Welcome to the "Back to Basics Issue."

We've visited a few themes in previous issues, and perhaps we have lost sight of our origins, so this time around we visit with our Rubberdolls, Living Dolls and Female Maskers.

RIght out of the gate, and long overdue, is my wonderful and long time friend Sabrina Violet. Sab' was one of the very first dolls that I got to know on Yahoo 360, and she's really come a long way in her abilities as a Gummipuppe. She remains a fun loving and easy going spirit. Love you sister, and I'm so happy to finally feature you. Küsse!

Other Dolls in this issue include Sophie (a long time fan and supporter), Alice (who just keeps getting better and better) and everyone's favorite contortionist, Cobalt.

In the last issue we featured our female, female-maskers; however, a few key girls were missed, so we are happy to fix that error with this issue. Females, TS Brandi and Kitty Mayer are with us - each catching us up on their lives as females and parents.

Plus, it needs to be said that Kitty is back in a very big way with a brand new website full of great exclusive content just for you. In fact, with that in mind, I'm going to kick off this issue by turning over the editorial to Kitty as she catches us up on her whereabouts, parenthood and of course...female masking.

Love and light.


Kitty Mayer writes.

Hi T':

I have yet to attend a Fetish Ball, and I still haven't found a cheerleader costume - I can't believe it's so hard to find. I might have to choose something else now. (frowns)

Here's a bit of an insight into my relationship with masking now that I'm a Mum... who'd know that having a baby would change your life so much! (smiles)

As readers are probably aware of, I originally got into masking because I didn't feel very confident or extroverted in real life, and putting on a disguise allowed me to adopt the persona of someone who was. Hence, 'everyday Rebecca Mayer' turned into 'Kitty Mayer' - and ultimately super-hero versions of her like 'Bat Kitty' and 'Wonder Kitty.'

So, masking fulfilled equal parts therapy and sexual thrill.

As time went on the therapy side dwindled, I moved to America with my husband, and I was forced to 'come out of my shell' in order to meet new people. I think that some of that Los Angeles optimism and confidence rubbed off on me because as you know, I became less active in the masking community soon after.

So, it was only the sexual thrill side that ever brought me back to the masking scene. I was working from home for a majority of my time in the States, and I'll admit there were days when sitting around the house made me extremely [let's say] 'agitated.' Hey, a girl has needs too, and it was those times that made me yearn for some masking excitement.

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update from Kitty Mayer

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Sabrina Violet

Interviewer, T-Vyrus

TV: So, for this interview I want to deviate a little bit from my usual format. I have known you longer than most girls, and it has been exciting to watch you evolve over the years. You've become one of the most accomplished rubberdolls that I know, and it is exciting to see each new thing that you do.

SV: Thanks a lot for your great and nice words. It makes me proud that you write that I become one of the most accomplished rubberdolls - and that it's exciting to see new things of me. Thank you! (smiles)

{left: Sab' cover photo © Mia "M" Wallace}

TV: The very first time that I heard from you was on Yahoo 360. It was on Sunday, September 3, 2006, and the first time that we chatted on cam was October 8th 2006. I know it was difficult for you because I think that you had to use an English to German dictionary, but you still responded in nearly real time.

SV: Yes, it's true; we wrote to each other on Yahoo Messenger in former times, and I used the dictionary for some words. Foreign languages were not my best school subjects, but I'm sure that you understood what I wanted to say (smiles). It's funny that you know the date when we started to chat. (smiles) Wonderful, but you can see...time flies. I haven't used chat rooms in these last few years, because I haven't had the free time. Still, I can remember our wonderful chats and I also know that you saw "the real deal" of Sabrina. Am I right? (laughs)

TV: (laughing) Yes, I remember meeting "the real" Sab' on cam' - he was very nice also (smiles).

SV: I'm glad that we can do this interview, but at the beginning I want to ask you if you're healthy? I hope you're very well. Even though I did not write often, I always followed your "path of life" - and your articles on DollsPride, for example. Again...wish you all the best! It's a pity that we haven't met each other up to now, but I can say that you're the best friend I have since these early years. Hopefully we can meet each other in the near future.

