01 May 2010




Hi folks.

It's a crazy day here in Nashville, Tennessee, but the human spirit survives and folks are bouncing back in the aftermath of torrential rains, which caused flash flooding and submerged roads, railroads, homes and businesses. The Grand Ole Opry is under 20-feet of water, but the dams in the area are holding up.

The only good news is that I am majorly behind on getting out the most ambitious issue of this magazine thus far, and with businesses closed, I sit safely on top of my little hill using this time to get Hot Girls Magazine published.

{photo right, T-Vyrus at RWR, photo by Dana}

This month we celebrate the corset, and I've had a lot of people checking in with great articles and interviews - too many! (laughs)

My sincere apologies to Steffy for leaving her article on the cutting room floor, but June is a light issue so far, and I promise that we'll regroup by then and get your article published.

Already folks have been asking me to write about the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous, and I promise that I will, but not until June. I have published the auction winner for the FemSkin in this issue, and I can't wait to see some pictures of Wanda in her new suit. What I will say about RWR is that it was a truly rewarding experience, and I will surely return again next year. Thanks for a great event Dana!

Huge thanks to Vena and Aeon for hooking me up with corset designers Simone and Fran Blanche, both of whom appear in our Fashion Update this month - totally heavy duty stuff and worth your consideration.

Connie, Doroty and Sherry - huge kudos for your contributions this month, and Druska, girl... just lookin' too good!

Lupa best success with your studies, and thanks for contributing your wonderful artwork.

Misty, Alena, Danielle... have I missed anyone? (laughs)

Oh... yes, a couple of cool Mask Makers checking in this month also - very nice work!

What else...?

Since this is "The Corset Issue" I will offer some insights of my own and say that a corset is a girl's best friend. My first one cost me $50, and it lasted about 20-minutes before it exploded (laughs). After that I saved my pennies, and several months later I bought a truly wonderful corset from Fallen Angel Fashions - a company that Jovina told me about in 2006, when I wore one of her's for a photo shoot.

The "Treasure Chest" bra and corset (photo left) from Fallen Angel is something that I pine for, but I'm about 100-pounds away from ever being able to wear it - something for another lifetime! (sighs)

Oh, oh, oh... do not forget about your Mom... Mother's Day (at least in the USA) is May 9th. Yeah I know, some of you celebrate it in March... it's not easy being an International Publication!

Alright, enough outta me - you've got lots of reading to do.

Be good; be well,



03 May 2010: The Cumberland River, Nashville, TN, USA: The last two days have been difficult; In the photos above, from left to right: The Cumberland River rises 50-feet above normal, wiping out railroad tracks, roads, and flooding downtown Nashville. Elsewhere, flash flooding covered roads, homes and businesses, as torrential rains created flash floods and left people stranded. At least 15 people are reported dead.




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Don't forget Mother's Day, May 9th!

Cathie Jung, "The Queen of Corsets"

Born in 1937, and the mother of three children, Cathie is a beautiful corseted woman who makes her home in Old Mystic, Connecticut, USA. Cathie has a tiny waist of 15 inches, and she holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest waist of any currently living person.




United Kingdom
Interviewer: T-Vyrus

TV: Thanks sincerely for your consideration Connie. I'm sure that I'm not alone in regarding you as a celebrity among Living Dolls, and I appreciate your willingness to do this interview. To start, I am dying to know what "FCD" stands for - I feel that I know what "CD" means, but the "F"?

CF: I wanted ConnieCD as my internet name but it was taken, so I added the "F." It loosely stands for fetish. Connie was chosen because Connie Francis was an idol for many years.

TV: Hmm, well, immediately I want to say then why not leave it as Connie "F" for Francis instead of fetish, but I suppose there can only be 'one' Connie Francis, and she's still alive and well and touring regularly (laughs). As I recall she had a few Number One hits in the UK; what is your favorite of her songs... have you ever seen her perform?

CF: I suppose it was too obvious to go for ConnieF - and I guess I'm not that logical! I can`t remember but that name might have been taken too. My favorites were many - "Stupid Cupid," "Carolina Moon," "Robot Man," "Among my Souvenirs," "My Heart Has a Mind of its Own" and many, many more. What you have to realize is that back then virtually no American Pop Stars appeared in Britain or on British TV. There was some exchange agreement where if one UK singer went to the States one American singer could come here. Of course we did not have any good singers to 'swap.' I never even saw film of the big Stars unless they made movies. All the early Elvis TV was never shown over here, ditto Connie of course. At the time I'm afraid all my favorites were Americans. We did have photographs, and photos of Connie were just as gorgeous as her singing was fabulous, so I was hooked.

{photo right, Connie Francis}

TV: It sounds like you're a true admirer of her music and persona. Interestingly, from that era I was much more drawn to the music of Petula Clark, and her songs resonated more strongly with me than those of Ms. Francis. Of course Ms. Clark was born in Epsom, England, so I think more than a fair exchange. Without giving away too much, what part of the country are you from, and what are some other things that you enjoy besides wardrobes and masking?

CF: It`s a good job we don`t all have the same taste! To me Petula Clark was 'OK', but never sexy. Connie was - to me! I live in England - pretty obvious I reckon! My nearest centre of population is Birmingham.

My interests are nothing exceptional. I like to travel, in the last few years I've been to the US several times, east, west (In California very near Nikki's Monster shop, but I had no appointment nor any time, pity! I was also in Seattle several times and wondered about looking up Kerry but never got around to making contact), centre and south - had to go to Graceland! Elsewhere: the West Indies, Central America, Chile, Australia (looked out for Nicci Tristan in Sydney - no luck!), New Zealand, South Africa, China and lots of Europe. England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland aren't bad either! I am driven by an interest in history and natural history.

{photo left, ConnieFCD}

TV: It's wonderful that you get to travel so much, but sad that you keep missing all of the cool folks along the way... Nikki, Nicci, Kerry... all wonderful to me, and I too would love to meet them. You are (of course) a very accomplished Living Doll, and I have been an admirer for as long as you've been on the Internet. What is the appeal for you, and what keeps you motivated to do more?

CF: The appeal of being a doll is one of those questions few of us can answer. I had been attracted to crossdressing on and off for decades, usually limited to squeezing into my wife's fashion boots. Any more was impractical, not least because I had no chance of looking feminine even with buckets of make up. Today, after 30 years married, I am divorced but I am still wary of using make up because it might be difficult to remove all traces at the end of a session. I think it was, in fact, the discovery of Kerry's, then Marti's, Maskon site which tipped me over the edge! I spent days wondering at every picture. Up to that point I had no idea female masks existed. I was hooked! I wanted one…or lots!

