Welcome to "The Females in Masks Issue."

This time around we spend some time with the ladies of Female Masking - our genuine girls.

Among them are Mia Wallace, Antonia, Tanya Cuerpo and Jasmine 'Jaz' Moarly, and they have all been fabulous to work with. Their stories and images are all very compelling, and I think that you will enjoy learning more about each of them.

Tanya in particular, I am so very glad to have you here. Your strength and fortitude is profoundly inspirational and heartrending. Keep kickin' that big 'C' ass!

...and speaking of genuine girls, Corsetiere, Christina Saint-Marché is handling the Fashion Update in this issue, and I hope that you will make her feel very welcome. She has been an absolute delight to work with and she brings a lot of first hand professional experience to the subject of bespoke handmade corsets and more.

I know that some of you will be in Minneapolis for the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous in May, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. I am excited to say that Adam from FemSkin will be at this year's rendezvous also, and I know that you will enjoy meeting him. ...and... Mistress, Jean Bardot has invited this year's attendees to her private dungeon, which promises to be a kinky good time.

By now, many of you are aware of the female masking, rubberdoll television documentary that was filmed and which is in production now. I am not at liberty to say too much more about it; however, because Hot Girls Magazine is a central part of the documentary, I will schedule the next issue of the magazine to coincide with the air date of the show.

I have a lot of catching up to do, so the next issue will take us "back to basics" and it will feature female maskers and living dolls.

Tanya said something in her feature this issue, which I thought to be terribly profound, and before I close I want to paraphrase a few of her words because they speak to me, as I'm sure they will to some of you.

"There is an ironic reality that masking might be in response to emotional damage, which leads us to use the inanimate external beauty of a mask to warm our souls."

Love and light.


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Mia Wallace, "M"

Interviewer, T-Vyrus

Mia Wallace is an extremely gracious person, and in addition to agreeing to this interview, she also arranged to provide some very special photos from her shoot in Berlin. (T-Vyrus)

TV: Hi Mia, can I ask, what is your preferred name?

MW: My alter ego name is the "M." Under this pseudonym I post pictures and videos and communicate online, but my full nickname on fetish sites is usually Mia Wallace.  I love Quentin Tarantino, and “M” came from the character of the same name portrayed by Uma Thurman in his film Pulp Fiction (1994). On occasion I have had very long conversations with a friend, and he always calls me “M.” This seems very dignified to me, and I like it, so now I am simply the “M.”

TV: Most readers know by now that I love Germany, so it is especially nice to interview you.

MW: Thank you; yes, I live in eastern Germany near the free city of Chemnitz, Saxony. My home is in the countryside near the forest and close to nature. (Land am Waldesrand in der Natur/im Grünen.)

TV: Are you a native of Germany?

MW: Ja, Ich bin Deutsche.

TV: Ja, ja und ein schönes Deutsches Mädchen.

MW: Vielen Dank.

TV: Bitte.  Masking offers a great deal of anonymity, so it can be difficult to identify genetic men from women. For the record you are a genetic woman, yes?

MW: Ja, Ich bin von Geburt an eine richtige Frau.

TV: I first learned of you thru DollsPride.com, in a video that another member had posted of you.  The video itself was very well done – very professional and artistic, which we do not see enough of in this community of Dolls.  Are there other websites where readers can learn more about you?

MW: Thank you and yes, the readers can visit my Blog at m-the-doll.blogspot.com. I am very active, and I post new photos and activities regularly.

TV: Yes, I have visited the Blog, and it is also incredibly well done. Great-great work.

MW: Danke.

TV: Your masks seem quite unique, do you make them yourself?

MW: I like to wear female masks that I customize myself, but I do not make them. I usually choose a basic model and order thru the internet, and then I think about different styles and customize them until I like the look. I add make-up, lipstick, eyelashes, etc. I am asked very often, where I buy the masks, how I do the makeup, and why they fit so well. I use to give this information willingly, but no longer.

First, only a few ever say thanks for the tips afterwards, and second, of course, there are little secrets about the modification of my masks. Also, I do not get a commission from the mask maker (laughs), and when I drive up the demand, then suddenly they cannot supply enough – for me or for anyone (sigh…).  There were delivery problems from my preferred mask maker earlier this year.