TV: Those were fun times and I suppose that it really wasn't that long ago. Thanks for asking about my health; I am doing much-much better. I guess we've both come a long way since we were first introduced, and I always keep an eye on you also (smiles). Indeed, you are still a good and dear friend, and I believe that we will eventually meet in Germany - it is meant to happen. Perhaps we will do a fetish event together, I would like that very much, but I am not as rubbery as you (laughs).

{right: In the garden of Berlin's, FantasticRubber owner, Peter Pick, photo © 2006, Sabrina Violet}

TV: When did you first start masking?

SV: I don't know exactly when I started to publish some of my photos on the World Wide Web. I think I published my first photos on Marti's maskon.com site in 2000. It was a great experience for me to see all the great (female) maskers on her website. I started with a Kerry mask and sent some photos to Marti. (see photo at right/left). I don't know exactly when I fell for latex, rubber and gummi clothing - ten or fifteen years ago...don't know! The material was always fascinating to me. It is my second passion after my first one, masquerade.

{left: Early maskon.com photo © 2000, Sabrina Violet}

TV: Do you still keep in touch with anyone from Yahoo 360...Kristal Karren, Tori, Beauty, Jamie, Jovina, Alexis, Jean Francoise, Jo Jo, Masking Jo, Melody, Nikita, Steffi Crosby, Steffy, Princess Rebecka, Shei, others...? Sorry to list so many of them, but in part I am motivated to honor them if only by name because sadly many of those early friends have gone silent.

SV: In these former times I wrote to Sheila Wolf (Shei), so many times via Yahoo Messenger. She was a great person and I still follow her "path of life" also. She's so beautiful, and she looks much prettier with every day. I know that she loves Burlesque, and I follow her every step on facebook, Google+ and on her website.

{Note Shei has since become Berlin's (and possibly the world's) only transgender Burlesque performer. She performs professionally with the Teaserettes}

PV: I gave up chat, and after Yahoo 360 closed its doors, I created a Flickr account. That's all I did in former times. Later, I met some great girls on a platform called transgender-forum, and eventually we met for real. We went to some clubs in Frankfurt and Offenbach. It was a great time. I think it was in 2007/2008. We visited the Cocoon Club, U60311 and Jade in Frankfurt and we were dressed and styled as transvestites. Of course we went to the clubs in casual women clothes and with normal make-up - not in masks, rubber or latex, but I think that's understandable (smiles). It's a pity that I haven't any contact to these girls now.

In these former days I perceived that the casual clothes are not my fetish, and my make-up skills were very limited, so I decided to go back to masks, rubber and gummi. That was and is my passion, and that's what I like!

{right: Sab' out clubing, photo © Sabrina Violet}

After my casual outdoor experience in 2007/2008, I went back to some fetish and rubber-parties, which I visited first in 2006. Sometimes I wore a female mask, but more often a latex rubber mask. I'm glad that I live in a region in which we have a lot of fetish and rubber parties. Nearly every month you can choose between several parties, which is great. In 2010 oder 2011 I created my Google+ account, and in 2012 my facebook account. The feedback on my published pictures was overwhelming.

In these last years I increased my latex wardrobe, and I wish that I could buy all of the great things that I see every day on the Internet; however, my money is limited (smiles).

When I don't go to parties or make photos on the weekends, I go to work every day. I still work in an office (for ten years now) and it's a good job. I have arranged hours of work and my job doesn't kill me. I still live in the same city as my parents, and I visit them very often, but they don't know about Sabrina (winks).

TV: Yes, I remember your concerns about your parents learning of your fetish.

SV: You asked me about the great contacts from Yahoo 360. I mentioned it before that I wrote with Sheila Wolf. I send her birthday wishes every year, but that's the only contact that I have. I don't have any contact to the other people anymore. What a bummer! (sighs) I don't know if some of them are on facebook or Google+? Maybe if they're still active they will leave me a message on facebook. I will be glad to be your friends once again (smiles).

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interview with Sabrina Violet


{below: Minnie Mouse, at the Lost Place, Belgium, photo © PpP Pottperles-Photographie}




Hosiery and Sleeves
By Shawn English

In this issue I thought that we might take a quick look at stockings, hose and tattoo sleeves.

Elsewhere in this issue you will see Cobalt wearing a pair of Wolford, "Hot Rod" stockings and some other wonderful patterns - and Alice, Brandi and even T-Vyrus can be seen wearing some great leg coverings.

