn't be any nicer.

JL: I might look that way, but I'm really just a normal person. Personally, I love the badass girl look, and I find it very attractive. Someday I would like to meet someone who dresses dark and Evil like me, but who is sweet and caring on the inside; I know that's not an easy thing to find. The female form is so sexy, and let's face it, women have the curves and the fantastic clothing. Guys? Not so much to look at there, and I just don't find men attractive - and I'm not a big fan of body hair. (laughs)

TV: ...but you like rubber...

JL: Yes, I love rubber and latex, and it has just always been a huge turn on for me. I use to wear my mother's rubber dish gloves and my sister's cheerleading boots around the house - and I would think, "this feels great!" I didn't have the Internet when I was growing up, and I didn't know that there were other people out there like me, or where to get clothing from. It may sound funny, but I use to make things to wear out of truck tire inner-tubes.

TV: That's too friggin' cool...

JL: Yes, rubber chaps and rubber corsets from truck tires. Sometimes when I'm driving down the freeway, and I see an inner-tube, I still think, "gee, what could I make out of that?"

TV: (laughing hard) I love it - I mean that's totally hard core. You need to take your badass self on the road and do your own Fetish Events.

JL: Me? Hosting my own fetish event? (laughs) No, I think not. I do have a few submissives that come to my house once a week, and I have a large collection of boots that I like to keep clean. However, it takes a long time to build a relationship with a good submissive, and they are truly wonderful people.

TV: Do they help you with your pictures also?

JL: No, not usually - I tend to do that by myself, and I guess that I have taken a lot. I use to take a few every time that I got dressed, but taking them by myself is sometimes difficult. I find that I might get one good picture from every thousand that I take, and my camera isn't so great either.

TV: Well, those things considered you've turned out some really great images, and I'm so glad that you're willing to let me include some of them here. By the way, how are those new breast forms working out?

JL: I'm so glad that you asked... I love them! They're big, heavy and they feel great. It sucks when I have to remove them, and I wish that they were more permanent.

TV: Yeah, I like mine too (laughs).



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