Tyrant Vyrus (aka T-Vyrus, Ty', T') (Doll Date of Birth: May 27th 2006) USA. Claims a Doll age of 34, is 5' 11" tall in heels. Her favorite color is black and she likes sauerbraten, the city of Berlin, the book Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke, the movie Watchmen and the actress Milla Jovovich. She wears masks made by Nikki Dyer, Kerry Johnson and Cynthia Garza (Cyn'). She wears E-cups and a silicone body suit made by FemSkin,

Orientation: Regards herself as Living Doll, transgender, pansexual - perhaps gender neutral.

Early history: Performed as an inch worm in a third grade production of the Frogge and the Mouse - costume consisted of a girls' green spandex leotard and green tights. At age ten she was secretly exploring female clothes and wigs. Wore a rubber half mask at age twelve. Began experimenting with crude, self-made masks by age fourteen. Alternately, explored nylon encasement - and wore spandex jumpsuits. Discovered hermaphrodite, Sulka in a shemale magazine at age seventeen.

Married life: Married 1989 - divorced 2008. Discovered Living Dolls, Anja (Germany) and Sabrina Valentine (UK) in 1996 on the Internet, and the Female Mask website maskon.com in 1997. She did not participate as a doll until after her separation in 2005.

Doll Life: Joined her first Doll themed Yahoo group in December 2005 - the Rubberdoll Boot Kamp - and was friended by Princess Rebecca, Beauty, Angel, Steffy Crosby, Kerry, Steffi the Rubberdoll and others who conceived the original DollCon - now the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous - later joined Yahoo 360 where she further developed friendships with Jovina, Tori, Masking Jo, Jean Francoice, Jo Jo, Jamie, Célia Geraci, Kristal Karren, Sheila 'Shei' Wolf, Latex Sabrina (now Sabrina Violet), Alena and others. Took delivery of her first female mask on May 27th 2006 - an Elegance mask from the Australian company, My Go Go Shop. Subsequent masks included Dollerina (by Go Go), Emeraald (by Kerry), Anastasia (by Nikki) and a mask by Cynthia Garza. Today she owns upwards of thirty masks, most designed by Nikki Dyer.

Public Life: Then known as Shawn English, she visited with female masker, Jovina in Maryland, June 2006. On September 2nd, 2006, and wearing her Elegance mask, she went out in public for the first time - in the dim light of the Drag club that she attended, she was regarded as real. In October 2006, she went to a GLBT media event in femme mode and without mask - this was her 'coming out' occasion. December 2006, she had an entire femme makeover (no mask), and then (accompanied by a friend and photographer) she went out to various clubs, walked along Broadway and visited the Parthenon. She explored life in femme mode thru most of 2007 and 2008 - attended Drag clubs, and learned about makeup and hair from her new Drag Sisters. She visited with her friend Shei in Berlin, Christmas 2007 and again in 2008 - also with Alena in Minsk, December 2008.

Vanilla World: January 2008, she was fired from her job. Reasons given were fabricated, and the underlying truth was that she was fired for being too open about her femme-life. She went stealth for awhile; however, she was later invited to join DollsPride by former Yahoo 360 friend Célia Geraci, France.

DollsPride: Joined DollsPride August 9th 2009. Ty' met new friends Danielle, Doroty, Sherry, Christina, Sabine and FemSkin owner Chuck Ramos. Started the eZine Hot Girls Magazine as a DollsPride group, December 2009 and later moved the magazine to its own domain hotgirlsmagazine.com. As Editor/Publisher of Hot Girls, Ty' interviewed some of the Dolls and reviewed products. She took over as the Administrator of DollsPride in January 2010, and she attended the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on behalf of FemSkin, April 2010. She represented FemSkin again at the Southern Comfort Conference (SCC), Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2011. Upon returning from SCC, she learned that she had cancer.

Health: Thru the end of 2011 and thru all of 2012, Ty' fought cancer and lived thru the crippling side effects of chemo therapy - at one point she was in a diabetic coma for two days. It was not a good year for Dolling or masking; however, as she entered 2013, and no longer on chemo, her health improved. February 2013, she was invited to participate in the Discovery Channel television series, Forbidden, which explored female masking, rubberdolls and featured Hot Girls Magazine. By April she was feeling her old self, and she returned to the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous in Minneapolis where she and others participated in the filming of Secrets of the Living Dolls, a UK Channel 4 television series.

DollCon: Ty' revisited the original DollCon theme - previously conceived by her and Princess Rebecca in 2006 - and hosted DollCon Europe, London, England, October 2014 - the event was attended by dolls from Netherlands, UK, Finland, USA, France, Switzerland and Sweden - sponsors included Marquis and SkinTwo magazines, FemSkin, Nikki's Monster Shop, The Boudoir and others.

Today: T-Vyrus lives a simple life, and she values her privacy. She enjoys masking, writing, interviewing the other girls for the magazine and photography. T-Vyrus is an advocate of innocuous self expression, and she actively supports lifestyle and gender choices.

Online: You can find T-Vyrus online at DollsPride, FetLife, Flickr and at Hot Girls Magazine.


"I love expressing myself as a female, but on Monday morning, when it is time to reenter the vanilla world, wiping away the traces of my weekend spent in femme mode can be concerning. Female masking and FemSkins allow me to express myself with less effort and they leave me unblemished and ready for work without any residuals. Plus it's great fun." (T-Vyrus)

{right: T-Vyrus at Exotica}

"I think [perhaps] that it is better to burn bright and quick, than dim and long." (T-Vyrus)

"So, I was just thinking to myself. Hmmm... If you're going to be plastic, then damn it, BE PLASTIC!" (T-Vyrus)

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." (Bernard Mannes Baruch, expanded by Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss))

{above: T-Vyrus and Trisha Goddard}

Hannah Noel & T-Vyrus @ MBE
Photo © Rowen Gentry


Upcoming Appearances:

Exoticon, Detroit
September 16th thru 18th, 2016

Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza (MBE)
Cincinnati, May 28th, 2016
With Alyssa Jade and Hannah Noel

Southern Comfort Conference, Atlanta
September 3rd thru 7th, 2014

Exotica, Detroit
September 26th thru 28th, 2014

DollCon, London
October 3rd thru 5th, 2014

Past Appearances:

Rubberdoll World Rendezvous, Minneapolis
Forbidden, Discovery Channel International
Sanguine Carnival, Vampire Ball, Nashville
The Trisha Goddard Show
, NBC Universal
Marquis Magazine, Nr.62 (Guest Writer)
DomCon, Los Angeles with Vena Gina
Southern Comfort Conference, Atlanta
Secrets of the Living Dolls, UK4
Montreal Fetish Weekend
The Mark, Nashville
Fubar Radio, UK
Exotica, Detroit
Tracks, ARTE

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FemSkin, Sculpted Mold Works Corp.
Nikki's Monster Shop, Female Masks

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