At right, Milisa Lewis of South Wales was kind to provide us with a great example of lace tights and Milisa writes, "I bought the black lace tights about four years ago from Jonathan Aston, that pattern may now be discontinued, but they still have a similar one. I wore them over matt, sheer to the waist nude tights from my local supermarket. In the second picture I am wearing shimmer dance tights from Danskin with opaque lace top hold ups from local Asda, and over the elbow sleeves from eBay."

Milisa looks really wonderful, and the tights and stockings bring attention to her fabulous legs. Thanks girl.

Some other brands that you might consider include Pretty Polly, Belk, Miss Red and the previously mentioned Wolford.

{left: Miss Red fishnet pantyhose}

Pretty Polly is a UK company, and they were established in 1919. They tout themselves as an iconic British superbrand, and they are also the home of House of Holland tights. They offer Sheers, Opaques, Naturals and Nylons. In consideration of the company's reputation and unique styles - the prices seem reasonable, with tights starting at about $15 U.S.

Belk sells brands such as HUE, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Hanes and others. The company was begun as a small bargain store in Monroe, North Carolina, USA in 1888, and today it is one of the nation's largest privately held department stores. A pair of backseam pantyhose with control top start as low as $8.50 U.S.

Locally, I have found Miss Red distributed thru the 4everyoung stores, where I have also found some great women's fashions at very reasonable prices. I also shop at Body Central quite a bit and occasionally I will find some really great buys. Miss Red tights come in a variety of great fishnet patterns, and online you can find them distributed thru DHGate.com. They are very inexpensive, and in store I pay $3.99 U.S.

Wolford is new to me, and I was introduced to the brand by Cobalt, whose Hot Rod legs recently caught my attention. Wolford has many great styles; however, they can be a bit pricey - ranging from $30 to over $200 U.S.

Finally, I did want to mention tattoo sleeves. These just look too cool, and the first Doll that I noticed wearing them was Jennifer on DollsPride.com.

Jennifer is from Spain, and she is pictured at left wearing her tattoo sleeves. You might never know that they weren't real, and for our Goth Dolls, I think that these might be a great accessory worth considering.

Tattoo sleeves look incredible, and Super Stars such as Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and our own mask making celebrity Nikki Dyer have very much brought tattoos into vogue.

Tattoo sleeves offer the advantage of decorating your skin for fun and fashion without sitting in a tattoo artists' studio for several hours - and committing to something permanent, which you might come to regret later on.

A quick query of "tattoo sleeves" on the Internet will get you to several distributors, as well as DHGate and eBay.

One of the best selections that I found online were available thru zentai-zentai.com and they were typically priced at $5 U.S.

As soon as I find a pair that I like I will surely give them a try.

Yours' in nylon and lace,





PUPPEN-BLUTEN: (Dolls Bleeding)

Do you paint, sculpt, draw cartoons, sing, dance, write verse, poetry...? In this space we will feature your creativity in words, pictures, videos and more.

Above: Who among us is not a genuine fan of Julie Masque? I know that I am, and Vamp sent along this wonderful rendering of the Queen of the Masked Divas. Thanks Vamp, and of course thanks to Julie for being an inspiration to us all. (T-Vyrus)

Vamp, Cyber-Masked D

Left: Julie sent me this really wonderful still life of her mask and wig, and I asked her if I could publish it here for everyone. Is this not an incredible work of art? Fantastic! Thank you so very much Julie. (T-Vyrus)

Julie Masque


Below: ...and here's a fun bit from Elena Evil, (Italy) reading our Spring Issue.




3 Brilliant sleeves
8 Lookin' good in Jonathan Aston.
10 Take me out to the ball game.
11 Meet me at the korner!
12 Lupin III, Artist
13 My Dad paid for the second boob.
14 In praise of Love


1 Born on Halloween
2 Ich bin ein Sitztranse.
4 Cattle Farmer
5 Shown wearing bondage tights
6 Celebrating 10 years!
7 Still life
9 I was Hansel




August 29th, 30th, 31st ~ September 1st & 2nd, 2013
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

You are invited to take part in the 9th annual edition of the Montreal Fetish Weekend. This year's event will offer many art and fashion street activities that will be free and open to all.