The masks, coupled with my desire to crossdress, eventually allowed me to achieve a reasonably feminine look, and I think I do it because of my attraction to sexily clad girls – whether fetish or ultra-feminine. In every day life you do not get to meet such beauties so the only alternative is to make your own. I am not claiming I am a beauty when masked but as a glasses wearer I cannot see what I look like too clearly, and a multitude of flaws go unnoticed.

{photo right, Connie FCD}

Girls in thigh boots, girls in rubber, girls in pretty underwear, girls in corsets, girls in tight dresses, girls in tottering heels – all fabulous – and I was making my own version. One theme that I have not been able to pursue is ballgowns. I would love to try and look like Sabrina Valentine but storage of such bulky dresses is a limiting issue. She looks absolutely fabulous!

I still enjoy the thrill of dressing up convincingly, and I also I like showing off! Like most CDs on the Internet, it pleases me if I can get comments on my pictures. I never get enough, of course, and usually the comments are complimentary. I have had some horrid comments on YouTube but never on Flickr – it goes to show what a kind community we are. If we do not like a particular picture we do not leave a comment. Everyone seems to concentrate on the positive – long may that continue.

{photo left, ConnieFCD}

Lately, I am frustrated because recently Flickr restricted my site and now it is only accessible to logged in users. As a consequence the number of views has plummeted, which is a shame because I was always trying to beat my record number of ‘views’ – no chance now! In my case I presume my site was restricted because I like lady's breasts! I have never shown genitalia, nor will I, yet I am deemed unsavory even though real breasts are on view in most national newspapers on a daily basis. I wonder if the mask has something to do with it? I do not notice many maskers getting large numbers of comments on their photos compared with normal crossdressers. I'd be interested to hear anyone else's comments on this.

TV: Well, I absolutely adore Sabrina Valentine, and she has been a great inspiration for me also. I do appreciate your concern for makeup, and when I've been out in my quasi-Drag mode over a weekend, I worry that there might still be some trace of it when I return to work on Monday. It is a concern that has limited my public appearances, but I still get out on special occasions.

It's good to learn a bit about your history, and also to appreciate that so many of us have similar stories... married, divorced, learning about Maskon and female masking... It fulfills real needs... real desires. ...and the desire for attention (laughs). We all like attention! Let me just say also that you are too modest, and your style is wonderful, and you are absolutely stunning, always.

I wouldn't worry too much about Flickr... those who love what you do, they will find you. Hmm, so what more shall we talk about? You mentioned missing some Dolls in your travels, but are there others whom you've actually met... have you met Sabrina, and have you had opportunities to be among others privately or at fetish events?

{photo right, Connie FCD}

CF: I'm afraid you might think of me as something of a fraud. I do not go out dressed, nor do I aspire to. I am happy in my odd little private world although as you've noticed I do enjoy posting pictures and, hopefully, getting nice comments. The use of masks has so far guaranteed my anonymity! I have not met any other dolls. When I mentioned the possibility of meeting Nicci Tristan, Nikki or Kerry, it would have been in drab - for me at least! The only 'celebrities' I have met are Krystina Kitsis the clothes designer and owner of Ectomorph in London and Natacha Marro, the fabulous shoe designer, also in London. Both measured me for rubber items - it was wonderful to be measured by top professionals. I do have a few pictures on the Ectomorph customer gallery. Unfortunately Natacha does not seem to have a similar page for cds.

TV: I cannot ever imagine regarding you as a fraud. Actually, I regard you as a celebrity within the Living Doll community, and an accomplished artist who creates very beautiful and engaging female illusions. The fact that you don't venture out could never diminish your wonderful work.

The May issue of "Hot Girls" is going to be titled "The Corset Issue," which is why I wanted to interview you because you have appeared in such a great variety of corsets thru the years. Do you have any favorites?

{photo left, ConnieFCD}

CF: My first corsets came from Transformation in Birmingham. They are good corsets but unfortunately the first ones I bought were too large because I was easily able to do them up so they touched at the back. I was fitted for this by a woman too! Transformation are a useful resource doing a full range of items for CDs etc. but they are expensive. If you can buy items elsewhere then I think it is wise. I next went to Brighton and bought corsets from Axfords. They have a small old fashioned workshop, it`s quite charming! The lady in charge dealt with me efficiently with no funny looks. The owner (male) even came out to see if I wanted any advice! Unfortunately, I bought a size too large but I could see no facility for trying on at Axfords. I have been back there twice more and now have 8 of their corsets.

The easiest place to buy corsets I know is Doreens in East London. There you have changing rooms and very keen lady helpers. They are use to dealing with CDs but they are not exclusively a transgender shop. I bought several Vollers corsets there. My corset dresses came initially from Corsetcurves. They were advertised on eBay. I phoned their base and arranged to go over and see them, they were in the Cambridgeshire fens. I bought 3 long corset dresses and one short one from them. Then unfortunately they stopped doing corset dresses - not surprising really because you can do nothing in them! Not even sit down, or get in a car!!! They then sold the business which still trades but so far as I know no longer offers corset dresses. My other corset dresses all came from Pink Fluffy in Camden Market, North London. They were all manufactured by Vollers but Pink Fluffy seemed to be able to get them at a greatly reduced price! I never bought directly from Vollers. Pink Fluffy had changed their name last time I looked. I hope they are still there.

I think I really have enough corsets/corset dresses, but if the UK economy ever looks up I might yet buy one more corset dress - I've long wanted a full length white one!

TV: (laughs) My addictions are not so different, and I would love to have a ball gown like those that Sabrina wears. However, the economy is kicking our butts in the U.S. also, so my wish for you, and for everyone is that we might all begin to experience better times, and that we might have those personal freedoms, which allow us to express ourselves in all of those beautiful, feminine ways.

CF: I will wish for that as well.

To learn more about ConnieFCD please visit her online at DollsPride and Maskon.com.

Connie offered a lot of great information about corsets; however, with so many Dolls checking in this month to write similar articles, I've decided to move Connie's advice on corsetry to the Guest Writer section, along with Doroty and Sherry. There will be no shortage of information this month about tight lacing (laughs).

Be good; be well,




TWO GREAT INTERVIEWS: Simone and Fran Blanche

Interview with Corset Designer, Fran Blanche, Owner of Contour Corsets
United States
Interviewer: T-Vyrus

TV: Thanks for your time Fran. Aeon Latex recommended you to me, and I have become a quick fan of your work.

FB: Thanks for your invitation, and I am flattered.

TV: Your style seems to stem from Industrial design, and I absolutely love your web site - and the entire presentation of your work. What, or who do you typically cite as influences?