Click here to read the full
interview with Mia Wallace

Links for Mia Wallace:


All photos this article © Mia Wallace




Haute Couture Be Damned!
By Christina Saint-Marché

I have a confession to make. I have dressed men in corsets to be fashionistas and to look like women of prominence. It's true, and I am not afraid to say that some of these men look more attractive than me! (smiles)

I am a Parisian businesswoman, and I have rules in my business. If you want to step in front of the camera and I am involved, you better be ready to work. I participate in every single aspect of the shoot, whether it's for "stills" or "film." There are no excuses, as I really am not concerned if you are hot or cold or "just perfect." I care that you deliver the very best end results you can. When it's all said and done, you may not like me or my style of doing business, but you will know that in your professional portfolio, this work, the work you did for me, will be the very best you have ever done to date. I push, as I was pushed in my days in front of the camera - and I was taught by some of the best in the industry. You will know that we are not friends on a shoot. You work for me and I am the boss. I am the first, the middle and the very last word on a decision. Think I am serious about what my name is attached to? You bet I am.

I am Christina Saint-Marché, and I have never met a gurl that I could not make beautiful. This statement you can take to the bank! There is no such thing as an "ugly gurl," though regretfully I hear people using this derogitory description too often. If there is, I have never met her. There is beauty on the inside and the outside of every transgender person that I know, and I know many. My job is to work on the outside and to deliver something magnificent for all to see.

For those of you living this lifestyle, I ask you to decide if you are a hobbyist or if you are fully committed. That is the foundational question, here and now. If you are committed, you should push yourself like a genetic woman would. Leave the 2-inch heels for walking around in your home and push yourself to stride in the 4 or 5-inch heels in the outside world. Dress the part of a woman. Know that stripper platform heels aren't always the "shoes of choice" for every event. Most of all, if this is your chosen lifestyle, make sure you conduct yourself to the best of your ability. You represent a gender of individuals that will one day gain equality among all people. The lines of demarcation are beginning to blur, as they should. We have individual freedoms, which extend into our gender choices, and the laws and constitutions of most countries seek to ensure these liberties. Equality is but a stone's throw away for many.

About now you are probably thinking to yourself, "OK, so some woman from Paris, who is American, just outted herself as a believer in what I am doing in my life." Well, gurls, I have been in the company of kings and queens, and all those in between for much of my 65 years. I understand the male frame far better than most men, not because it sexually arouses me, which it does, but because I am a French trained Haute Couture Corsetiere. A Corsetiere is a designer of corsets in the Haute Couture way of design. The guidelines for this type of creation are strict, but most of all, I understand the transformation of a woman and/or a man into a vision of beauty. I know and keep my clients' secrets, as any good Corsetiere would.

The world of corsets is a most uncomfortable one. In fact, many would have you believe that any "erotic connotations" associated with the wearing of a corset have more to do with pain and constriction than with fashion. Some are thoroughly convinced that it's a form of BDSM, yet it is not. It's a function of training, in much the same way you began changing your own male mannerisms to female ones and the way you chose to dress. I wear a corset most days, as it appeals to me. I love the feel, but I mostly love how it makes me look. A person should not rush into a high-end corset, but rather begin with something less expensive just to "test the water." Corsets are not for everyone and yet, when a corset is made "bespoke," which means it is made to a customer's specific requirements, then and only then can you truly understand what it will do for your looks.

A bespoke handmade corset is like the perfect pair of shoes that you cannot part with. The corset knows every turn and twist of your abdominal section, as well as your rib cage. The feel of luxurious fabric is so exquisitely refined to the touch of one's fingers, and there is rapture within one's "sex," as the hands of another cinch the strings tightly. It's as if you have handed over all your power to another individual, even if it is just for a brief moment. Often, the experience is considered to be sensual or even sexual in nature. The even pressure that caresses one's frame is filled with excitement and anticipation of future events to come. It is difficult not to become addicted to the feeling, as if being the subject of Christian Grey, in the Fifty Shades of Grey[1]. The visual aspect, as you look into a mirror while being dressed, encompasses everything imaginable in the process of the "cinch."

There is a difference between the fashion approach to a corset and the tight-laced fetish world of being bound into a corset. They often criss-cross into each other, as though on a collision course. The style options remain closely related, as it depends upon the individual at hand. In the highest of fashion circles, "sexual mystique," which the corset represents, is and always will be the ultimate test of a person's desire for visual and tactile appeal and thus, this is why I have chosen to creatively engage myself in the world of Haute Couture fashion.

Know that the world of corsetry begins with a simple "pull of a string" and thus, it is up to the individual to make this journey or to simply read about it in books. It is not for the faint of heart, but it surely will make your heart skip a beat.