This will be my first trip to Montreal, but I am really looking forward to it. (T-Vyrus)

September 4th thru 8th, 2013
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"The premiere gathering of the transgender community."

Vendors, authors, entertainers and leaders from the entire spectrum of the transgender community will be in Atlanta for four days of symposiums, networking and fun. On-site and off-site activities, makeup artists, shopping trips and much more - there is something for everyone at SCC. This event draws transsexuals, crossdressers, 'tweeners and more from all over the globe. ...and look for FemSkin in the marketplace again this year.

This will be my third trip to the SCC, and there is just something very calming and affirming about waking up everyday and being surrounded by beautiful people. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is absolutely gorgeous with its fantastic event rooms, dining areas, fountains and botanical gardens. A truly wonderful experience among sisters, and the largest event of its kind anywhere. (T-Vyrus)

...also, while you're in Atlanta, don't miss Sith in September - Atlanta Dragoncon Decompression Party - at Jungle Atlanta - Free Parking - $10 with a Dragoncon Badge or Starwars themed Costume, Lightsabre etc. - $250 Costume Contest! Presented by SecretRoom.net

Exotica Detroit 5
September 27th thru 29th 2013
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Three days of Kink at Skin Two, Exotica Detroit - the fifth running of their erotic and fetish themed event that features non-stop erotic activities and entertainment sponsored by London based Skin Two magazine. Other sponsors include Atelier Gothique Fine Jewelry and Chaos Talent. Over 30 vendors, a Fetish Fashion Show, the Exotica Fetish Ball and much more. Celebrity entertainers include Julie Simone, Toronto fetish performer Erica Furness, Hollywood fetish models Noir Halo and Vena. Don't miss it!

Of course Vena is one of this events promoters, so you know that it's going to be a fantastic event. I will get there myself one of these years. (T-Vyrus)




A great big and profoundly appreciative thanks to Annelise for offering this wonderful review of the 6th Annual Rubber Doll World Rendezvous. (T-Vyrus)

Rubber Doll World Rendezvous
by Annelise

North America's standout event for female maskers, latex lovers, and their friends rebounded in dramatic fashion this May. The 6th Rubber Doll World Rendezvous in Minneapolis, invigorated by new event producers, quadrupled paid attendance and exceeded all expectations.

"We decided to step into the role of event producers of the Rubber Doll World Rendezvous mainly because we were asked to," said Rubber Doll Vanessa, co-producer for the first time in 2013. "The original producer lives in New York and decided it was very difficult to organize an event from so far away."

{right and thru: Annelise and Vanessa,
photo © Rubber Doll World Rendezvous}

Added Vanessa's co-producer Jennifer, "This event is unique in the world, dear to our hearts. We've put a lot of effort into past years and we thought we could turn it around as a premier event with its own feel and a lot of excellent reasons for rubber dolls to attend."

Advance publicity about the event attracted the attention of documentary filmmakers Luke Malone and Nick Sweeney, who were in the midst of making a documentary about the worldwide rubber doll community. Their project is on track for broadcast in the United Kingdom in early 2014. "We were excited at the prospect of getting to meet so many people in one location and to see what the weekend had in store," said Sweeney, the documentary's director.

Indeed, the weekend had a lot in store - the widest range of official and unofficial events in RWR history.

The location itself created new opportunities. The event moved to a major hotel after several years in a smaller facility. This gave RWR better amenities and more room to work with. Moreover, because the hotel was hosting a large high school prom the same weekend, there were unplanned but delightful encounters between the RWR entourage and the prom guests and organizers - and they all seemed to love having dolls about!

Prom weekend also intersected with one of RWR's recurring highlights, a photo shoot at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Adjacent to the world-renowned Walker Arts Center, the sculpture garden is one of the most photogenic spots in the Twin Cities. As such it's very popular for prom photos... and as was true at the hotel, the response by the prom crowd to a horde of rubber dolls, photographers, and a professional video crew was delight and excitement. Video director Nick Sweeney commented, "not only is (Minneapolis) a warm and friendly city, it is also one of the most open-minded places I've ever visited." The prom photos that include rubber dolls will make for some pretty remarkable keepsakes.