FB: I have many professional skills that I have acquired over the years and I use a lot of them in operating and promoting Contour Corsets. I come from an engineering and graphic arts background and have a love for 1950s commercial art, so I wanted the Contour website to reflect an atomic era sensibility. It just evolved as a concept to make the website into what is essentially a vintage kitchen table with all of the various pieces of paper, photos, and other things casually placed upon it.

I wanted the site to be fun and entertaining, not just a commercial, and I wrote it in a very basic HTML format without animation, java, or flash so that it would be quick and easy to navigate. There is not a lot of text on the front page of the site and a minimum throughout because I am autistic and my mind is almost completely visual, so the Contour website also reflects many of the facets of my inner space as well.

TV: Well, it is all truly spectacular. I know that being transgender really has no relevance to your talent and accomplishments, which are regarded highly on their own, but it does make you somewhat unique among designers.

FB: Yes, I am a transwoman, and you're correct, it really has no significance to what I do other than that transpeople feel comfortable reaching out to me.

TV: I am transgender myself, and I think that I would agree, and that other transpersons would feel comfortable using your services. Not knowing all that I should, but recognizing that your designs do a lot to emphasize the hips, what eras influence your style, and what fascinates you most about the style and its form?

FB: Yes, I do like the hip shelf! That is a fetish of mine, having that pronounced hip spring and the radical curves. I love the complex contours of the torso in my corset patterns and so I like to maximize and emphasize these curves in all dimensions. I am not a fan of the pinched wasp waist per se, but instead I prefer a waistline that is wide enough to accommodate a standard dress belt, because the tightly belted look with a fitted dress is in my opinion most appealing look of all in the feminine shape. My style probably does not reflect any particular era. I would consider my style definitive of modern tightlacing, emphasizing function and allowing anatomy to dictate shape as opposed to fashion or imposing a particular style on the body against its natural structure.

TV: That seems smart to me. I studied Architecture in college, and of course there is the old adage that "form follows function," which I think lends itself well to your designs. Your approach suggests that you craft designs that are sympathetic with a client, and which bring out the best in them. Have there been any unique client challenges during your career?

FB: Always. Not surprisingly my own patterns are among the hardest to make because of the deep curvatures I have, but I have several clients that maintain a waist size less than 20 inches, and this is always a challenge. I do my best to follow the bone and muscle structure of the client to avoid pressure points and even out the compression of the corset over the body. This results in a corset shape that is far less traditional and instead almost entirely anatomical. Because every client has their own unique structure, each corset I make has its own personality and form, just as you say, form following function.

TV: I have not seen such a waist since I was a boy. Though as a young man I did maintain a 24 inch waist, which I often secured with a kidney belt for motocross racing (laughs). Your approach suggests that it is necessary for clients to actually meet with you for consultation, measurement and fitting, is this how you prefer to work, or do you also have success working thru the Internet and using postal services?

FB: I have done both personal and remote fittings with equal success. If the customer measures themselves I request photo references to not only check their measurements for accuracy using scale, but also to examine their natural bone and muscle structure as I can see it. If a customer cannot meet me in person then I request a lot more information from them. The more information that they can provide to me then all the better the pattern I can make for them. As I had mentioned before I have a very visual mind and I think in three dimensions, so if I can see the customer either in person or in photographs then I can perceive their shape all around and envision the shape of the corset that should be made for them and how it will look.

TV: Some time ago I made a mannequin of myself... it was one of those duct tape things, but it actually worked very well, so I can appreciate the benefits of being able to work and/or perceive a design in three-dimension. Do you have particular fabrics that you like to work with?

FB: It is always fun to get wrapped in duct tape, for any reason! Fabric selection is big part of the job of a corset maker. I am always searching for fabrics that have the correct strength, weight, and feel for a tightlacing corset. It can be tricky. For everyday wear I prefer to use a cotton bottomweight fabric for the core and various cotton poly blends for cover fabrics due to their durability and abrasion resistance. For leatherwork I choose premium garment leathers that I hand select in New York, usually kid or lamb, and sometimes fine cow leather depending on the weight I need.

TV: An aside, but do you sketch your designs? I only ask because I love pencil and ink renderings.

FB: I sometimes sketch a design, but usually I go right to the pattern from my mental image without drawing it out. I did most of the artwork for the Dandy Corset site by hand in pencil on paper, then scanned it into the computer to combine it with some of the computer rendered graphics. I wanted the Dandy site to be a virtual victorian print catalog, so the hand drawn artwork was essential to that motif. Since starting Dandy last year, it has been written about on malecorsetry.com and staylace.com, and while I do run it as a separate line of work, it is all under the same roof so to speak.

TV: Very cool and I love the sketches. About how long does it usually take to go from concept to finished product?

FB: That really depends. For daily tightlacing corsets it might take a few days, for some complex projects it can take months. There are hundreds of little steps in making even my most basic tightlacing corsets, so it does take some time for any project to reach completion.

TV: Thank you Fran, this is going to be a valuable contribution to the magazine, and I know that our readers will appreciate your work very much.

FB: Thank you.

Interview with Corset Designer, Simone, Owner of Exquisite Restraint
United States
Interviewer: T-Vyrus

TV: Well, a little bird told me that Exquisite Restraint has a ten year anniversary coming up in 2011. How's the ride been so far, and what have been some of the high points for you?

{photo at right, Vena and Simone}

SI: hee-hee! The high points have been all the people I get to meet just by making corsets. It's been my entrée into different worlds and communities where I would have merely been a "lurker" before. Starting out, a photographer or fetish model might borrow a corset, then the photographer would remember me and ask to borrow more corsets in the future with other models. It was truly "viral," in real life, just like it is on the internet. I feel like I hit the pinnacle of some of the best West Coast fetish photographers very early, and some of the best fetish models... who are almost always bi... Bi-Coastal! I owe a giant debt to all the wonderful photos that my corsets were in, and the exposure it gave Exquisite Restraint when a photographer or model liked me.

I don't think I can underestimate the convolution of so many things and how they worked out for me; living in Los Angeles, being there when things were a bit different (and easier) for myself, fetish photographers and models to work together before that internet world exploded, and the fact that corsets still haven't left people's minds. I saw them in the mainstream around 2000 and they just haven't quit. I'm lucky people like corsets and people like me! I've watched my P's and Q's for the past 10 years, done my best to serve customers and treat people the way I want to be treated. It's why someone as wonderful as Vena, and so many others, have become friends of mine.

{photo left, Vena}

TV: Vena's energy is wonderful... a truly exciting person with a huge heart, and honestly you seem like you are made from a similar mold - and I like your enthusiasm and positive spirit. You mentioned being bi-coastal (and I love the play on words), so no doubt you've been active from the left-coast to the right. Have you also been active internationally, and if so in what cities and capacities?