[1] Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. It is the first installment in the Fifty Shades trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. It is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism (BDSM). (Wikipedia)

All photos this article © Christina Saint-Marché




PUPPEN-BLUTEN: (Dolls Bleeding)

Do you paint, sculpt, draw cartoons, sing, dance, write verse, poetry...? In this space we will feature your creativity in words, pictures, videos and more.


Seana Taylor

I recently met female masker and artist, Seana Taylor on FetLife, and what a delightful surprise she is. Her original renderings are just incredible, and I was totally enthralled by them.

Seana provided me with one new masking artwork for HGM, and one that was created previously - they are both very accomplished and beautiful.

Seana is a student of the arts by day, but she lives as Seana by night - and she has a genuine passion for female masking. This month (April), she turns a very young twenty-two, so please join me in wishing her a very happy birthday.

She has been developing her painting and rendering skills since childhood, and she discovered her passion for female masks at a similarly young age.

Seana is excited about making sympathetic friends in the masking community, and sharing her art - and she is available if you wish to commission pieces for yourself. You can email her at seana_taylor@ymail.com.

I hope that you find her work just as endearing as I have.

Love to all,


Original artwork © Seana Taylor


Jasmine Moarly

This month's centerfold is also a very talented artist. Checkout this delightfully illustrated masking sequence. Original artwork © Jasmine Moarly




2 Gaelle's FemSkin "was so great for me."
4 Star Wars Fan
7 Parisian businesswoman
8 You're all invited to my dungeon
11 Tanya survived this
13 "M" Proper


1 One who crafts corsets
3 Premiere transgender gathering, city
5 I have sex on top of this
6 Quote, "a fierce dolly at heart"
8 Not Jasmine, but ____
9 Stays moist, never dries out
10 PornoGothic visionary
12 Masking Artist




May 10th and 11th, 2013
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

The organizers are pleased to announce that the 2013 Rubber Doll World Rendezvous will be held at the Double Tree Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota. It was worth the wait. This is the biggest, nicest and most classy hotel that the city has to offer, and our event room will be on the 22nd floor, overlooking the beautiful city skyline.

Among the seminars this year we will have our friends from FemSkin here to share new product information with us, and tips on caring for silicone.

Don't forget, we also have a complete FemSkin package, valued at over $1,850.00 in our silent auction. This year marks the 6th anniversary of the event, and you can learn more at the event's website.

The Rubberdoll World Rendezvous is a wonderful event for first time rubberdolls. Everyone is extremely supportive and friendly, and the new location promises to be very special. Also, Mistress Jean Bardot has invited attendees to her private dungeon this year, and that is sure to be a fantastic experience. (T-Vyrus)

August 29th, 30th, 31st ~ September 1st & 2nd, 2013
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

You are invited to take part in the 9th annual edition of the Montreal Fetish Weekend. This year's event will offer many art and fashion street activities that will be free and open to all.

This will be my first trip to Montreal, but I am really looking forward to it. (T-Vyrus)

September 4th thru 8th, 2013
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"The premiere gathering of the transgender community."

Vendors, authors, entertainers and leaders from the entire spectrum of the transgender community will be in Atlanta for four days of symposiums, networking and fun. On-site and off-site activities, makeup artists, shopping trips and much more - there is something for everyone at SCC. This event draws transsexuals, crossdressers, 'tweeners and more from all over the globe. ...and look for FemSkin in the marketplace again this year.

This will be my third trip to the SCC, and there is just something very calming and affirming about waking up everyday and being surrounded by beautiful people. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is absolutely gorgeous with its fantastic event rooms, dining areas, fountains and botanical gardens. A truly wonderful experience among sisters, and the largest event of its kind anywhere. (T-Vyrus)




Tanya Cuerpo has been a member of the Female Masking community for many years, and no discussion about females in female masks would be complete without her input. That said, I was hesitant to approach her about participating in this issue because she has been battling some very heavy duty health issues, and I didn't want to impose upon her. When she remerged after several weeks away, I mentioned it to her, and she wrote the below article during a recent hospital stay - she humbles me with her courage and fortitude. (T-Vyrus)

Is gender on the outside or inside?
by Tanya Cuerpo

When T' asked me to write an article for Hot Girls Magazine I was truly flattered; and yet, I felt a real sense of irony.  I sense that what T' wants from me is a totally female point of view on masking, but recent surgeries in my fight against cancer have removed my feminine parts from the outside - and inside of my genetically female body.  This has left me wondering if I am still a female? 