{left: T-Vyrus' room - RWR Goody Bag - thru: masks by Nikki Dyer, E-Cups by FemSkin, photo © Hot Girls Magazine}

RWR's field trips also included a night out at "Gay 90's," a downtown nightclub with more theme rooms and attractions than a doll can count. Gay 90's draws a wide cross-section of party people and they were overwhelmingly happy to see the dolls. And the fact that RWR dolls tip generously didn't hurt relations with the bartenders, drag queens, go-go boys, and pole dancers working that night!

A quieter night out, but an extra-special one, came in the form of a lovely cocktail party hosted by famed fetish model/performer and Dominatrix, Jean Bardot. Ms. Bardot has been a friend and supporter of RWR since its inception, but the event program had never before included a visit to Studio Bardot. Discreetly tucked away in a suburban neighborhood, all the rooms open to guests of Studio Bardot are fabulous - brilliantly reflecting the style, imagination, and obsessive attention to detail of the mistress of the house.

The entire weekend was a visual feast. It seemed that every time you turned around, another of the participants popped up in something stunning. In artistic terms, the most buzz seemed to center on masks from California mask makers Cynthia Garza and Nikki Locke, but many other artists and designers (in all fields) joined with the participating dolls to raise the aesthetic bar of RWR to new heights.

The daytime program of activities at the hotel was a great complement to the many off-site events. There was plenty of room and plenty of time for photos; the producers made arrangements for an event photographer to be with the dolls from start to finish, freeing everyone else from needing to simultaneously have a good time and record it properly for posterity. RWR's sponsors outdid themselves; between free merchandise and the annual silent auction (featuring items from The Rubbersisters, Photogenic Mask, and FemSkin) it seemed everyone went home with something truly special.

{right: T-Vyrus' room, photo © Hot Girls Magazine}

Special credit must go to Adam Ramos, who was on hand representing FemSkin. On Saturday afternoon he presented a workshop on their amazing range of silicone body enhancement products. And throughout the event, he was there to lend a hand to the dolls and see firsthand what his customers' experience is like. This kind of thing is golden for any specialty manufacturer, especially one like FemSkin whose customers are spread all over the planet. We're all looking forward to seeing what FemSkin comes up with now after their total-immersion experience at RWR!

The final adventure at RWR 2013 was not part of the official program. A few weeks before the event, your loyal correspondent noted that the Minnesota Twins had scheduled a day game against the Baltimore Orioles on the Sunday of RWR weekend (which happened to be Mother's Day). What could be a better combination than Major League Baseball and rubber dolls? The event producer mentioned the idea to the documentary producers... and to my surprise they followed up with the Twins' media relations office, which was happy to cooperate!

As a result, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon dolls Sherry and Lise, accompanied by a four-person video crew, settled in to their seats on the second deck of Target Field, right above third base, to take in America's National Pastime. The fans seemed to enjoy having us around, and we all had a great time - unlike Twins starting pitcher Scott Diamond, who gave up three home runs as the Orioles shelled the Twins 6-0.

{left:Annelise & Docrobbysherry @ Target Field,
photo © Docrobbysherry}

What fields are there to conquer for the 7th Rubber Doll World Rendezvous in 2014? The producers have a long list of ideas, including new off-site events (rubber doll mini-golf, anyone?), shopping trips, and more hands-on workshops and seminars. And May is playoff time for two of the Twin Cities' other pro sports franchises, the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves and the NHL's Minnesota Wild (though the T-Wolves missed the playoffs in 2013 and the Wild were knocked out in the first round). So who knows where the dolls might turn up next time...

I am sure nearly everyone who was part of RWR 2013 would agree with Rubber Doll Vanessa, who said "we just wanted everyone to feel comfortable and have a good time. I believe we achieved that goal. I can't wait for next year!"






Hedwig and the Angry Inch
(2001) Distributed by New Line Cinema

We’ve had some discussion lately about gender identity; something that Plato addressed over 300 years before Christ, in his philosophical text titled The Symposium. The work is a series of speeches in praise of Love (Eros), and in it the character Aristophanes speaks to the origins of love, and in particular he offers an explanation of why people in love will often say that they feel “whole” when they have found their love partner.

The premise is that in ancient times people were essentially conjoined twins – joined at their abdomen; however, with their faces and limbs facing away from each other. These people represented three sexes - male-male, female-female and androgynous (male-female). Males were said to have descended from the sun, females from the earth and those that were androgynous, from the moon.