SI: Alas, no. I was speaking of fetish models who drop into Los Angeles from New York, like Darenzia, and someone like Emily Marilyn who has taken my corsets in a suitcase to shoot in Paris with Christophe Mourthé. I myself have never traveled to New York, or out of the country for a fetish/corset related event. I'm very lucky that the internet allows me to communicate with so many people, worldwide.

TV: It must be a real thrill for you to have your work worn by such accomplished models, and Vena in particular speaks very well of you. Still, it is sad too, and I am imagining a kind of vicarious experience as your corsets go off into the world without you. (sigh). What are some markets that have worked well for you; that is, do you find your work to be more popular in particular parts of the world, or within certain communities, such as the fetish communities?

SI: I love it when the corsets leave home and go out into the world! haha! I came into this with the attitude of an artist and with a DIY punk ethic... I know I'm making something special, but I know I have to get it out there for people to see and want... I should have a lot more flyers, stickers and ads out there, like a band that is working without a record label. I think that's something people have realized in the past decade- Do It Yourself, get it out there. Burn the midnight oil, make friends with other artists, and don't depend on a record label/studio/agent to sell your work. I remember my corsets are art, but they are also commerce. I have NO problem being schizo in that respect. Each corset is unique, but I sure can reproduce some of them if you want a wholesale order.

{photo right, Vena}

Some of my first corsets were for crossdressers and TG women, and that is close to my heart. There was a beautiful magazine out here in California called "Girl Talk" and I networked with the owners/editors, so I owe Gina and Bijoux of "Girl Talk" big props! Some of the girls I met through that period are some of my closest friends to this day. (My beautiful website is a product of that.) I'm a child of the '70s and '80s, so after gravitating towards gender-bender artists and musicians, it's natural to understand MtF transwomen and men who love to crossdress. Sort of a no-brainer for me! I know some corset companies won't make corsets for these individuals and I find that shocking. Most of the time, if I have to dress up and put make-up on, it's Drag for me, even though I'm a Gender Woman.

I don't have to actively market to TG/CD, but maybe I should... it's such a natural part of what I do and who I am, and I felt honored to be able to offer it, like a service. I feel like everyone should be able to enjoy a corset if they want one and get it without much fanfare or difficulty.

Starting out, the Goth and Fetish communities were the first places Exquisite Restraint showed up, whether virtually or in real life. I went to a few vampire and goth conventions, especially Convergence, which happens every year in a different city. Back before the so-called social networks, people were on Yahoo, and I was subscribed to many a Group! There's still a few that are holding out and are active. All of these wonderful creative people make the world better... seeing a Vulcan at the Ren Faire is life-affirming!

{photo left, Vena}

Again, I can't help but be grateful for the viral way I've met people. A dungeon here in California contacted me to do a fashion show when I was starting out. This dungeon happened to be pansexual (which I now know is not always the case in dungeons) and I was working with models who were gender women, trans, sissy maids, Dommes. I loved landing in the fetish world and alternative lifestyle world because corsets have ALWAYS been a no-brainer for them! Consequently, I am also longtime friends with many people I've met at this dungeon, and I try to vend at every Bazaar they have.

I can't say enough about how lucky I've been that some of the best photographers and fetish models have photographed my corsets.

I've always been an Equal Opportunity Corsetier. I've never limited myself to a particular group or design idea. In fact, it's been a thrill to see Burlesque make a resurgence and Steampunk emerge in the past few years. These demand corsets and new design ideas from someone like me. I committed myself to a few things when I started out; first, to push corsets as outerwear, and second, no Asian silk dragons and dragonfly prints. I think it's working! (laughs)

With a lot of these communities, I've been preaching to the choir (Sissy Maids and Pirates know they want a corset and why! ) but it's been a thrill to see corsets filter out into the mainstream. I think the attention paid to abs, working out, belly shirts and belly piercings have made the torso the erogenous zone of the millenium... and people like corsets. Whether they have one, or don't, or don't understand why you wear it, it always intrigues them. It's been great for me to see corsets hitting Red Carpets and so many performers wearing them. I thought for sure corsets were going to vanish from the mainstream after 2001, but they only get more and more popular!! So I have to always keep the mainstream and "vanilla" people on my mind in my marketing.

TV: Why did you feel that corsets would vanish from mainstream after 2001?

SI: I felt like Corsets as Fashion would have disappeared in 2001 because it was just kind of too good to be true. They are an expensive investment, and not always easy to wear. But the silhouette of women's fashion started concentrating on the torso. So in the early millenium, it was more about a slimness, versus a nipped in wasp-waist. And I'm talking about all aspects of fashion were getting tight at the torso- street wear, suits, wedding, workout wear. Also, the dreaded fake corset became popular, like something from the lingerie stores in the mall and "Hot Topic," but those are Starter Corsets! They only help corset makers to win new clients. One milestone was Julia Stiles on the cover of Cosmopolitan in a beautiful light blue corset with a denim skirt- and it was a REAL CORSET! Not a stretch bustier. Enough celebrities keep popping up in corsets, so it's a status thing. If you're cool enough to wear a corset - or your stylist finds one for you, it must be a must-have. The flipside is that kinky people can parade their corsets out in the "real world." A win-win for all of us!

TV: So tell me something about yourself. Where did you grow up, were you a Tom boy, a Valley Girl, a Punk..., did you wear braces, have pig tails, did you read a lot of Anne Rice, is black your favorite color, can you make fondue, and do you prefer California, New York or French wines?

SI: (laughs) I have a bifurcated life between California and Louisiana. My family is from Louisiana and my very young parents were pregnant with me when they came to Los Angeles. I spent the first 10 years of my life in Cali until they broke up and my Mom took us back to Louisiana. So I feel like I spent the 80's in Baton Rouge instead of California, and it only makes me appreciate California more. I moved back to Los Angeles after I finished grad school in theatrical costume design. I had to pick New York or Hollywood with the Cadillac degree that I got! hahaha!

{photo right, Vena}

I was a straight edge teen when I didn't even know that was the term for it. It was all about grades, making things and trying to get the hell out of high school to go to college... but I was one of the resident New Wavers because I spent so much time on my hair and clothes. I sewed, I knitted, I taught myself black and white photography out of library books, and I loved my music - I'm basically the same. I turned in all my work written in purple ink and I got away with it because I was a straight A student. I can say that looking back, I worked really hard on a term paper on the Kabuki Theatre because I fell in love with the "onnagata"- the Japanese female impersonators in Kabuki. I can see the seed for a lot of my current work right there!

I should mention that one of my corsets is on the cover of a new book of erotica out now. The photo is by Christine Kessler, and I have a lot of the details and links at my blogspot.

TV: Thanks for being so genuine and accessible, you absolutely Rock, and it's been great to learn so much about you and your work. Not very many celebrities would be so gracious.