This train of thought is further complicated by the reality that I didn't want to write down just the usual fluff and superficial stuff that are often conducted during celebrity interviews on the late night show circuit or the afternoon talk shows.  I truly believe that because genetic females in female masks defies conventional wisdom, most genetic female maskers have some very deep beliefs about what they are doing.  Therefore, I came to believe that if this article was to mean anything other than the usual fluff, I had to get really personal with the only being that I should be allowed to examine in the context of detailed introspection.

Thus, for me, the art of female masking and costuming has become a very personal and life-saving thing.  I have gone under the surgeon's knife several times in the past few months.  Once again, these surgeries are being done to remove various cancers that are and have been threatening my life.  Therefore, in addition to the two radical mastectomies, and other minor surgeries, I now can boast that I have survived a hysterectomy.  In a very real sense, I have been neutered. 

My male team of skilled physicians couldn't seem to identify with my psychological concerns when I voiced them.  They just didn't seem to understand that after all is said and done, everything boils down to the reality that after this current round of surgeries, only my DNA, which wasn't altered by the radiation during the second set of cancer treatments, and my currently unaltered vaginal opening will be able to attest to my genetic origins. Maybe on the other hand, my male doctors were just trying to mask their personal feelings behind masks of professionalism. 

As I approached this last set of surgeries, all that kept me going was the knowledge that if I didn't do them, the alternative was getting measured for a coffin.  Strangely, the hysterectomy originally made me much more bitter and angry than the removal of my breasts, or tumor removal from my face. I think that is because my breasts and face could be cosmetically reconstructed and even improved in shape and size, but my gonads and their related plumbing were a total loss.  In addition, I think that my fears and anger had roots in the reality that since puberty, I have always associated my fertility with my genetic femininity.

When dialoguing with Kerry about these fears and anger "she" suggested that I had hit on an idea that might be central to most female maskers.

"Is gender on the outside or inside?" 

Click here to read the full
article with Tanya Cuerpo

All photos this article © Tanya Cuerpo

All photos this article © Tanya Cuerpo





First, a quick shout out to the winners of the 500 Club Contest. FemSkin declared a tie between Sarah and DocRobbySherry, and they each won their choice of a FemSkin III HD or a FemGirdle2. Kudos also to Crimi Clown for the wonderful poem. Congratulations everyone! (T-Vyrus)

Hanson / Severely Mame
Shutter Wide Open

Perhaps better described as recreation, this month we showcase Alternative Photographer, H.J. Hanson and Drag Artist, Severely Mame. A lot of girls have asked me where they can find a good photographer, and Harry is available to Female Maskers, Living Dolls, Drag Performers and others in the New York area. Please request references and review portfolios before engaging their services. (T-Vyrus)

Harry James Hanson is an artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who now resides in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to photo and video work, Harry also performs under the name Amber Alert. He is always seeking new clients to photograph and/or to collaborate with. More of his work can be found here: HarryJamesHanson.com

Severely Mame is the Drag Persona of Shane Tenczar, also known as King of the Costume Change, and the visionary behind PornoGothic. Shane works as a designer and stylist, and creates many of Severely Mame's ensembles. However, gothic glamour doesn't come cheap these days and Mame is currently accepting inquiries from slaves who are seeking financial domination. You can contact her here: kitschcakephoto@gmail.com

Below are photos of Severely Mame taken by Hanson. All photos © H.J. Hanson





Interviewer: T-Vyrus


TV: Hi Antonia, it’s good to have you back in the magazine.

AM: It’s good to be back.

TV: You were our first Centerfold in the February 2010 edition, and of course you were stunning. We didn’t discuss too much about you at that time, so let’s catch up now.

AM: Okees!

TV: When did you start masking?

AM: It was ten years ago. Somebody gave me a mask, and I wore it when we had sex. After that the passion grew.

TV: What is it like having sex in a mask?

AM: I don’t know what all of the reasons are or what causes me to like sex when masking, but one is because I enjoy being another person in front of the mirror.  When I meet with friends and have sex, I have a different personality and feelings. I had good sex with my ex-boyfriend, and he taught me the masking fetish.

TV: Exciting for sure. I know that you are vacationing in the UK right now, but you are from Mexico City, yes?

AM: Yes, I am a genuine Mexican girl (smiles).

TV: …and quite a nice one too (smiles). Everyone in our community of maskers simply adores you. What's it like to be so popular? 