Aristophanes further explains that these people hatched a plan to ascend to heaven and to attack the gods. In response, Zeus crippled them by severing them with lightening bolts. Apollo was then asked to turn their heads around, and to pull their skin tight, thereby creating the naval – a reminder of their ordeal.

Hence, when people say that they are searching for their soul mate or their one true love - they are indicating a need to find their other half, which was torn from them by Zeus. Women separated from women, seek other women creating lesbians, men torn from men are said to be gay, which suggests that men separated from women must be heterosexual. Regardless, they all celebrate Love (Eros) and in doing so they feel whole and as one.

Enter Hedwig and the Angry Inch, written, directed and starring, John Cameron Mitchell.

Opened in 1998, Hedwig ran off Broadway for two years, and in 2001 it was released as a motion picture starring Mitchell in the title role. 

The story is about Hansel, a young boy who listens to U.S. Armed Forces radio with his head in the oven - and later undergoes a sex change operation so that he can marry his/her American soldier and exit East Berlin for the West.

The operation itself is “botched,” leaving the new transgender with a “one inch mound of flesh…six inches forward and five inches back.” Ironically, the Berlin Wall falls only a short time later – uniting East and West Germany once again.  Later, and separated from her American G.I. (and with her name changed to Hedwig), we renter her life as she is leading her Rock band “The Angry Inch” on a U.S. tour.

Throughout the story, Hedwig narrates the calamity that has been her life, speckled with twisted to sublime humor, great one-liners and dark to joyous themes.

…and it is during one particular scene that Plato’s, Symposium is interpreted in an animated sequence as Hedwig performs the song “The Origin of Love.”

“It is clear that I must find my other half. But is it a he or a she? What does this person look like? Identical to me? Or somehow complementary? Does my other half have what I don't? Did he get the looks? The luck? The love? Were we really separated forceably or did he just run off with the good stuff? Or did I? Will this person embarrass me? What about sex? Is that how we put ourselves back together again? Or can two people actually become one again?” (Hedwig)

The philosopher in me just loves stories like this, and if you haven’t already experienced it, then I highly recommend it to you. Pay particular attention to the character Yitzhak, and to ‘his’ incredible transformation at the close of the film.

Love to all,







Interviewer: T-Vyrus

Cobalt: Hello.

TV: Hey there!

Cobalt: How's things?

TV: Hectic. (laughs) …and for you?

Cobalt: A lot slower this morning. I had a water feed pipe burst to the cattleyards yesterday.

TV: Yikes…no fun!

Cobalt: Well, we store all our own water - we're not on a supply, so I needed to contain it quickly.

TV: Understood - that must be a bit concerning at times.

Cobalt: Ahh yes, but it's all a part of our lifestyle I guess.

TV: Yes, I have it easier living in the city, but my sister has a ranch in the Midwest and they must store their water also.

Cobalt: Nice! From what I’ve seen on television the USA is a beautiful place…especially Colorado.

TV: So, you're a cattle rancher?

Cobalt: Yep…well…Cattle Farmer they say out my way.

TV: Can that be used in the interview?

Cobalt: Yes, I don't see why not.

TV: Cool, but it sounds like a hard life…well, demanding.

Cobalt: It's a great life…wouldn't swap it for anything.

TV: Are you from Australia originally?

Cobalt: Yes, five generations.

TV: ...and all cattle farmers?

Cobalt: …all farmers; cereal crops, sheep and cattle, but I only work with cattle.

TV: That's cool - you don't see that much in America anymore - children generally go off to do their own thing.

Cobalt: It's a money thing…our folks made us get a “trade” before we could farm - it was their rule.

TV: Heritage is a good thing to sustain I think.

Cobalt: I agree entirely.

TV: It’s something to take pride in for sure. So, how many generations of rubberdolls?

Cobalt: Haaa…just me as yet.

TV: As far as you know. (laughs)

Cobalt: (laughs)

TV: So, I suppose the most asked question might be, “how do you get that damn rubber suit on?