SI: I'm flattered that you use the word celebrity... I'm so not, but thank you, and thank you so much for taking the time for this interview.

TV: It's been a privilege for me.

A very special thanks to Vena for modeling some of Simone's wonderful corsets for this article. You Rock! T-Vyrus




PUPPEN-BLUTEN: (Dolls Bleeding)

Do you paint, sculpt, draw cartoons, sing, dance, write verse, poetry...? In this space we will feature your creativity in words, pictures, videos and more.

Pinup Artwork: by Lupa Lace

Lupa is a University student in Germany, and she will graduate this summer.

Her interests include animals, cartoons, music and mythology, and her favorite styles of art include Comics, Manga, Vector, Fantasy and Pinup.

Her influences include Gil Elvgren, Steven Silver, Otto Dix, Walt Disney, Tex Avery and Dita von Teese.

Her favorite cartoon characters are Monkey Fist (Kim Possible), Jessica Rabbit (Roger Rabbit) and the self destructive, wrist slitting, intersexed character Toot Braunstein (Drawn Together).

Lupa is available to create pinup artwork from your photos; however, she is currently working on her graduate project, and will only accept a limited amount of commissions.


A Corset for Candy, by Lupa

Sugar, by Lupa




6. Singer, "Stupid Cupid"
7. I love my vagina
10. Not Doc, not Robby, but...
11. Contour Corsets, Designer
12. Curvy in Italy
15. Smallest waist in the World
16. Druska and...
18. Ball gown wearer
20. I've got a brand new FemSkin


1. Meteor and...
2. Exquisite Restraint, Designer
3. Epic photo
4. Corset dress wearer
5. The Editor pines for this
8. Artist of Sugar and Candy
9. I bought a computer, to buy a mask
13. I shared a room with Joan Jett
14. T-Vyrus and I went for a drive
17. Corseted Cowgirl
19. Traditional Japanese mask drama




The Rubberdoll World Rendezvous might be over, but it's not forgotten. I will catch y'all up in June on this really great event, and for those of you who were there, please feel free to send me pictures and information for the June issue of Hot Girls Magazine.

Photo above, Event Organizer, Dana and auction winner Wanda Whitebread with his new FemSkin.

It's time to turn our attention to other events, so please send me information about events in your area. In September a bunch of us will be at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


...and stay tuned because another great Doll event is coming in August.
Check out the LateXpo and the Rubber Sisters,
Rubberdoll Contest


We've got a bunch this month -
Connie, Doroty and Sherry all talkin' 'bout tight lacing!

by ConnieFCD

HG: How do you know what size corset to buy?

CF: I would suggest - measure your waist completely relaxed (for me 37") and with your stomach sucked in as much as possible (for me 32"). Then assume a corset will take another 4 inches off that. Hence, we have a 28" size that might be right for me, but if you are lucky and lose a little weight a 28" size might become too big. I would therefore suggest a 26" size is the safest buy. It won`t close totally at the back but it will be used to its full potential when you tighten it. Too small is better than too big because if too small you have a gap up the back and that`s no problem. If too big you have a loose corset - and that would never do!

HG: Can corsets stretch with wear?

CF: Yes, some corsets can stretch a little! I bought my first Axfords C140 in size 26. Big mistake! It was in beautiful peach silk but it turned out to be too big for me! This particular model stretches after a few uses and I can not get it tight enough. Once the back meets after lacing, that`s it, you cannot get it any tighter. It is now largely redundant. At £140 an expensive misadventure! I only wore it 4 or 5 times. Despite this, this corset model by Axfords (C140) is, in fact, my favorite. I have three others but all smaller. I next tried a 24" in red silk and that was very nice, but my male backside is a bit small and even the 24" closed so that the base of the laced area met too easily even though the waist fit was fine with an inch or two`s space between the sides. My next purchase was a 22" in baby pink silk. When new it was very difficult to fasten the busk around my midriff, however with persistence I did it! I have now worn this many dozens of times and it has stretched so it is now relatively easy to put on - and now fits me pretty perfectly, although the backs do just about meet over my bottom. I finally bought a white silk C140 also in size 22". That, like the baby pink one, is just about perfect for me. I love them both! I think it`s extraordinary that I can start with a 37" waist and get into a 22" inch corset!!

HG: Do all corsets stretch with wear?

CF: In my experience, no. In fact the Axfords C140 is the only one which has stretched for me. Other Axfords models I have bought have been very rigid. I don`t really understand it but I think the boning in the C140 might be thinner. None of my Vollers, Corset Curves or Transformation corsets have stretched noticeably.

HG: Does the thickness of the boning affect the fit?

CF: Yes. Axfords C140 really nip the waist in beautifully - at least I like it nipped in! Thicker corsets give a smoother hourglass figure, which is also fine but it is not quite so exciting for me. Of course this means they do not reduce the waist by so much.

HG: Do overbust corsets reach over the bust?

CF: Normally no! The Axfords C140 is sold as an overbust corset. It has no cups. On me it is not long enough to reach more than one inch or so above the bottom of my ribcage. This is fine but does necessitate being bare breasted! The problem arises because my body is much longer than the average GG's. I think this is probably true for most CDs. This does mean that cupped corsets can be difficult. It necessitates wearing breast forms much lower on the chest than is natural with a huge expanse between the breast and the shoulders. Still it is better than nothing! To help get the cups higher on the chest you can pad around your waist and thus lift your waist a little up your body. I've tried this several times without much success and of course the padding increases your waist measurement and defeats the purpose of wearing a corset in the first place.

If readers have additional questions they can email me at conniefcd@yahoo.co.uk



Curves Ahead
by Doroty the Doll

Hi Hot Girls:

This month I want to talk about the female form, or perhaps better said... "curves," and how to create a realistic female shape.

I love the curves of women and every time that I become Doroty, I do my best to improve the final result. I have been doing this for several years now, and perhaps I can offer some little tricks that might assist you with your own transformations. Whether you are experienced or novice, I hope that something here will serve you.

First, you definitely need padded panties. There are many available, and eBay is an especially good resource for low price alternatives.

That said, I personally consider Veronica 2, Second Skin and the FemSkin padded girdle as top choices.

The Veronica 2 from Classic Curves International offers a wonderful effect at a reasonable price, and by providing your measurements you can be assured of a great result.

The Inflatable figure pants from Second Skin are completely different, and they can be inflated to achieve the desired shape. The pants extend nearly to the top of the knees, and they work very well to shape the thighs for a great female appearance - something that is not possible with conventional padded panties.