AM: Ohohoho, it is really nice to know that, and well I also love the guys that follow me, and every comment that they make on my photos and videos. When I see the reactions, I get a smile on my real face, and I feel happy, and it encourages me to do more masking.

TV: Aside from DollsPride, do you have any other profiles online?

AM: Yes, I started with my Yahoo group, and I have a YouTube channel. I am also on facebook and Flickr, but I always check DollsPride because it is my favorite site.

TV: You’ve got a home there, and friends.

AM: Thank you to everyone.

TV: You have a lot of masks, which one is your favorite? 

AM: Yes, I have around twenty-five masks, but some are older now and damaged. My collection comes from my ex-boyfriend, who bought some of them for me, and from other friends as gifts. I wear foam latex masks from Greyland, slip latex from Kerry, and some others from MakupArtist. I also tried silicone for a while, but you know my Roxy from CFX is broken.

TV: So sorry to hear that. You look wonderful in your new spandex catsuit. Well, is it spandex or latex?

Click here to read the full
interview with Antonia

Links for Antonia:


All photos this article © Antonia





Cherry Chaste and Bonnie Peach
FemSkin ~ Sculpted Mold Works, Corp.
Reviewed by T-Vyrus

FemSkin recently expanded its line of prosthetic vaginas with the introduction of two new designs. The Cherry Chaste and the Bonnie Peach.

{photo right, the new Cherry Chaste}

Like her big sister (the Cherry Popper), the Cherry Chaste is made of very soft pigmented (1st color) silicone. The vagina stays moist, never dries out and is just as baby smooth - and like her big sister, she is just begging to be popped.

Both new models are thinner than a Popper, but still 100% seamless, and the straps are molded together based upon your measurements - allowing it to fit just like a tight thong. You specify the waist size when you order, so the fit is always perfect.

{photo left, the new Bonnie Peach}

The Bonnie Peach is being touted as the UK Cousin of Popper and Chaste, and the vagina itself is completely redesigned.

All models feature a penis pouch and are fully penetrable.

"Another great option for perfecting your female image."




Jasmine 'Jaz' Moarly

Interviewer, T-Vyrus

This month's Centerfold is the YouTube darling Jasmine Moarly. T-Vyrus

TV: Hi Jasmine, how do you like to be called?

JM: Jasmine, or Jas/Jaz is fine (smiles).

TV: When were you born as a Doll?

JM: I’ve been online and posting video since February of 2011. My first video was just me showing off my new cool mask to the world. At that point I hadn’t seen any other masking/doll videos or photos before online. I bought my first mask because the concept of changing identity was always fun to me. When I discovered that you could buy these things online, I purchased one as soon as I could. (laughs)

TV: Yes, I remember your first YouTube videos, and they drew a lot of attention from the female masking community. Of course some wondered if you were really a genetic female. Do you get that question a lot?

JM: Not really. When I first started posting videos, "GG" female maskers were extremely rare. There were two that I knew of, but more recently it's slightly more common, even if a lot of the newer maskers are just girlfriends of guys who are into masking modeling it for them. In one case, the woman didn't even know her husband was posting the videos of her online and he took them down once she found out. I hope people don't do that kind of thing too often.

TV: Agreed, that seems common enough.  What is your YouTube web address?

JM: Readers can find me on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/JasmineMoarly

TV: Cool and thanks. Can you say where you are from?

JM: I live in Canada.

TV: What style of mask do you wear?

JM: Realistic, Artistic, and Nylon sometimes (smiles).

TV: The one in your photos looks like a Greyland, and in consideration of the stretching that you like to do, it seems very durable. Have you had good success with their products?

JM: Greylands are great for the price; you can't beat them. However, at times they are hit and miss. I've seen their quality drop over the years and their masks are much thinner now and not as durable. The first two masks that I bought from them were nice and thick, very durable and fit my head the best. The newer ones are almost loose on me because they're using the same molds but just pouring less latex, which I guess is good for people with big heads (laughs).

I received one mask from them that was so thin you could see through it, and it had holes in various points. I had to return it.

TV: Sorry to hear that! I guess my own experience with them has been about the same, but of course they are only invested in making masks for fun. In addition to masking, what sort of looks do you enjoy?

JM: I love trying different outfits and looks, so I'm always trying something new and have no set preferences.

TV: You look great in shiny, tight fitting black. Where does this dress come from?

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interview with Jasmine

Links for Jasmine 'Jaz' Moarly:

Jaz' on YouTube

All photos this article © Jasmine Moarly



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