Click here to read the full
interview with Cobalt

{All photos this article © Cobalt}


I first met Alice on DollsPride, and I enjoyed her playfulness with the mask and envied her incredible legs. (T-Vyrus)

In my female persona I call myself Alice, but I like to have different characters depending on the mask that I am wearing at the time.

I have been an avid fan of Maskon.com since the late nineties, but didn't get my first mask until about two years ago. I have been crossdressing for a long time and dabbled in making my own masks with some success, I supposed you could say that I am a fairly normal masker, and my first introduction to female masking was an episode of Knightrider called "Knight of the Chameleon." In this episode a criminal escapes jail by using a rubber mask to disguise himself as the female judge, from that point on I was hooked. My major influence is probably the manga character, Lupin III as drawn by Monkey Punch, who often disguises himself as a sexy female with a combination of masks and body suits.

I live in Cornwall in the South West of England, and I am English. The best place to catch up with me is on Flickr, and I usually wear a Lolita mask from Greyland, but my earlier photos were taken using a cheap Diva mask. At the moment, I am trying to save up for silicone mask.

I prefer realistic looks, so I like lots of business wear and party dresses - basically anything that shows some leg. That's not to say that I wouldn't be willing to try some latex; however, for me it's all about passing completely as a woman, so I try to wear clothes that would pass in everyday life. My biggest passion is pantyhose and tights, and I am rarely without a pair. I tend to pick clothes that suit the mask; for example, the Lolita mask has a young look to it, so I dress in a fairly young style. I generally shop on eBay and Amazon.

My favorite color is turquoise, food is lasagna, on television I enjoy The Wire and my favorite movie is Spinal Tap. No one knows about my female persona, but I am a single crossdresser and Female masker.

From the beginning the Female Mask Home page at Maskon.com, was a big influence, and I would like to thank Kerry and Marti, who without their sterling efforts a lot of us would still be wandering in the wilderness. Also, Closet Monster, Wicky Rubber, Amelie Kefa, garageh2009 on youtube, and finally everyone at FemSkin for giving us a place to get together and TO share our passion on DollsPride.com.

I am a traditional geek, and in addition to female masking I also enjoy video games, comics, books and movies. I dislike bullying of any kind, and I am happiest on sunny days and in pantyhose. If the world were ending tomorrow, I would go out fully dressed and making the most of it - and if I could be anything, then I would be the Chameleon from Spiderman, but not evil!

I am very grateful for all of the lovely messages and comments that I receive from everyone, because it makes me want to work harder to achieve my dream. I hope that I will get to meet others also.

Hugs to all,


{photos © Alice}


Sophie is a persistent girl and she is always eager to make new friends. She has been a friend to HGM and DollsPride almost since the beginning. (T-Vyrus)

Hello, my name is Sophie Marie West, and I was born on Halloween. I am from Watseka, Illinois in the great United States of America. I am a thirty-three year old male, but I prefer being my female side, Sophie.

I prefer masks from Greyland because I feel they are the most realistic, and I like to wear dresses and sexy skirts - I also like latex and vinyl. I am mostly into the celebrity lines such as J.Lo or Candie's and the new Sofia line at Kmart, where I work.

My favorite color is blue, food is pizza, television show is Chuck, and movie is Star Wars.

The only person who knows about my fetish is my girlfriend, Jackie who is very supportive of me.

I have not been out in public as Sophie yet...baby steps. but I would like to attend the Rubber Doll World Rendezvous someday.

I regard myself as a female masker and crossdresser.

My favorite celebrity is Lady Gaga, and my favorite past times are shopping, masking and dressing up pretty. If I could be anyone else, I would be Lady Gaga because I would love to be rich and famous.

I am a caring and loving person and very easy to get along with.

{photo © Sophie Marie West}




Nikki's Monster Shop celebrates it's 10th Anniversary!

A great big heartfelt congratulations to Nikki Dyer who celebrates 10 years as a professional mask maker.

July 17th 2003 ~ July 17th 2013

It's not every mask maker that can make the cover of VOGUE, and her new slogan couldn't say it any better. Nikki ran a special photo contest for her clients to commemorate the occasion, and Ms. Annelise (shown at right in her new Taylor mask) was the winner, so congratulations all the way around.