Finally, the FemSkin Padded Girdle is a great product, which is very well made and achieves excellent proportions. The final effect is perfect and it manages male features very well and offers suitable and convincing female features. It is aesthetically pleasing and very sexy! FemSkin also offers FemPads which stick to the wearers hips, and they may be worn under other FemSkin products or clothing. Truly original products and applications!

The second step to achieving great curves is to buy a corset, but do not use a cheap one because they may not achieve a satisfactory result. If you buy a good quality corset, such as a Victorian corset, you will be amazed with the fantastic results that you get, and it will serve you very well.

The Victorian corset is a unique garment because it will allow you to reduce your waist size by at least two or three measures, and with a whalebone corset you can achieve a waist reduction of up to 10cm. Such a fantastic effect combined with padded panties, allows you to achieve really amazing curves!

The specific tailoring of the Victorian corset is still jealously guarded, and handed down from generation to generation in the oldest corsetry English from the nineteenth century.

Still, there are many good corset suppliers, and while they can be expensive, this is not a place to cut corners, and I can guarantee that it will be money very well spent. Among those suppliers that I would recommend are Absolute Corsets, Wasp Creations and Axfords.

I bought my first corset from Absolute Corsets, and I have been really pleased with the company and its products - I can offer a strong recommendation on their behalf. Wasp Creations has some very original and imaginative designs, and they are also of very high quality - and Axfords are world renowned and offer quality corsets for both women and men.

These are just a few examples, and already in this issue of Hot Girls Magazine we have been introduced to the absolutely amazing corset designs of Simone and Fran Blanche, so there are many possibilities.

For now, this is a start, and I will be happy to receive your questions and comments.

Stay curvaceous,


Getting Cinched, Solo!
by Sherry (aka DocRobbySherry)

Have you ever wondered about corsets? How they fit, work, and how you might tight lace one by yourself? Here is some guidance that may help.

I’m not an expert on corsets, but I have been wearing tight laced corsets for over ten years. I even wear them under loose fitting outfits, and under my FemSkin. I wear them because I love the way that they feel, and I believe that my pictures look better when I am corseted also.

A corset is a tight, boned undergarment that extends from the bust to below the hips, and it is designed to support and mold the body. I think of a corset as something used to 'dramatically' re-shape one’s body.

Anything with plastic boning, zippers, or hook and eye closures... I consider to be bustiers or basques. These will not have a dramatic effect and will only take an inch or two off of your waist.

Since I prefer to reduce my waist by three to six inches, and my rib cage by one, two or more inches... a steel stay corset is the only thing that will do.

In the picture at left are several of my corsets The small black ribbon corset (the only one with no bones), and the red and white ones, are all Vollers brand and very well made. The silver one is from Versatile Fashions, but it fits me oddly because of the breast cutouts. The purple one is from Skin Two, and the pink one is from Glamour Boutique.

Notice how sculpted the red and silver corsets appear, but, not the long white one. Shorter corsets provide dramatic reduction at the waist, and longer corsets create smoother, more gradual body lines. If a long corset is tightened all the way, then you may get less waist reduction (and more stress on your ribs and hips), than would occur with a shorter, waist cincher corset.

The pink corset will look like the other two sculpted ones once it is broken in.

Corsets with steel stays will eventually form to your body, and you can wear them higher, or lower when they are new. I have placed 12-inch rulers beside the corsets (30cm), so that you can judge their relative height.

In the next picture at right are two Teddies (top right and left) without zippers or hooks, but with some boning, a basque (top center), bra with stays (lower left), and corselette (lower right). All have hook and eye closures in back.

In lower middle is a Fredericks of Hollywood corset, which I regard as a bustier. It has plastic boning, front hook and eye closures, and laces in the back. It is not suitable for tight lacing.

Follows is a short lacing tutorial, and you can view larger images of each step by clicking on the photo icons.

Pull the center loops gradually around in front of you.
Reverse the direction of the laces behind your back. (Change hands). Pull one pair thru the center of the other.
Bring them around to the front again. Attach both loops to the same bungy hook in front of you. Be sure not to twist them!
This how how I lace mine. The corset that I’m using is the pink one described above; it hasn’t been tested yet, and I can only get about 3-inches of waist reduction the first time that I wear a new corset. Once they are broken in I can usually reduce my waist by 6-inches.
Pull the single top lace out as far as you can. Be sure that all of the laces are taught... no loose ones, or you'll get them messed up.
After the top lace is pulled out very tight, hold it with your off hand. (left, if you're right handed and vice versa)
Grab the top pair of laces with your good hand - you must get the correct pair.
Gradually pull out the pair, while releasing the top lace with your other hand.
Pull the pair out as far as you can, then hold them with your off hand.
Holding the first pair with one hand, grab the next pair down with your other hand.
Keep going down gradually, one pair at a time, until you reach the middle loops.
Pull the slack around to the front, and back up, to take it in. Then, start at the bottom, and do exactly as you did at the top, only in reverse. If you want the corset tighter then start at the top again and tighten it some more. Sometimes I do this 3 times, to get it as tight as possible.
When it's as tight as you want it, then unhook the front loops from the bungy hook.
Wrap one set of laces around the other in front... like you're starting to tie your shoelaces. Only a few more times! This keeps the laces from slipping when you tuck them in, or wind them around your waist.
Wrap the laces around your waist again. Wherever they end, tuck them under the top or bottom of your corset.
Tuck them under the bottom edge here. {These laces are much too long.}
OK, finished!
Front view.
Back side view.

Finally, always listen to the "little woman," especially when she's inside you!





The Runaways (Neon Angels) is based on lead-singer Cherie Currie's book 'Neon Angel' - a reflection of her experiences as a rock star, but also delivering a strong anti-drug warning to teens and others. David Bowie's "Space Oddity" serves as a metaphor for the narrative - a slow countdown, a surreal but spectacular rise to fame, then alienation and burnout - a long, long way from home.

The movie chronicles THE RUNAWAYS from 1975 - 1977; formed by teenage girls living near Hollywood, CA., and heavily manipulated by their manager Kim Fowley as 'jailbait rock' (all the girls were 16 or younger when the band recorded their first album). The band ultimately succeeds on their own merits as musicians, becoming the first all-girl rock-band to ever break into the world of arena-filling Hard Rock acts.

The movie focuses on the band's formation, and their meteoric rise to fame. Their first single, 'Cherry Bomb', gets some attention in the United States, where THE RUNAWAYS' U.S. tour hits major venues (Cobo Hall, with RUSH) and sleazy rock-clubs, often pairing them up with The Ramones, Cheap Trick, Tom Petty, and other popular 1970's rock acts. But 'Cherry Bomb' and several other songs from THE RUNAWAYS' first two albums become huge hits in Japan -- and their arrival for a set of shows there in 1977 is like Beatle-Mania. The band is overwhelmed by the Japanese reception. Almost prophetic, THE RUNAWAYS' last big hit song in Japan is 'Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin'.