Here's to 10 more years of great mask making,




TS Brandi

Interviewer, T-Vyrus

In the spring issue of HGM we featured some of our female-masking females. A few girls responded too late to be included; however, Brandi wrote to me afterwards, and we had the most incredible conversation. She said that, "In Arizona as long as you have female breasts, and a note from a surgeon stating that you live full time as a female, then the state has to acknowledge your gender legally." She said that she had to do a lot of research to find this out, but she has now been living as a legally acknowledged female since 2009 - something that she is very proud of.

Since she identifies as transgender, I asked her why she bothered to change her gender legally to female and she explained that, "It is because I present myself as female. That is who I am day to day, and that is who I should have been, so while I have no delusions about being one hundred percent female - I at least deserve to be acknowledged as such because I have been through much to get here.

Indeed, Brandi has been through a lot, and she was willing to share a great deal about her life's journey in the following interview. I think that you will be encouraged by her story. (T-Vyrus)

TSB: Hi...Oh good it's working.

TV: (laughs) Yes!

TSB: Yay!

TSB: How are you?

TV: Mostly OK and you?

TSB: I am well.

TV: I'm not sure where to start - I never am - I imagine it's been a long and arduous journey for you.

TSB: Lifelong, and then all of a sudden everything seemed to happen very quickly. I would wake up crying when I was six-years old because I woke up as a boy.

TV: At what point did it begin to happen quickly?

TSB: January 2006.

TV: (smiles) That's the same exact time when it really took off for me too - funny...wish I'd known you then. When you say it took off - in what ways?

TSB: I was in my boss' office one morning, the last person in the world that I thought I would ever tell about being transgender, and I started telling him - as I was screaming to myself in my head, "what the fuck are you doing?"

TV: How did he react?

TSB: I said, "...I am transgender - I have been TG all my life" and without missing a breath he said, "Well that's not all you are...don't let that be all you are."

TSB: I could not have asked for a better response.

TV: So, he was a friend also?

TSB: He was, but sometimes we create these catastrophic scenarios in our heads all of our lives, and we cant see any other perspective, I did not give him, and frankly almost all of the people in my life, the credit they deserved for being friends. Everything snow balled from there.

TV: Yes, people will surprise you sometimes - I'm glad for you.

TSB: It taught me that who we are is what's the most important before anything else. Since then I have trusted life to direct me and it's been an amazing ride.

TV: I told my ex-wife once - be gay, but be yourself - she was in a very controlling relationship with her new lesbian partner. (sighs)  How did acknowledging what you already believed change things?

TSB: I was in a pretty dark place at the time, and I had divorced my own wife two-years earlier after finding out that I wasn't my sons biological father. I was miserable, and I just couldn't hide who I was anymore. I am still my sons' parent, and I have equal custody. One day, I was sitting alone in my room dressed and looking at myself in the mirror - it was a couple of weeks after I told my boss, and I broke down crying. I started talking differently and I put the boy in me away finally, well for the most part. It was the first time in my life that I realized that the 'boy' had taken care of me all of my life, and it was the first time that I didn't hate that part of myself. I told my parents next, and my Dad's response was, "Finally we can do something about this." (laughs)

TV: So, you believed yourself to be a female most of your life then?

TSB: Yes, but I was very good at being a boy.

TV: What was your Dad's idea of "doing something?"

TSB: As I was getting in the car to leave their house that evening he walked down the driveway with me and said, "So, what do you think... $30,000 - $40,000 for the surgeries?" ...and I responded that I had that covered (for the most part). He said, "Well, just make sure you get the best. If it wasn't for him I would only have one boob because I ran out of money. (laughs)

TV: So, the support was overwhelmingly positive among family and friends - do you have any brothers or sisters, and what did they think?

TSB: When I told my only brother (older by two years), it was near my birthday and he said, "OK, I guess I just have one question, Home Depot or Victoria's Secret for your birthday?" I said Victoria's Secret, of course. (laughs) He tells me now I have a titty-dancers body, and he actually flew to Chicago and helped me recover from my facial feminization (FFS) surgery.

TV: (laughs) So, clearly you exhibited female mannerisms before coming out because it doesn't seem to have surprised anyone.

TSB: Actually no, I was a kick boxer, and I taught two different forms of martial arts - I raised a lot of hell. However, I had been getting caught with female clothes and denying it since I was eleven-years old - I over compensated.

TV: Caught by who?

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