Cherie is initially thrilled to be in the band, and lives the rock star life. She pushes the edge -- and their records sell well, generating lots of media controversy and hype. But during the tour of Japan, her personal life disintegrates, and she burns out -- ultimately leaving The Runaways when they return to the U.S. The bass player (Jackie Fox) quits too, leaving only Lita Ford, Joan Jett and Sandy West. Joan Jett has decided that rock & roll is her life, and that The Runaways is her 'family'; she is upset by Cherie's decision to leave, but knows that decision is best -- for Cherie.

THE RUNAWAYS' success was earth-shaking in rock music -- changing the rules forever. But with the successful 5-girl lineup no longer intact after the Japan tour, their future was dubious, at best. Lita Ford (guitar) and Sandy West (drums) still think the band can make it big again, so they persevere with Joan Jett. (source IMDB)

My apologies for cheating this month on the Entertainment section, but I have seen The Runaways movie - and I did enjoy it very much. As a music industry insider, I always appreciate films that chronicle the life and times of Rock Stars and others.

In the early to mid-seventies I was still listening to Gladys Knight, Linda Ronstadt and Helen Reddy, and the hardest Rock in my record collection was probably from The Guess Who. Needless to say, I was oblivious to The Runaways, The Plasmatics, David Bowie and anything else that I should have been hip to, but wasn't. Joan Jett didn't appear on my radar until 'I Love Rock and Roll' hit in 1981, and by then I was out of the military and going to college.

It was during my college years that I finally got caught up on all of the FM artists that I missed out on in the seventies, and my 'vinyl' record collection grew to over two-thousand long play albums in just a year.

When I was visiting with Emma M' in Cincinnati, we had a lot of great conversations about music, and our own forays into the world of Rock and Roll - and I came to learn that David Bowie was a big influence on her.

Anyway, for reasons that will only be clear after you've seen the movie, I raced home totally excited, and immediately commented on Emma's DP page, and told her that she needed to see the flick. To which she writes, "I opened for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts at Bogarts in Cincinnati (when I Love Rock n Roll came out). We shared a dressing room."

OK, whatever! (laughs)

Go see the friggin' movie; it'll make you wanna pick up your guitar again!






This is the place for you to show your support of the Hot Girls Magazine, and we will feature a few girls each month. For consideration, send your picture and a maximum of 100 words to the editor.

Aeon Latex Danielle Douglas NylonDoll

Manuela's April fashion article was absolutely fantastic! I have no other words... and that means a lot coming from my chatty self. I am so happy to have helped, even if it was in such a small way.

Please, please , please keep doing what you're doing! You've filled an awful big void that hopefully will be a source of inspiration for yet another generation of dolls to come.

It's so difficult realizing these feelings early on, because one feels so alone, and will ask questions like, "Am I strange, weird... why do I fixate on this?"

But it doesn't have to be that way, and we really are all unique, and the earlier one learns to embrace their eccentricities, the better.

I loathe the day that all would wear the same bland jumper, with the same bland look in the same bland society - making for one particularly bland world.

Bring on the flavor!


I love this totally epic photo of you Aeon, and thanks for putting me in touch with Fran Blanche.


Danielle is my friend, and she's the girl that inspired this magazine.

Of those that I've met thru DollsPride, she has been the most unpretentious - and she simply does her own thing in her own way - without worrying about who is (and is not) paying attention.

I can always count on her for a kind word and a good laugh, and I love her playful ways, and her sex appeal.

Danielle surely does love her female prosthetics, and she often strives for a totally nude presentation right down to her prosthetic vagina.

She loves to appear on live cam also, and I'm sure that if you get to know her, that she'll invite you to one of her sessions.

Be well Sister, and keep a glad heart,


NylonDoll was scheduled to appear here this month; however, a family emergency called her away.

Please keep her in your thoughts, and hopefully we will see her here in June.






by Zjcfhgf

Hello readers:

My name is Zjcfhgf, and I have enjoyed masks since my childhood.

In Japan plastic masks for children are sold at festivals, and these masks are usually of animated characters or heroes from Japanese television for children. These masks have universal appeal to both girls and boys.

In Japan, there is a traditional mask drama "Noh," which is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama - and has been performed since the 14th century. Many characters are masked, with men playing male and female roles. Noh masks are so real and very beautiful, and I use them as the basis for my own masks.

One day I tried to alter the plastic mask that I'd bought before, and I started by simply altering the make-up. I thought that I might be able to do more, but I tried and failed. For a long time I tried again, and sometimes I was able to repeat them.

It took two years of trying, but finally I succeeded in painting a realistic mask with makeup. When I finished my third mask, I uploaded a video to YouTube, and I wanted to rejoice and to say "We can do such as these!"

Soon after, my partner joined and we received many comments from people asking us if we sell such masks. At first, I would not do it, but in the next stage I not only painted the masks, but I also added three-dimensional features using clay.

A year later, I believed that I finally had a superior quality mask, and I began to sell them. I made four kinds of sample masks, and I prepared my website, so that I could begin to accept orders.

My masks are now available all over the world, and I thank everyone for their interest in them.


Here are the basic steps that I use to create my masks.

1. Remove extra parts from basic mask.
2. Underdrawing and covering of removed parts.
3. Mold clay onto masks.
4. Paint several coats of acrylic color and smooth with sandpaper and file.
5-6. Apply make-up using various tools, pastels, acrylic colors and cosmetics.
7. Complete by painting varnish on the lips and around the eyes - attach eyes.
8. All materials and tools shown.


Meteor and Stellar
by Xinyu

Hello friends:

Dream Mask is a silicone female mask and this is its story - the story of Meteor and Stellar.

In the dark night, a meteor leaves a long tail of light across the sky. At that moment, people believe that if they make a wish for what they want, that it will come true. However, although the meteor is beautiful, the moment is too short... too short...

Still, there are nine stellars around us, and the furthest stellar is Pluto - whose beautiful light can only be seen by people using science and technology.

Xinyu is just a little star like Pluto, but she wants to explore unknown things, as opposed to ants who are also small, but cannot dream big. Xinyu must take Pluto into her heart, because in the area of Cosplay and Kigurumi, Xinyu is just a little meteor passing by the world, too short... too short...

But Xinyu has a dream; Dream Mask, and she wishes it to be beautiful and stellar forever.

In China, many Kigurumi fans always share the lovely photos from Japan and other countries. However, the power and beauty of Xinyu is perfect, and she may experience the different stages of life and may do what she most wishes to do - and feel stellar, and bright and significant.

To achieve the dream of Dream Mask, Xinyu had to face many difficulties and failures, but finally Dream Mask is realized and it takes its place in the sky forever.

Dream Mask wishes to thank everyone for their warm support, and we will continue to do better in the future. Our wish is to create the best artistic mask for you, so that you can be the pretty girl that you most want to be.

We hope that you will share your stories with us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,






Misty G.
United States

I've been interested in crossdressing since I was about ten years old, when I found an old long line corset of my mothers that was discarded in the basement of our house. Whenever I got the chance, I would go down and try it on, but I didn't go much beyond that for quite a few years.

When I was in my teens, I discovered a passion for rubber. I use to work in a candy store and one of my duties was to return all of the magazines that the store didn't sell. Some of them were your basic nude girls with big breasts magazines. However, what I was attracted to were the ads in the back of the mags. In almost every one there was an ad for latexwear, with a picture of a woman's torso covered entirely in black latex. That picture electrified me!

When I finally got my own place, one of the first things that I did was to buy myself a latex hood. Nothing turned me on as much as that hood, and I thought that it would be so cool if they could make a hood that looked like a woman's face. At Halloween, I would go to the mask shops looking for female masks, but I would never go other than at Halloween, because, even then, I would get strange looks from the shop people.

The magic moment came one day when I was in the DeMask store, in New York City. They were selling one of Kerry's Sheila masks, and I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw it - and I bought it immediately. The clerk told me that Kerry sold masks on the internet, and for that reason I bought my first computer. I'm convinced that this has got to be the strangest reason for anybody to buy their first computer, but it's true.

I have to take time here to give props to Kerry and Marti, and I think that they are the Godfathers (Godmothers?) of our little fetish because of Kerry's masks and Marti's Female Mask Homepage, both at Maskon.com

Once I started wearing good looking masks, I started to accumulate a lot of women's clothing, and the whole thing just mushroomed! It also helped that, as I got older, I earned more money. I could never have afforded the stuff that I have now, when I was younger. I had to get old, before I could truly indulge my fetish. Bummer! I am, however, truly indulging in it now. I have between 15 and 20 masks and more women's clothing than men's. ...and if you think that's as weird as the computer thing, I'm not going to argue with you. I am very partial to rubber, but it's tough to wear rubber in the summer, so I have some 'normal' clothes also.

This is really a good time for this fetish, and there are quite a few excellent mask makers - and buying clothes on the internet is a lot easier than going to shops. Besides Maskon, there are some other great places for rubber girls to gather... DollsPride being the best of them, I think! It is so great to look through the galleries and to see the pictures of the various members - and there are so many fabulous pictures and beautiful dolls there.

I am really proud to be a member of DollsPride, and I'm super flattered to be asked to participate in Hot Girls Magazine.



Minsk, Belarus (White Russia)

Alena was one of my first Internet friends when I began to explore female masking in 2006, and I recall thinking that she looked a lot like actress/model Pam Dawber - from the U.S. television show Mork and Mindy, which also featured actor/comedian Robin Williams.

Alena and I have remained Internet Pen Pals on-and-off to this day, but in 2008 I finally got to meet her at her home in Minsk. We had an absolutely wonderful time together, and she and her family were very hospitable to me, and we enjoyed all manner of dishes made with potatoes, which were absolutely delicious.

During my stay I rented a car, and we all drove thru the countryside north of Minsk, which was incredibly beautiful with its tall snow covered pines, vast frozen lakes covered with people ice fishing, small farm towns, and lovely parks. Exploring the city of Minsk with Alena at night was another great pleasure, and I felt as if I were escorting a Princess because she is a very refined, articulate and stunning woman... OK, transwoman, but an absolutely incredible person.

I am really glad to call her a friend.

Alena has her own website at http://www.alena-mnsk.info/, which is definitely worth a visit, and she has produced some wonderfully fun videos, which you can preview on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/Alenamnsk

My very best wishes to you and your family Alena, and I will hope to see you again soon.


...and here are our two Mystery Dolls for June!




Druska Latex, Spain: This month our Centerfold is largely covered up, but I think you will agree still just as sexy as any before her.
Interviewer: T-Vyrus

TV: The pictures that you sent me for the centerfold are probably the most natural that I've seen of you. Are you still wearing the same mask, or are you trying something new that you've created yourself?

DL: This question is the most asked in emails. The mask is not made by me, nor is it a unique design. I use several models of Greyland masks, but I modify and apply various adhesive products such as FX and makeup to give realism to the face.

TV: Still, there is some change in your appearance for some of these pictures - is it just a different model of Greyland mask?

DL: Yes, that's correct. It is still a Greyland, but a different model of mask.

TV: I've always been nervous about modifying masks, but recently I had to repair a tear in my own Greyland, which helps me to appreciate the possibilities. You're look is always very convincing, and I wonder if you've ever had opportunities to go out in public as Druska, or to go clubbing, etc.?

DL: No, I have never left home as Druska, and nobody knows my hobby except my wife.

TV: When did you first start female masking and what was your motivation?

DL: I think it was in 2006 when I started trying to achieve a realistic female image. I already had a very feminine latex fetish, high heels, etc., so that was my motivation.

TV: Cool, it was 2006 for me as well, May 27th to be more precise. Obviously, the mask is just one part of the transformation process, after that there is still everything from the neck down. I think that we can safely say that black is a favorite color for you (and for me too), but are there any designers that you are partial to?

DL: Indeed, black is my favorite color and the best to improve the appearance. On the other hand, I don’t have any favorite designers.

TV: It's wonderful that you have a spouse who supports what you do. That isn't very common, and many girls must hide what they do from their wives, friends and family, so you are fortunate. Does your wife also participate?

DL: Yes, my wife is also involved in some photos, such as those I've sent to you.

TV: You look wonderful together.

DL: Thank you. I would like to give you more extended answers, but my English is not good and I need the help of my wife.

TV: You're both doing fine, and I truly appreciate your effort. Being the Centerfold is largely about looking great, and you absolutely do. I love your eyes, and because of the seamless nature of your makeup, they can be very expressive and not lost in the cavity and shadows of the mask. In one photo that you sent to me, which I will include here at left, you seem obviously playful, which is great fun. Does your wife have a play name?

DL: Yes, the play name of my wife is Missloeh

TV: Thanks very much to both of you for doing this; it's been nice getting to know you a little bit better.

DL: Yes, and first of all thanks for the interview, I really appreciate it. I’m also very grateful to the members of DollsPride who like my photos. My apologies to all those that I cannot answer due to time and language limitations. For all of you interested you can also visit me and my wife on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/druskalatex and http://www.myspace.com/missloeh. Here you can see more photos and information about my masks. Thank you very much

TV: Thank you Druska and Missloeh, you're both absolutely fabulous.




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